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UGA fans are as passionate as the rest. A decent amount of the Falcons, Braves, and other team diehards are the non-UGA fans, but the UGA fans who love them all put UGA far above the Atlanta teams. Just watch them travel for road games as well or better than any fan base.
Mullen's statement would be more reasonable if he had said Grantham is “probably the top defensive coordinator in all of college football... except for on 3rd downs in which is he the worst coordinator in football. Also, he's not so good at recruiting.”
I can't tell if this is a troll job, but I'll respond with my thoughts anyhow. SC WRs - A tough call, but UGA has serious depth. Special teams - It is about much more than just Deebo vs. Mecole. Blankenship is a pure advantage over SC's career 56% place kicker. Camarda is a very talented punter. UGA special teams coverage is also some of the best in the business. If SC is better in special teams, it has a very special unit. You smoking. Bentley vs. Fromm/Fields - Nothing wrong with SC fans liking their guy more - he's good - but UGA wouldn't swap with SC in a million years on this one. Call it a wash if you really want to, but, nah. Offensive coordinator - UGA has recruited more talent than SC on offense. Jim Chaney has been a successful OC for decades. McClendon has had one full game and an interim game of sorts in the bowl game last year. What you smoking? Depth at RB - Holy sh*t. Just, holy sh*t. Good luck, SC. You are fixated on Chubb and Michel moving on. Muschamp knows better, and others in the SC community will see soon enough. SC is a good team. Playing at home and relying on the knowledge Muschamp and Smart have about each other, sure SC has a chance. They don't really have any paper advantages though. That's just how it is.