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bro calm down. most don’t even read Negan’s comments, let alone reply to them.
Awful lot of strength and conditioning coaches in this thread…
I like Beamer; he seems like a really good guy, a hard worker, who really cares about the team. I really hope for nothing but the best for SC (obvi except when playing my Dawgs) and hope they continue to rebuild.
I thought the entire argument against NIL was that cash is going to ruin the sport, because teams will just be able to “buy” players.
come on man… we come to read about sports to avoid current events and most especially politics. leave that sht at the door.
Dude is loaded and is just ready for the next chapter in his life. Coaching in the SEC is a 24/7/365 job, and even as much as he may love it (or as much as we love the coaches), it probably isn’t for everybody. Thanks Coach and best wishes to you in your next adventure.
SEC shorts are corny af, i don’t see the humor other than “yaaaaaay football memes they did a football meme yaaaaaay.”
Your doctor prescribed you those pills for a reason… take them!
Great story, Connor. The SDS commenter community turns me off from this site a lot, but it’s writing like this that always brings me back.
What does it matter? People v look up to Saban because hes a great leader - of his words prevent one needless tragedy isn’t that worth it? Not pointing out the obvious isn’t going to bring that person’s life back. Try on empathy, it’ll change your life.
Knowing Saban’s MO, he’s been preaching this message all year. Remember, these players are just kids and everything that comes along with that. I reserves being 18/19 and thinking that i knew everything.
Saban is and will always be the GOAT. College football is better today from his influence. We need more leaders like him.
dude. just stop. i read your posts sometimes and you make valid points on occasion. Don’t troll the other fan bases, it makes us look like backwater ingrates and it only shows that you have nothing better to do.
Football is literally all they have. I kind of feel sorry for them, but then again, ignorance is bliss.
UGA live rent free in his head; we were taught not to make fun of the special needs kids, so please be nice to him.
What’s it like having Georgia football live rent free in your head?
imagine having a life so pathetic that your entertainment consists of spamming copy pasta to the board of a free online forum of the team that absolutely obliterated your own. i almost feel sorry for you Luvdaridecock; you live in Alabama after all.
they’ve know that he was leaving for a while, and he took them to their first playoff in forever? i don’t understand the big deal… if he hadn’t performed well as a coach this year they would have just as well sacked him.
Good to have him back. I’m glad he’s not a coordinator, but what a dream to be back in Athens working for your alma mater.