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Brent Pusburger needs to be put out to pasture. There's a reason CBS fired his sorry asre years ago. That reason: Simple, he's the worst announcer on the air waves. He NEVER shuts up. Constant droning.
An even longer game for L.T. and Auburn fans listening to Brent Mushmouthburger.
The lucky ones this week are L.T. vs Auburn. They get that ol' reliable Brent Mushmouthburger and Jesse. Brent can be depended on to run his mouth for the entire game. He tries to make a illegal procedure sound dramatic. Be glad when he is gone.
This combo is far better than Brent Mushmouthburger and his cohort. Actually, Lundquist is ok, but Danielson doesn't know when to shut up (Like Mushmouth).
Nice try dirtbag. Your representative or attorney did an excellent job writing this letter. The number of words with over five letters exceeds your vocabulary which serves to prove this apology was not written by you. You are an excellent example of why thugs shouldn't be recruited in the first place. Not only are you a thug, but also a liar.
Don't even attempt to rationalize this behavior. There is no place in Collegiate sports for this action. SEC commish need to step in and pressure MSU to take appropriate steps.