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And that doesn't even include the salaries of Leo Lewis and Jeffrey Simmons..
If a top 25 class (24th) is considered a "win" for State, after a 5-7 regular season, a thrilling, last second bowl win, and only the annual DC changeover, all while we "sink" under the weight of an NCAA investigation, how is our class not considered a win? Investigation, a losing season, and a coaching staff only together 6 weeks before signing day and we have a #30 class nationally. 6 spots behind overall and only 2 spots behind in SEC recruiting. Now that calls for a Lol.
Ole Miss has recruited in the top 20-25 for years. All SEC schools get in the top 25 except for Vandy, because of their academic requirements. The facilities at Ole Miss are hardly average. Smaller, yes, but not average. No, we were never top 10 rank in recruiting, but bringing the #1 player in the country attracts interest from other top players. Nkemdechie was that player and he went to OM as a family decision. #17 and #15 are barely enough to stay competitive in the SEC West. The number #5 last year has not even been rumored to have had any of its players questioned. Has there been, after over 4 years of investigating, any player besides LT that have been mentioned as being paid? Not even a rumor? No leaks or false alarms? LT took illegal benefits, at worst. That this bag man and pay for play conspiracy theories are still being considered true by some just sounds like sour grapes. There is no reason for this witch hunt to continue. We'll take what they give us an appeal anything we don't agree with. NCAA simply does not have a good enough case against Ole Miss to get the desired punishment they need to warrant such a long investigation
It seems to me that more than anything else, the investigation is about the 2013 class. And more specifically, Tunsil. I've never heard Treadwell or Nkemdechie mentioned as possible targets. The next two classes were in line with the recruiting ranking that an SEC program should be able to attain. Last year's class was actually higher rated than even 2013. Do we think there will be damaging charges related to that class? I can't believe there hasn't been at least a rumor of certain 4 and 5 star players from that or anyone else in Freeze tenure. It appears the NCAA wants to legitimize their 4 year investigation by stringing it out. Still no evidence of pay for play for any player. Improper benefits, perhaps, for Tunsil. He keeps a used loaner car for extended periods. Not even a used car purchased for him. And he sat out 7 games already. If the want to use Tunsil own words against him about the utility bill, I advise they do it. Besides Tunsil's vague but telling admission on Draft night, that after 3.5 years of investigation, on campus, which they couldn't determine for themselves, and the allegations already presented, why not present this to the COI? Having to grant immunity to players to do their work for them reeks of desperation. We recruited very well over the past 4 years. This investigation has obviously run its course without enough evidence to give OM the sanctions they and other fan bases want. Once the investigation is over, Ole Miss will still recruit at a high level. It's the "not knowing" that hurt us this season.
Nick, let's hope this begins the ending of this whole thing. We need to see some conclusion to this so we can move on from it. Three or four years of this is more than enough. What did Jerry Clowers say? "Shoot up amongst us! One of us needs relief!"
Chad brought his talent and grew in his maturity at Ole Miss. His legend is secure here. The talent, grit, and determination he demonstrated at Ole Miss will take him far in his recovery. Best wishes for his continued success at the next level!
They will allow 200+ points over their last 4 games, tho. Gonna be a long November.
They couldn't get a qb to scramble if the rushed 11. Not sure they'll beat Samford
Eat me? Is that the best you got? After getting beat down so many times, I'm sure you mumbled it to yourself when you posted it. It's a bad year for us, no doubt. Not bad enough to beat the brakes off you, again, for the 3rd year in a row.
I left you a note on your own SDS article, bulldawgrock. They weite one about every teams game each week. There are several of them on Kentucky beating your "team". They find very little good to say about lil brother, as is expected. But seeing your stupid karma comments on every one of our articles, i was almost surpriswd to see you javenr bothered to comment on your team. At least we have the satisfaction of knowing, at minimum, we can win one more conference game. You have TAMU, Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. That's karma, loser.
