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Bama’s oline is weak, so to blitz, some players will have to play zone.
Did Fromm really “regress” in year three, or did UGA lose a lot of WR talent due to the draft/injuries?
Congrats Pittman, and congrats Hawgs
Really happy to see the Hogs on their way back up.
@rolltide75 What did the eye test say when Alabama was dropped by TAMU this year? It works both ways, which is his point.
The fact that many of the commenters are so emotionally invested in the actions of kids who play a sport is really sad. They have no obligation to play for your favorite team; just enjoy it for what it is.
I don’t know about yall but i just don’t find these skits very funny at all.
This article is an example of what happens when you skip math class. Why do I keep reading this drivel?
I love to talk sht about Florida as much as the next Jawja fan, but a strong Florida team is good for the SEC and college football, just like a strong TN team is. I hate you gators, but deep down I really do love yall too. Chins up brothers, you’ll have the wind at your back before you know it.
Why do you think Georgia got rid of him?
I dunno man, but your post kind of implies that fans decide who gets to be QB and who doesn’t. Isn’t that the coach’s job?
i know i’m probably in the minority, but i rarely watch games live. I just set a few to record, i go out and do my thing, and then come back a few hours and a day later to just ff they commercials. 9/10, would recommend.
Fromm didn’t lose his job to a 5-star freshman because he had just taken his team to a NC game. No one was going to take his spot. Fields showed a lot of promise and talent obviously, but he didn’t know the whole playbook and he wanted the offense to change for him (like they changed it when he went to Ohio State). Something tells me that Kirby Smart knows a lot more about his players (and the sport of football) than a bunch of weenie armchair quarterbacks typing on their phones.
“Hurrdurr hoo has Jawja played dis seezin?” KYS
You think that maybe he didn’t have a fever before running around for 30 minutes? Life must be difficult for you.
This right here. This was why Fields was never the starter. You don’t replace your QB who takes you to a NC game.
I’m looking forward to Mullen showing a QB why they should play for Floriduhhh lmao fkn loser
It’s total BS, but on the other hand when they get their sht pushed in in the playoff, everyone might STFU about G5 being competitive on the national level.
good game this weekend. TN will be a real contender soon. The hurry up offense is a great strategy, and will be a ton more effective once yall get more depth.
Why are you being a punk to this guy? He may be a retard, but he’s OUR retard.
Bruh CMR turned Georgia football around 180 degrees in his time a as head coach. The guy deserves some respect.
It was really nice seeing so many fans still in the crowd in the last seconds of the game. In what would otherwise be considered a home snoozer, fans really showed up.
normally i would root for SC on this one, but I want FL to be stuck with Mullen for another year.
I always felt like showing off uniforms was kind of frou frou tbh. Classics uniforms are classic for a reason. Look at ND for example
I kind of hope that Florida beats SCar this week, only because I hope Mullen keeps his job. Is that bad?