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Josh78 YOU suck! Being an ole miss fan you are not fit to shine a vols shoes you pos !-!!!
Lmao, Hardly!!! What you will see soon enough is Tennessee stomping a mudhole in your Dawgs ass, along with the Gators and Bama... Your comment only proves one of two things... #1 You know nothing about football , or #2 You are simply being an ass to irritate people.... Either way you suck !
Yes it is good to be back as a dominant power where Tn. belongs... Reminds me of '98 when we won the National Championship against FSU...! That was awesome game! They had fun beating FSU... Oh wait , my bad, its been like what 4 years or so since Florida has been able to beat FSU ???? It sucks Tn. is finally back on top and the Gators stink so bad and are now the ones "on the bottom of the SEC, or even lower then that... Not gonna be much competition lmao! Last I looked the Gators were ranked like #25 ( if you can call that a ranking!!!) My how the tables have turned!!!!
Lmao, you just showed your youth with the Spurrier comment! Those games were back and forth , he NEVER consistently beat Tn. ... Those were the Fulmer days for gods sakes!!! Infact he kept his word and quit Florida after he allowed Tn. to hand his ass to him in the swamp! Spurriers hatred go way back, back to when UT dissed him... But, you are a boy and are clueless so I wont overstimulate the 3 brain cells in your head that the Florida heat/humidity has yet to fry out!!!
Exactly! We punished BOTH Fla. and Bama in THEIR houses...! We are even more balanced and stronger this year and they are coming to Neyland a much weaker squad then we pulverized last year.. Yet they are going to "win" lmfao! Been posting all week, its all they have is a false sense of safety, feeln the "will" win because the "always" win... They got very lucky last year, as did Bama... Tennessee is very much back as many are about to see!!!
In what world can you justify even being close in score???
Our only curses last year were beating the breaks off of Fla. and Bama... ( ONLY team to score the first half td's AND to lead Bama as we did... Only to be robbed at the end of the game... So yes, cursed by not closing the deal and walking with the wins... And far as relevance we established that when we gave Bama the ass whoopin no one else cld! ( statistically AND physically) felt bad for them we hurt so many of there boys... So that alone made my boys relevant to me... I did not see your boys devastate Bama, js!
Florida does not have a prayer of even playing a "close" game this year! And as far as jokes go, yes ga, a&m, Fla. and Bama all pretty much back to back... Very funny, Ha, Haah lol... It seperates the men from the boys tho! I get sooo sick of FSU's rankings... Omg they might as well be playing high schoolers, thats about what the level of competition is in the ACC... Sorry jus being real ;) !!! Gators its almost your turn to step into the Coliseum, oops mean Neyland lmfao muh hah hahhh !
In total agreeance, Dobbs alone will present a huge factor there... But not complaining considering we havent had a "multi threat" QB like him since the Manning era! And yes, so ready see this season started! As a Vol fan I cannot wait for the Florida and Bama games... Altho, I cannot phathom why Florida would be talking so much smack? They know they are going to Neyland and playing a much better team, infact a power house if I may use that term.... I just cant see how the bulk of Gators truly beleive in the superstition that "they always win somehow" and that that alone will save them? Hmmn.... And as far as Bama goes, Tn. is more then ready this year! Let the talk stop and the games begin ;) !!!
Nick Saban is a has been... He did not help you when Tn beat you guys brutally in YOUR house last year!!!! He did not save the Bama masses the embarrassment did he? I watched Bama fans silenced an in tears as the Vols pulverized Bama IN Bama last year... Bama won over a Tn. missed kick! So , EINSTEIN , apparently Saban isnt THAT good! Lmfao !!!!!
One thing that will stop Bama's "roll" lmao. Is a one stop shop of football horrors at Neyland stadium this year against a potent and brutal Tennessee squad! And BEFORE the Bama masses start trash talking, download and watch the last time Bama played the Vols last year IN BAMA !!! The Vols beat Bama like a drum!!! And I mean Bama carried their players off the field!!!! We scored on Bama where others could not, we LED Bama all the way till the end of the game when a bad call an missed kick gave Bama the win! You will be playing in Neyland this year against a squad bred to hate and dispise you!!!! If yall thought we beat the snot out of ya in your house, wait till you are in ours!!!!!!
Lmao, may the gods of football have mercy on their souls when they walk into Neyland stadium with 100,000 + all viewing the carnage that WILL take place!
Lose :p. Now you guys see what football can do to the psychy lmao!
Pardon my typos "buy" not "by and "their" not "there" lol... I get excited and loose track of my keypad at times when talking bout football ;) !
I seriously do not see it as "A" or "B" ... As others have stated Florida does not have a chance ( unless you are superstitious and by into the bs that Florida is counting on ) Both commentators and Gator fans/ players alike seem to find a false sense of security in the reasoning of " no worries, the Vols always lose that game in the end" ... The Florida game is going to be an absolute slaughter as the #25 weakened 2016 Gator squad face a very real Volunteer team @ NEYLAND, the likes of which has not graced the field since the Manning, Martin, Henderson days! Tennessee IS back and will be gladiators out there! Neyland is there Colliseum!!! Now, on to Bama! But, first for any and all of you that question if or that Tn. is back and I mean ALREADY back as a powerhouse! Open your eyes and review the proof that is ALREADY out there! And Im talking about BAMA! Tn IS proven AND established comeing into 2016 !!! Review the game against BAMA last year IN BAMA !!!! Tn. beat the krap out of Bama AT HOME!!!! And I mean they were carrying their players off the field!!! Tn. was not only the only team to score on them like we did but we tied Bama and had the lead on BAMA in the 3rd quarter!!! Slugging it out with them all the way till the end! Again, IN BAMA !!!! A couple bad calls and a missed kick and Bama won by the skin of there chewed off fingernails!!!! I saw the BAMA fans crying, looking away in silence and leaving the stadium sure of Tn.s victory! It was that close! One last time, IN BAMA!!!!! Tn. is not afraid of Bama infact they despise and welcome the chance for the annual rematch in Knoxville this year... We are bigger, stronger and have more talent... I dont see a problem against Fl. or Bama and feel any who oppose Tn. will play hell in 2016... Just a matter of weeks and all those talkin smack will see ;) , js !
Like I just stated. Tn. almost beat Bama IN Bama last year! We are stronger and more balanced this year, AND play them in OUR house! The Vols and Bama have an unnatural hatred for each other... It is like the Tn. / Fla. game on steroids for Vol fans and players... We DISPISE each other.... I hope Bama brings their "A" game lmao! (No pun intended lol) They are going to need it this year!!!
Thank you! I hear sooo much about Bama "easily" taking the Vols this year at NEYLAND! My how soon the masses AND MEDIA forget!!! Even though we lost to them at their house last year AT THE LAST MOMENT! I find it hard to accept that it seems no one remembers who was leading Bama late in the game!!! And how the whole game was a slug fest!!! Even tho we lost, I got up and danced a jig at the sight of the multitudes of Bama fans SILENCED in their own stadium as Tennessee kept leading the game and kept them biting their nails! Bama BARELY beat Tn AT HOME!!! The VOLS are even tighter and stronger this year! And we play them in our own version of HELL (for the opposing team lol) a lil place called Neyland! So for all of you casually picking Bama to beat Tn. ,take a step back an like the coaches and players do, go ahead an review last years tape of just how "easy" it was for Bama!!!!!