35 Long Miles

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Maybe they should stop killing people you feckless clown. ESPN doesn’t want you dated racist fool.
Sure they had to develop a system since there is more demand than supply but OMG what a clusterf*k system.
One player, even a good QB, ain’t fixing that UM train wreck. They’re years away.
IMG Academy, Bradenton, Florida. Will UF ever be a preferred destination for their graduates? What wall needs to be torn down for that to happen?
Fleas are big carriers of COVID-19 I’m told. Hunker down smelly Dawgs. Gon be a long summer.
Hindric Himpleman? You sound like a five alarm bullshi**er.
Florida’s rolling. Jacksonville gon be ugly for the fleabags.
It’ll be okay. Show us on the doll where the man touched you.
Gimme the Johnson burger. No wait, make it a Brindise with cheese. On second thought I’ll go with the Johnson. Actually, ya know what? Gimme a medium Brindise.
It will just keep getting better as the program gets better. Jus’ gettin’ started.
Programs keep this stuff very close to the vest. Injury tents, so forth.
You have to be able to read defenses in the XFL too so that’s probably a big no.
Leftist entertainment? What a fool. The overwhelming majority of NFL fans are dated conservatives. Poor little snowflake. Stick to boxing.
Hurt his elbow raising a big ole burning sticky-icky.
Don’t hold your breath on AC ever seeing any significant NFL time. Boy like that sticky icky lil too much.
Last call at Spring Training Camp: You don't have to go home Tim, but you can't stay here.
Lol! ScUM doesn’t even get an honorable mention in an insult thread. That program truly should drop down to FCS.
Look, anyone like Kirby "not so" Smart that wears a visor 1/2 an inch above their eyes isn't winning any IQ contests. But the Bama Bangs haircut is very flattering. Does that guy own a mirror?
Can I block this content from Netflix? Anybody that wants to relive this is sick in the head.
Start time- sucks stadium- sucks opponent sucks S.Florida recruit exposure- AWESOME! I'll take it.(forgive me if I watch the 2nd half in the morning but 3-1/2 games blow)
You go ahead and sleep on Trask, who will be even better next year.