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No. You got screwed on that because Auburn did not want to have to play both UGA and Bama away in the same year.
NCAA made that rule in the early to mid 90s as it favored wealthier schools who could afford such accommodations. I guess since the NCAA is all but dead, nobody cares…
If you knew anything about the history of your school and you have any patriotism whatsoever, you would never mention that ‘42 title. You wouldn’t want anyone actually looking too far into it.
UsmcDawg: If I were a UGA fan, and truly wanted to support the military, I would never bring up 1942. They only got that title because the coach signed the entire team up for ROTC so they couldn’t be drafted while all other teams were gutted after Pearl Harbor.
I don’t know Mountain Dog. Lots of hype every year without winning it all seems like a fairly Oregon thing. Before the people who take this WAY to seriously begin, I am only kidding. Live in GA with lots of UGA alum friends. I actually think this year the stars have aligned for the dawgs.
As a gator fan, I am disappointed by a loss to Kentucky. But, I did not expect a National Title this year. Unlike UGA fans, gators do not think EVERY year is our year. That said, this year might actually be Georgia’s year. I just don’t think they can beat Bama the second time they play (the one that will matter most). Saban is too good.
“That question” was wether he was out coached. Coaching is creating a game plan and having players ready for it. Outshining them demonstrates good coaching. This is taken out of context.
I am not defending Imperial, but if memory serves me correctly, it was LSU’s Coach and AD that we’re trying to back out of the annual UF-LSU game 10 years ago. Now a Florida coach agrees and it is UF that is afraid?
I wonder if the day doesn’t come where players receive checks from the universities but are no longer provided tuition, room & board, books, etc. They would become employees of the university contingent upon their enrollment (much like a graduate assistant).
Due to the way it happened, I don’t think I would talk about 1952 if I were a UGA fan. As a Georgia resident, I know of many UGA alum who think that one should be erased from their records.
UGA can’t even claim a fake one in the last 30 years.
As so many Bama football fans like to remind us, it is titles that matter. And Bama isn’t second in those!
Leg bumper is one of those rare finds: a rational, k owl edges or UGA fan.
Kicker: it takes real cowardice on your part to show up and talk smack after the game. Don’t be like the UGA idiots on here...they know they lost. No need to be obnoxious about it.
@Corch “Healthy people under the age of 60 have absolutely nothing to fear with a 99.4% survival rate.” This may be the stupidest thing you’ve ever posted! A 99.4% survival rate means 3 out of every 500 people die. Did those 3 individuals have anything to fear?
@BlackandGold: “aren’t at risk of death?” I bet the parents of the student who just died from COVID at Appalachian State would love for that to be true.
Unless it is a properly fitted N95, wearing a mask does not protect you...it protects others FROM you. This is why everyone wearing them is so important!
Those decisions are to blame. China (the original epicenter of this) did those things and have handled the virus. If a single case is reported, then the entire region reverts to lockdown. What is the difference? They have a dictatorial government that doesn’t care if they trample individual rights and a cultural in which people have no problem being inconvenienced in order to protect their neighbor. If we had the second we wouldn’t need the first.
I am a professor at a small university. I believe that in-person classes will be moved to a virtual format once the college season is played. University systems cannot play football without in-person classes (very bad optics) and they REALLY want the football revenue. Once that is gone, rational thought will prevail and in-person classes will be gone.
Wolfman: “ignores science”? What science is being ignored? The science that tells us that cases of C-19 is growing? The science that states we don’t know the long term health effects of C-19? The science that relates that the instances of C-19 in minors has increased seven-fold? What reason can a university president, coach, conference, or the NCAA give to the family of anyone who contracts the disease and dies because of it? “We’re so sorry. We did everything we could think of to protect your loved one...except postpone the season.” What exactly are your scientific credentials to make such a statement about ignoring science?
The problem is that the east is not very deep. If they put UF on Bama's schedule, then they may be eliminating several contenders. It is sketchy that the one year UGA was supposed to have the toughest schedule in the east they end up with two extra wins and now have one of the easiest.
I think UF-Ark was done for the "drama" of Franks facing his old team. There has to be some story line behind these games. UF-A&M is an intriguing matchup. I feel bad for Mizzou and Ark. I'm not sure how this is balanced for those teams.
Be careful. Facts can make you look foolish. Do you realize that GT has a NC a decade more recently than UGA?
I have to agree with everything except #5. I enjoy the meaningless bowls that come before Christmas. They provide mid-week football during a time when I’m around the house with family and not working.
Is Bama a forgone conclusion to win the west?
Recently though you've been turning it off for the opposite reason. And I will admit, it is no fun losing to Georgia. Hopefully that changes this year. Hopefully we have college football this year!!
You would know...you had to do it for most of the 90's and 00's.
Nah. Nobody would remember in a few years. Few people remember that UGA's 1942 was won because the coach signed the entire team up for ROTC to keep them from getting drafted. If that one counts, this one certainly would!
I don’t know why it posted this twice...
Both UF and FSU are bashed for weak OOC play because everyone takes this for granted. That is like saying USC shouldn’t count their annual game against ND. Why not? USC steps up with this game every year. UF and FSU do the same!