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I agree with your assessment. UGA has a good team that played hard, but LSU is just a great team. And sometimes the injuries just don't go your way. However, I find it odd that so many UGA fans refused to admit Florida was in the same position with injuries when they played UGA (Grennard, Zuniga, Toney, Jeremiah Moon, Franks). Admitting that one team was hindered by injuries in no way diminishes what the other team accomplished in winning.
Stricklin called out everyone! Can’t blame UF that Ohio State wouldn’t take our offer.
As a gator, I will admit we got brat and UGA was the better team Saturday. Sis that terrible call change the dynamic of the game? Sure. Did it change the outcome? I don’t think so. My complaint with the officiating is how awful it has been in the SEC this year. I am not claiming bias...just bad. We have benefited from it (South Carolina) and hurt by it (UGA). I guess that is the new normal. Congrats to UGA. I hope, for the sake of DAWGS everywhere, that they don’t come close to greatness and choke again. Either win it all (my preferred choice) or lose badly. The heartache of another close loss would kill a few fans that I know.
What about Jake Fromm makes Jordan believe in him in big games? It seems to me that big games is where UGA struggles. An pair of NFL running backs (Michel and Chubb) carried the Dawgs in the Rose Bowl, and they lost the lead to Bama in the N.C. and last year’s SECCG. I’m not trying to insult. I think Fromm is a top 10 QB in the country, but big games is when that team falls apart. That said, I think both teams will be dialed in for the cocktail party this hear. Hoping UGA and UF can get healthy so it is best in best! Here’s to a game to remember!
This drives me crazy! “ Florida football has long been criticized for not playing a regular-season non-SEC true road game outside the Sunshine State.” If you have to put that many qualifiers on it, perhaps it isn’t that interesting. How many states have 3 power 5 teams? I cannot stand that it is always UF that gets badmouthed for having our OOC rival in the same state. Very few teams outside the SEC play the difficulty of an SEC schedule, yet the Gators are put down for this? I am glad Stricklin has called everyone out. Can’t blame UF for games not played when he just issued an open invitation!
Wouldn’t diligent students be done studying by midnight before the exam?
I cannot decide if I should be really happy or sad. As a math professor, this post: 1) ensures job security and 2) hurts me deep in my soul.
They didn’t, but it helps the narrative. LSU is #5 because they play a “pretty good” FCS team. But the Gamecocks are #1 because they play a Sunbelt Team. I’m not saying the ranking are not accurate. I’m saying the analysis is off. Southern (how people in GA refer to Georgia Southern) was a 10 win team that finished 3rd in the Sunbelt last year.
I don’t see Bama-Georgia in the semi-finals. Georgia doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt if they miss the SEC championship game (like Bama did two years ago), and there would be little interest in an SEC championship game rematch. Obviously, Bama will not be #1 if they don’t win the SEC.
Paris: You have to be careful with blanket statesmen’s like that. If the SEC adds a ninth game, then do schools get to cancel their “mandatory” OOC game that very few really consider? KY-Louisville, SC-Clemson, Arky-Texas, UGA-GT, and UF-FSU are all games that MATTER to the fan bases. But each of these schools would lose a home game every other year if another SEC game is added. Geography has given these schools an OOC, game EVERY YEAR that the schools from TN, AL, LA, MO, TX, and MS don’t have to worry with. Just another complication to think through.
I think it is a bit presumptuous to think automatically think CBS would feature the game anyway. Without Jax, this is another heated rivalry in the vein of Bama-Auburn or OSU-Michigan. What many UGA fans (and I live in Georgia so I am not just referencing those on this board) fail to realize is that Jax is a fairly divided city between UF-FSU-UGA. Being the only large city near SE Georgia brings many from there to work. Although Florida does not have toe all-time lead in Jax, I think it should be left alone. WLOCP is just unique.
DaGherk: at first I was going to be really impressed that you knew enough football to know that a team could possibly score 1 point. Sadly, it was just a really bad attempt to troll another team. Why does UF bother Georgia fans so badly?
As a gator who lives in Georgia, it is sweet that you believe the UF-UGA rivalry is the same from both sides. Is GT-UGA viewer the same from both sides? No...GT fans talk trash about UGA. Meanwhile, dawgs really like to beat yellow jackets, but do not obsess over it all year. UF-UGa is largely the same. Florida fans do not think about Georgia all year. It seems that Georgia fans spend a great deal of time and effort thinking about Florida. As evidence, I offer the number of dawgs commenting on ALL of the UF articles.
