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OldDawg, I’m proud to hear that you received a finance degree from UGA, but I did too, and if you do the math (the uhhh finance math), a $7MM coaching salary is not really a lot. According to Forbes magazine, UGA is the 7th most valuable football program. For the last three years (ie under Smart) the football program has a $125MM average revenue, and an average operating profit of $74MM per year. That’s quite a return... The University’s job isn’t to win a NC, it’s to provide educations to students and use athletic programs to achieve this goal. Obviously a NC would be a huge win for the football program, the university, and all of the people who make a living selling Bulldawg merchandise, but in the meantime, I think I trust the athletic department to make wise decisions on how much the coach should be paid.
Georgia didn’t have a bad quarter at all - Tennessee had a great quarter. Let’s be honest, there are a LOT of teams that can hang around for a quarter, and UT did just that for 17ish minutes of game time. That doesn’t equate a bad quarter. Florida defense looked pretty good I’ll give them that, but the offense was Tras(k)h. Prelude to my next statement, UGA hasn’t looked like a number 3 team, and going to sound like I’m trolling, but I’m not: UF has not looked like a top ten team all season. Period. Every 4 of their 5 games have been a struggle against unranked opponents. Yes they won yesterday, but only because Auburn was falling over themselves to lose it.
I’m by no means saying that UGA is the best team in college football, but to say that they “struggled” in the first quarter is a wee bit disingenuous. They were down by a point... that’s not struggling.
I hope he gets the guidance he needs. It’s never too late to turn your life around.
RWS please don’t feed the trolls, it’s not even good bait. If you watch the games, I think Georgia and Auburn are evenly matched, with UGA getting a slight advantage due to QB experience. Playing in Jordan Hare will be a HUGE disadvantage to our team and I’ve been dreading that game since before the season. If there’s one game I’m worried about, it’s that one. I can also foresee a lot of unsportsmanlike penalties to our guys costing us yardage and 1st downs. Also agreeing with NashGator’s post below hours, most of our big victories have been through attrition, but to be fair that comes with depth. A lot of unranked teams can hang for a quarter.
To be fair, Pollack would get lambasted by the press of he said that UF’s injured, former starting QB with an overinflated ego was absolute garbage and a legend in only his own mind, and who will never be drafted to the NFL.
Grandpa, this isn’t AOL and please put on some pants. Yes, jorts are fine.
Fair enough and sorry for writing what on second reading looks like a troll post. I’ll watch the game again today. This game is more likely a combo of obscenely large crowd noise and a hostile environment plus the gators improving. I do like how Trask is giving 100% but I won’t change my opinion that Franks was a mediocre QB at best.
I’ll agree with you on this one, but I have to admit, I started singing “Move B****, get out the way!” as soon as it happened.
Not trolling, but do you really think that both teams played well? There were some sparks for sure, I will definitely admit that, but I wasn’t impressed with either teams play. Yes I went to Georgia and I’m a fan, and they played their first four games as maybe a 5th or 6th ranked team at best, just to get that out of the way. Both teams had such sloppy turnover plays, but neither could capitalize. The game was just pass and pray that they don’t get intercepted.
Kirk sucks Ohio State’s d***s all during the week, so no one is surprised when he praises zaddy on the weekend.
Yuking while pushing yourself physically is pretty common, and you’d probably know that if you weren’t couch potatoes.
Both teams played like absolute trash. I couldn’t decide which played worse: Auburn with terrible passing, or Florida with an inability to capitalize on turnovers. I know that home field advantage is such a bonus (which is why I’m worried about us playing Aub for sure), but finally we can stop hearing about what a master Nix is.
Franks was never a good quarterback though. You earn swagger... I don’t expect gators to understand that though lmao
Absolutely seething. That’s what happens when you let an anonymous Internet forum affect your mood, you absolute mongoloid.
Your team has been terrible since they protested for the BLM shenanigans, and deservedly so.
UT played a good game and they’ve definitely improved. I know we love to hate on each other so while it’s fun in a way to rib on Tennessee fans, they are good people and loyal. I wish a Georgia fans were half as loyal to be honest. Anyway cheers to the future of your program, I’m looking forward to a future when both Tennessee and Georgia have turns taking out the garbage in Gainesville. Holy s*** could you imagine being a gator fan? Lmao
Maybe if they flopped around on the field a bit more ND could have won.
I have to comment NDs efforts, the obvious fake injuries were an excellent tactic to stop the Georgia momentum without burning a time out. That and refs oblivious to pass interference kept the score to a one TD win, without their valiant efforts the score would have been 30-17.
Jokes on you, I’ve been smuggling alcohol into Sanford stadium via my bloodstream for the last 20 years.