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Yes, that would be the 1 game you beat us at Neyland since 2010 that he was referring to. It's also the game that unfortunately ended Nick Chubb's heisman campaign
The giants took Jones at like 6, so whose to say they won’t reach again?
Breaking News: Aidan Hutchinson is falling in many mock drafts as his dad, Jamaree Salyer continues to rise
Good for him. He’s very successful if he can give over 30 million dollars to his alma mater
What does it take for them to put UGA at #2 instead of #3 every preseason
Connor after September 17, 2022: Why I'm Selling Spencer Rattler stock after his SEC Debut at South Carolina.
You sound like that tennessee guy who was thankful that Pickens tore his ACL because he squirted water on a Tennessee player the year before