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It’s like someone saying I only have more money than them because I have more 1 dollar bills. Every penny counts literally.
Don’t look now but those 3 Star recruits are turning into 4 Stars and better. This last one is the best TE in the Nation. The rivalry is officially back on.
The best recruiting class in the SEC just got better. I read that first line over and over and over. This is about the time that other schools say the usual. “We didn’t want him anyway.” Wait until tomorrow when 247 mysteriously drops him to a 3 Star recruit. I said “It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol!” Vol4Life RockyTop
Everybody’s recruiting these players but when they choose Tennessee suddenly they aren’t that good. Hmmmmm. GoVols
We had the 21st best recruiting class in the Nation when we lost 4 coaches and recruiters. Our running backs coach left for FSU. We lost another coach to South Carolina and two more coaches to the NFL. Since then all we’ve done is moved to the Top of the SEC and the #2 Class in the Nation. “I said it’s great to be a Tennessee Vol!” RockyTop Vol4Life
It’s been a while since UT has had a problem so sweet. Continue recruiting and everything will work itself out in the end. Nothing’s official until that National letter of intent is signed, sealed, and delivered. This is been the best spring ever under the worst possible conditions. Go Vols! Vol4Life
In Louisville the head basketball coach pays top dollar for hookers and prostitutes. In Lexington it’s naked teenagers getting drunk and turning flips while the adults look on in excitement. Good Ole Kentucky!
We hadn’t had a commitment in over a week. I was starting to get worried but never fear Coach Pruitt is here. Vol4Life
Just think of how electric special teams will be game 1. Kick Return/Punt Return/Kick and punt coverage. You have to scrap everyday in practice just to touch the field. Look out SEC!
6’7” 295 pounds! Tennessee is on fire! The SEC better stop, drop, and roll. Tennessee is officially the place to be again! (1998/2020)
I was still reading the other article about our other commitment then BOOM!!! This is awesome!!! VOL4LIFE
This is exciting! 6 days ago we had the 17th recruiting class in the Nation. Today we have the 2nd best team Nationally and 1st SEC. This is exciting! Go Vols! Vol4Life
I’ll say it for the Tennessee fans that won’t! The Vols shock OU in Norman! GB VL4LIFE RCKYTP
I didn’t count his touchdowns. I counted how many times he was tackled to the ground during the 4 minute highlight reel. (2) He broke so many tackles!
Don’t look now but Tennessee has the #7 class in the country. I know it’s early but it still feels good to be mentioned at the top! Rocky Top - Rocky Top Tennessee #Vol4Life
I love it when Georgia fans talk knowing they haven’t won a National Championship since the 80’s. Until Hershel Walker walks back through those doors
Tennessee vs South Carolina All Time would be a blowout! The Lady Vols would dominate. Better bring on UConn if you wanna see a good game. LadyVols4Life
This is pathetic! A bunch of white guys ragging on a college kid because he wants to transfer. I haven’t read one comment calling Mike Leach out even though he has a history of being an alcoholic scumbag who treats his players and people like trash. It’s 2020 in a middle of a global pandemic and the head coach is tweeting out pictures of nooses. Then again what do we expect this is Mississippi we’re talking about. It’s unbelievable that LSU fans and others outside of Mississippi would support this nonsense but let’s not forget Jethro and his cousins always stick together. Have fun being good Ole boys. #Pathetic