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I remember when teams could only be on TV a few times per year and we listened the games on the radio. I remember John Forney, Jim Fyffe, Larry Munson........what a great group of announcers....legendary! I was at the only game where Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson played against each other in 1982. Herschel was a junior and Bo was a freshman...both scored and Georgia won 19-14. What a game! So many football memories that I could go on and on, but appreciate what other are writing........yes, it does mean more to each of us!
In reference to Auburn's final record, 8-4 is probable, 9-3 is obtainable, 10-2 is possible.
As of today, Auburn is undefeated in the Western Division with it's only SEC loss to an Eastern Division foe. Alabama's lone SEC loss is to a Western Division opponent. That being said, Auburn is the #1 team in the West...as of today!
Clemson's offense currently ranks 116th nationally and is last in the ACC. Not sure Georgia has faced a good enough offense to know how good they really are.
You could have a 40-team playoff this year and nothing is going to stop Alabama and Georgia playing twice.
Why can it not be Kentucky? Because you are a basketball school. If the football team goes undefeated and wins it all, the basketball team could have a losing record that same year and the following would happen: At the annual University of Kentucky sports banquet the football coach would get a cigarette lighter and the basketball coach would get a cadillac.
@Weagle99, Jimbo talks 99 mph and says nothing. He needs to slow down to 55mph and 'at least' seem more gracious. That guy is annoying to listen when speaking!
Orgeron explained? Did anybody understand him? Was an interpreter required?
@JTF, with the current clown pretending to be POTUS, being behind on dues wouldn't matter to him.
@Boxster355, agree 100% with your comment and totally understand what you are saying. Was just being silly for the moment trying to bring a laugh to other people's day. Thank you for responding. Look forward to seeing your future entries!
Agree that 8-4, 7-5 or 6-6 are the most probable, but it is also possible to go 9-3 with only losing to Georgia and Alabama the rest of the way.
There is no such thing as good weird. There is only weird and in MSU's case, the Bulldogs are "Mike Leach Weird"! #PirateLover!
Speculation! Speculation! Question: If Russia attacked Turkey from the rear, do you think Greece/Grease would help???
I have a feeling that an undefeated Alabama and Georgia will play in the SEC Championship and again in the National Championship. This year is similar to 2011 when LSU and Alabama played twice. The rest of the country will be hating and complaining. Get ready! Brace yourself!
I must say that I am surprised at how good Tennessee looks offensively and glad the Tennessee fanbase finally has some entertaining football to watch. They have been through a lot!
Wow! Nobody's reading all of that! This isn't the place to write an excerpt from an encyclopedia! WTF???
In Texas A&M's situation, the only way to salvage this season is to win a game or two your are not supposed to....and finish strong....other than that, "Tits Up!".
LOL! That is funny......."His head comes out of his torso".....LOL!!! That's great!
Unfortunately, Texas A&M has been a graveyard for coaches where they go to die: 1) Dennis Franchione, 2) Mike Sherman, 3) Kevin Sumlin, 4) Jimbo Fisher???...TBD
I don't think that Auburn will beat Georgia, but you have to consider the following for this new coaching staff and team: 1) They are excellent at making effective adjustments throughout the game; 2) They have a larger sample-size/understanding of their roster and are more familiar with who can do what which means they may get off to a faster start on Saturday; 3) Confidence is building on the Auburn side which means this team "could" play above it's talent level on Saturday; 4) Bo Nix plays better at home; 5) Georgia doesn't throw well; 6) Auburn is really good at stopping the run; 7) Will Georgia not take Auburn seriously? Again, I don't think Auburn will win, but food for thought.
Is that Paul Finebaum's head or did his neck blow a bubble???
No, not the running game, but ditch the Cookie Monster!
The first goal should be to tell 'The Hunchback of Gainesville' to SHUTUP!
The difference between Gene Chizik and Eddie Boy Orgeron is that Gene Chizik is articulate and Boy O sounds like the Cookie Monster. That being the case, what will Boy O do for his second career?