35 Long Miles

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One question? How many total coaches on Saban's staff?
The deep wounds Steve Spurrier inflicted on you haven't healed. They never will. You are broken.
Absolutely correct sir. Florida definitely has needs; no rose colored glasses. But it was obvious that Mullen had lost control of the team. 974 false starts in one game says it all.
You just got a natty and you're here trolling. It's embarrassingly obvious you rarely or never seen a vagi*a You don't even know how to troll well.
Why can’t SDS just say “TE Gamble leaving for NFL” like every other media source does. Desperate for clicks. It’s weak.
Whatever happened to the Michael Jones NITWIT? Clown.
Of course you’re a conservative tool. Never fails. Cowpokes like yourself are virtually ALWAYS red clowns. How are things at your security guard job?
BG #8 couldn’t contain the edge to save his life. I would have scored.
He didn’t “call out” Tebow. He challenged him. Different.
Got it Skip. Cool story bro. Looks like you forgot to mention that Tebow couldn’t read an NFL defense to save his life. Fact. But don’t let a pesky fact get in the way of your dreamy narrative Skip.
Maybe they should stop killing people you feckless clown. ESPN doesn’t want you dated racist fool.
Sure they had to develop a system since there is more demand than supply but OMG what a clusterf*k system.
One player, even a good QB, ain’t fixing that UM train wreck. They’re years away.
IMG Academy, Bradenton, Florida. Will UF ever be a preferred destination for their graduates? What wall needs to be torn down for that to happen?
Fleas are big carriers of COVID-19 I’m told. Hunker down smelly Dawgs. Gon be a long summer.
Hindric Himpleman? You sound like a five alarm bullshi**er.