UF opens the season with Miami. We close with FSU. Still plan on being 1-0 though.
The only thing about this discussion I find frustrating is that no credit is given to teams who do this as an annual rivalry get no credit for it. Just because Clemson and South Carolina are in the same state, does not diminish that they play a non-conference H&H EVERY YEAR. Florida-Florida State is the same. But everyone views this games the same way as Michigan-Michigan State or Auburn-Alabama. But there is a difference, these games are in-conference games!
As a gator who resides in Georgia, I can attest that UGA’s obsession with Florida did not begin with Mullen. In GA, Georgia Tech is obsessed with UGA as a rivalry while the Dawgs are so used to beating GT that the concern is not reciprocated. The UF-UGA rivalry is very much like this. Most Florida see this as another fun rivalry (FSU, LSU). However there is a deep vitriol from UGA towards UF.
I like what you did there: recent, relevant, and witty. However, like I would tell Mullen, be careful with your comments because you never know. After all, as a dawg, there is just no response to 14,011.
I do appreciate that you did not include the victory UGA claims in 1904. You know, before Florida had a football team! Although I wouldn’t say that an 8 game lead after almost 100 football games is “owning.” Although, if you look at the history of the series, it has alternated between periods of one team’s dominance and then the other. In general, from 1915-1990, UGA was the superior team with a few short Florida winning streaks. Since 1990 the opposite has been true. UGA has been able to put a couple 2-4 year streaks together, but it really has been all UF. (Interestingly, the NC conversation mirrors this: all UGA early and all UF recently). It’ll be fun to see how it unfolds from here.
*Insurance only covers what is left AFTER... The problem of typing on a phone...
The issue with this is that the insurance card not covers what is left AFTER momma has her house and car. One million in insurance money is not the same as one million and a house/car. Perhaps Saban is right. The only problem is that what is he advocating directly serves his interests. So we will never know if he truly has the players’ best interest in mind or if he just wants these good to great players for another year. Who am I to tell Saban anything, but it may be wise to let a third party to advocate for this idea.
I believe we have to hold off on making a proclamation of what the narrative will be going forward. If the investigation finds that Wade is guilty of offering money, but not to any of his current players, then brag away. However, if it is discovered that any of the current players have taken any money, then the entire season will be wiped out of the record books. In that case, they shouldn’t mention it ever again.
I never had a problem with him. I did not expect him to compete with UK and UT this year. His first couple of years it was difficult to recruit until people were convinced he could do more than win with Donovan's players. That is hurting us now with few experienced players on the court. But the strong finish in the SEC and NCAA tournament was great. I thought the round of 32 was about right for the team this year. Great players coming in, so a few guys who played ancillary roles are leaving. I think White is still the guy and things are going in the proper direction! Go Gators!
Liberty University is the largest one in the country based on enrollment.
Are you talking about UCF...or Alabama? Because the history books show that Bama has done the same thing UCF did once or twice.
Connor: You solves the problem of the wedding by moving it to a Sunday. However, you create a lifetime of issues. There is going to come a year (many, in fact) that your anniversary falls on, not just opening weekend, but opening day. Now, instead of enjoying a cruise to the Caribbean or a long weekend in a secluded mountain cabin, you have to choose between celebrating your anniversary early (before the season) or taking time from your trip to devote to football. No thanks. I’ll take my June anniversary, enjoy time with my wife, and be ready for football when it arrives!
I understand that you included Florida. But if you move this window back a week, the gators have Auburn, at LSU, and at South Carolina. Being in consecutive weeks (despite the home game) makes this a tougher stretch than including He bye before Georgia.
I believe this is not a big deal. And I believe that both of these programs have proud fans that are uncomfortable with the current state of affairs but are hopeful for the future. Nevertheless, it sounds stupid to attempt to peaks fun of a team for losing and ending a streak your team has never had and/or for losing to a team your team lost to last year (and twice this decade).
I hope Coach Mac does truly let his offensive coaches have control. That was his mistake at Florida. He wanted to control the offense from a defensive perspective...it just doesn’t work. I believe he is a great defensive coach and a great person. I hope he beats every team he plays but UF.