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So what should we do just stay home and hope for a vaccine? I understand it is serious but I also understand that the cure as some want it is worse than the disease. We need kids in classrooms learning and we need athletes on the field playing. Its bigger than a game IMO.
Oh and I will also be in the stands at games if allowed as well 95% of the doctors I work with. I guess they are all stupid too.
You can hide in your closet and should if you are over 65 and unhealthy. I have 3 HS athletes and 1 college athlete. My wife is a teacher as well. Day 1 if allowed all will be in school and participating in athletics. My wife will be teaching and I will be continuing to work as I have all along (In a hospital by the way).
What is really going on at Universities. Folk if you you are under 65 and in good health you are in more danger driving to the stadium. Texas Tech on Friday reported 23 positive coronavirus test results among football athletes and staff, with all but two having since recovered with no hospitalizations required.
That's kind of the standard argument. Are we not allowed to change over time? In the times we are living in people are going to become more aware of their surroundings and probably feel more empowered to be vocal about a need for change. What changed with the SEC and NCAA? We need to stop being so narrow minded and try to be a little empathetic. I have always supported the flag and the monuments but over time I realized they really do not represent all people. Whats the harm in moving a monument to a cemetery or changing a flag to something more inclusive.
Agree. My company has operated with over 100 employees in on office building setting since the beginning of the pandemic. Up until last week only 1 positive case. Last week we had 2...didnt panic and did not shut just kept on rolling. Like these athletes all are asymptomatic. People losing their mind over this. For the normal healthy person under 65 it is not that serious. Certainly there are exceptions but we must keep moving forward with life. Funny during the mass protests COVID took a back burner...not its front page again.
Maybe we can get herd immunity by fall. There will be positive test but we just have to push forward. We cannot continue to hide from COVID. Lots of positive tests across programs but no serious illnesses that I have seen.
Honestly the video did not play for me. It does take a big man to admit when they are wrong. Give him that. Just so sick of social media in general:)
Right...we in it together (NOW). Florida State 2.0 When you have an issue go sit down and talk it out. These guys think its a reality show to live out on twitter. I be interested to know what they both really feel.
The adult way would have been to approach his coach and them put this video out together before he called him out on twitter. Hey but I guess I am old fashioned.
Let him walk. The O line too and any other that do not want to play for Gundy for wearing a Tshirt. Hundreds of other kids glad to take that scholly. I would rather watch a bunch of 1 stars playing than be held hostage by a 5 start guy with a big freaking mouth.
PS I have a college athlete and another one at an SEC school. No issues with either going back and I will be at the first game if they let me in.
Bro my company has 40K employees worldwide and around half that many in the US. We have operated with hundreds of employees under roof through out this entire pandemic with very little disruption. My location was the first with a positive employee back in early March...this employee had been in close contact with many other employees. No one else developed the virus. We have had zero cases since March with over 300 employees. We have some simple safety SOPs in place. People will get COVID but if you are healthy and under 65 chances are you will be fine. I was at a funeral here in Ms yesterday with 500 people saw maybe 1 mask. Guess we all cazy but COVID has had almost zero impact on me or anyone else I know. Time to get kids back in school and athletes on the field.
Not if you are going to be stupid and not test players before putting them all together when you are in Houston Tx...good grief. Stupid.
I get it but the real point was I do not think this will be a proven method of preventing spread. But - There’s no evidence that the virus can be spread by perspiration — though an infectious-diseases experts believe that sweat contaminated by the “gunk on a person’s nose, or if the person coughs” could transfer the virus to another person.
Ever wear a helmet? I never used a visor because it held in heat...really going to cook with this on. That said, if it helps us play football and reduces risk lets go. I doubt this does much to reduce risk though. If you have covid and you are swapping sweat and in pile and on the sideline and in the locker room...this thing aint stopping it.
Ga is a real juggernaut. Won SEC when like 15 years ago. NC like 30 years ago. Talk about under-achieving. Now Dan Mullen and Florida about to start kicking that butt again. Ga what a juggernaut!! Better worry less abut MSU and more about South Carolina.
Texas Tech Before ML in the previous 10 season won more than 6 games 3 times. In ML 10 seasons won more than 6 games every year including 4 - 9 win seasons and an 11 win season. Washington State was a complete dumpster fire when he took over and he took them to 6 bowl games (they had not been over .500 in 8 years). Not everyone can underachieve like Ga with all the talent they pull yet can win the big games.
That is fine but the whole system is linked. If anyone can play they should play. If nobody plays the entire system including the local economies are damaged. I love Charles but the point is not logical. We need kids on campus learning and we need to have athletics. The consequences of having neither are far worse than the virus itself. In business it is called risk mitigation and loss prevention along with a business continuity plan.
Isolate and test for sure but if 1 player is positive most likely every player and coach has been exposed. Then the team honestly can continue to work as usual because they are all already exposed. They are only a threat to outsiders would seem. I would assume the teams are housing the players during the summer so they are all quarantined together so business as usual. Be interesting but I am sure their are plans in place even if they have not been shared with the public.
Not going to Gainesville. The OL that transferred was a grad transfer who has a brother that plays for the Gators and was a Mullen recruit. Word is Jones may end up at Ole Miss (T-Buck is now their DB Coach)....that tells me he never bought into the MSU culture to feel good about that move. Then again the previous regime never understood what MSU is all about either. Moorehead was soft...Mullen was not nor is Leach.
I am no NFL salary expert but without knowing guaranteed money its hard to say how great a contract this is. In the NFL its about guaranteed dollars then the base salary IMO. That being said 35 mil per season is pretty good and if the guaranteed money was inline with other top 5 he really needs to jump on it. Some people will say Dak is not worth top 5 money but when you are the QB of the Dallas Cowboys and the face of that franchise you get paid. He has done well above avg and at almost zero cost to the franchise. If he fails to deliver they can move off of him after 2 or 3 years given he has already given them 4 solid seasons on a rookie deal. He will win the question is can he win a superbowl.
Agree. The point was this playing football is more than just entertainment. It is a big business and impacts millions of people directly or indirectly. We need kids on campus and we need to play football. I think it can be done safely but there will be COVID.
And not proof reading I sound to bright either. Wait I was an athlete too that got fired and ended up in jail so again I would not be shocked.
I have no idea either way but athletes are not known to be the brightest. They do stupid sh** all the time that ends them up fired or in jail. I hope these 2 are not that stupid but would not shock me.
Huh? This is about way more than entertainment. If we cant play football then that most likely means no kids on campus. No kids on campus = crappy education. No kids also equates to bad economies in all college towns which is much more than "entertainment." If you just want to talk football it is a big deal and supports pretty much the entire athletic program. What about all those who work games? All the local economies that boom during football? I could go on but you got the point. To say football is just "entertainment" is a pretty stupid comment.
He is not a real fit for this offense honestly. He would have started off experience and talent but will probably enjoy Florida better should that be where he lands.
Relax. Reese has no ties to the new staff which is important. Also he is a road grader guard not exactly fit for the new offense. He would have started because he is that good but he wants another opportunity. Dont try to blame Leach.