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Yeah no. It's over a 3 hour drive, just to be clear. Also your arbitrary conditions for USC winning are just dumb. We HAVE to get a special teams score in order to win? Why? Why can't we have a deep ball thrown for a TD, or a defensive score, or a turnover in UGA territory? Why does USC have to satisfy your list in order to win? It makes zero sense.
What I find insane is that you've had 1 season under Smart that has been successful. One single season. The dawgs had Richt for over a decade and he brought you to multiple East titles, and even recruited your best players that allowed you to reach the playoffs (Chubb, Michel, Wims, Smith, Carter). Smart inhereted a team that was 10-2, and then pushed it just a little further so you reached the playoffs. But what do you think would've happened if Bama won the West instead of Auburn, and you all didn't reach the playoffs. You could've easily lost 2 games at the hands of Bama in the SEC championship, but you got lucky and got to face Auburn. You could've easily had just another "Mark Richt-type season" last year had Bama won the West. You wouldn't have gone to the playoffs had Bama won the West. I say all that just to point out that it was one year. It's naive of you UGA fans to walk around like you're in a new dynasty that is indestructible. You hardly know what you really have. That was your best roster in half a century last year. Any coach could've succeeded with that roster. You're not the new Bama. Y'all just have had decade long aspirations to be, and after last year, things seem too good to be true.
Let em' talk. Sure, South Carolina will win all road games. Sure, South Carolina will finish 5th in the East. Sure, South Carolina will go 2-6 in the East.
Bet you're an A&M fan. I see us killing Mizzou, barely beating Tennessee, LSU, and A&M, and Georgia and Clemson are toss ups or worse.