Bulldawgrock! Since you've posted on every story about the Ole Miss game, i thougjt id check to see if you'd bothered commenting on your much more embarrassing loss. I see you are more obsessed with your karma narrative with us than the much less discussed, and highly expected loss to Kentucky. Beat Kentucky and you likely get to spend one week this season above us in the standings. But just like not being able to defend your own house in Daks last game, you found yourself down 17 to Kentucky. This article gives you more than a few D's and F's. 81 yards passing? If you cant beat a bottom tier SEC east team, no way you win another conference game this season. I know it as well as you do. TAMU, Alabama, Arkansas, then us. Now THAT's karma! Hahaha!
Bulldawgcock. I see that you have posted this stupid karma bullshit on all the Ole Miss articles from this weekend. Yet you have failed to comment on a single SDS article about your own team. Obsessed much. You will understand for yourself how karma works this Thanksgiving. But you knew that already.
Auburn is a one point favorite now.
I thought the same thing at first glance, but he said "post halftime lead". Much to my dismay, the author was correct.
Once again, reading comprehension is key. It has to do with offensive efficiency against FBS teams, factoring out garbage time drives and factoring in quality of opponents. How well a team is doing offensively in key drives, defense and ST have nothing to do with it. How well a team is playing in each facet is not a part of the equation.
It takes several years to bring a program back from a 4-8 and 2-10 finishes. We had 2 top 10 classes since Freeze arrived to go with a #19 and a #15. Wouldnt you expect better from your joke of a program after being #1 for 4 weeks just 2 seasons ago? You never even got momentum from that.
It was by far our worst game of the season. No excuse for that after a bye week, but it happens. We had an opportunity to win that game, which probably would have put us in the top 10. Our own fans act like the season is over. Make a stop on the last drive and we'd be asking about our Playoff chances. Fickle.
State fans have to live their season vicariously through other teams accomplishments. There isn't any way they won't line the bottom of the SECW birdgage.
After this read, looks like a "take the over" game!
I think there's one to suit everyone if you look hard enough!
So from "a few short interviews" you can tell the rest of us what his IQ is or what kind of grades he makes. Who really sounds like the moron here? Hell, if we were to judge a book by its cover, Dobbs certainly has the look of a remedial student. We all know he's a very good student. JS, as little as you know about his abilities in a classroom you shouldn't make such unfounded comments. As for a playbook being to difficult for him, he's mastered ours pretty well.
Still, it was 45-0 in the 3rd qtr last week. Georgia was at home and it's a rivalry game, sure. But can't imagine that would account for the better performance against UT.
Beat last year? We're 5 games into THIS year. We've got losses that rank, obviously, better than your best wins. And I wouldn't say we've been soundly whipped by anyone so far. Can you say that?
Take off the purple and mustard blinders and you'll see. It is what it is.
He threw for 421 against arguably the best defense in the country. His turnovers have been frustrating, but he's Olay ingredients behind a young, yet talented o line who will improve over the next couple of weeks. The to's will drop off but his passing numbers wont.
Are you saying a mediocre team scored 43 points on what we were told was the best defense Saban has had since arriving at Alabama?
While we can debate whether or not the team name or the game's name should be listed, one thing we can agree on. It'll be an "L" on the MS State schedule.
Chad Kelly continues to demonstrate why he's the #1 Qb in the SEC. Playing behind a new offensive line, and no running game, yet, he still managed to put up 313 yards and 4 td's against one of the top 2 teams in the country. On the road. Against Wofford, he only played in one half. Had he played the whole game, he'd probably have 9 or 10 tds and 700 yards already.
We lost two starters, one may be our best corner, led by 22 and got worn down in 2nd half against one of the two best teams in the country. An int and a fumble both turned into td's on a 20 Yard or less field. This writer acts like our season is on the ropes. It's not.
Hey, John. Saban was 9-1 in "revenge" games going in to last year's contest. Now he's 9-2. We're the only SEC team to step up and play elite competition opening weekend. 2nd half was awful, but going up 22 on FSU by halftime was impressive, too.