35 Long Miles

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Don’t hold your breath on AC ever seeing any significant NFL time. Boy like that sticky icky lil too much.
Last call at Spring Training Camp: You don't have to go home Tim, but you can't stay here.
Lol! ScUM doesn’t even get an honorable mention in an insult thread. That program truly should drop down to FCS.
Look, anyone like Kirby "not so" Smart that wears a visor 1/2 an inch above their eyes isn't winning any IQ contests. But the Bama Bangs haircut is very flattering. Does that guy own a mirror?
Can I block this content from Netflix? Anybody that wants to relive this is sick in the head.
Start time- sucks stadium- sucks opponent sucks S.Florida recruit exposure- AWESOME! I'll take it.(forgive me if I watch the 2nd half in the morning but 3-1/2 games blow)
You go ahead and sleep on Trask, who will be even better next year.
Congrats cock, you win the self troll award. Now go cry in your beer about the refs.
Somewhere, in a lonely retention pond, Corch sits at the bottom, still strapped in to his John Deere.
GOUGA, if you have a single ounce of self respect you’ll just lick your wounds and shut up. You look like a buffoon talking smack after that.
With the bad hat and the bowl cut. I don’t get this guy.
Yoooohoooo! Georgia trolls? YOOOOHOOOOO?! Let’s hear how bad Mullen is? Noth that he outcoached Gus or anything like that...nah. OHHHH YOOOOOHOOOOO GEORGIA TROLLS???? (These clueless morons will transfer immediately to “LSU is gonna....) Georgia IDIOTS!
Aflac Player of the Game Award presented to....Emory Jones. Florida 27-24.
Well , this game has already been decided...in your head, you “just got that feeling”. Everyone go home now. It’s over, Johnathon had a feeling.
I’ve read mountains of online comments over the years. You are just bad at this. Really, as bad as it gets. I even appreciate a witty troll. You’re none of that.
I made ZERO attempt to read this steaming mess. What a clown.
Nashville, not sure where you got this geographical definition from? I live in Palm Beach county and there are a zillion rebel flags, monster trucks, and generally dumb rednecks. Culturally, “the south” includes ALL of Florida. South Florida is blue based on its enormous northern (Tri-state)influence but the south culture is as strong as ever.
I got a guy. He can help you get your foot out of your mouth.
Says the guy who doesn’t know how to use a space bar.
One of my favorite things about watching CFB is the see-saw of momentum and seeing fans go sad face>happy face> sad face. And then your patience pays off late with surrender cobras.
“...looking into the camera and stuff like that.” Stuff like that? Really Nick?
Yes, a recliner is where Richt belongs. That said, having analysts/coaches watch/comment as fans looks like a potentially fun segment. Much. Better than here NFL bozos yelling C’MON MAN!
Does Miami have a piece of jewelry for that?” Greatest line ever! They can’t grasp that they are self-trolling with that stupid bling. A season ticket holder should print a pic of the defensive guy mugging with the T.O.Chain, write “LOSS” real big on it, and hang it in UM locker room. Canes are their own worst enemy. Perplexing that the staff let’s the bling chain continue. The fools actually doubled-down with TD rings. Do recent memorable losses (0-58, 3-35, 3-38) not teach this team any humility? Nobody “hates” you canefan; we are amused at how a program in such a talent rich area can continue to be a raging dumpster fire.
I always say “you have to have villains” when you watch any sport. If I’m watching something I’m neutral on I look for good guys AND bad guys. Gotta have someone to insult the entire time.