I love SEC football. Sometimes I don't even mind the people who write about it.

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Nice dig at the dumpster fire football team of your alma mater, Houston. Well-done.
"Indeed, UCF hasn’t really been tested by another top-25 team this year yet, so it’s tough to get a good read on them." Uh, Adam...that's because they haven't PLAYED a top-25 team this year.
That win over Temple was impressive. I mean who doesn't allow 670 yards and 40 points to Temple this year? Oh, besides UCF...no one.
Hey Neil, Mullen said today that CJ Henderson would be back, so let's not bury the secondary just yet. And Mizzou isn't somehow channeling Georgia's o-line.
Yeah, Florida had a breaking point, but the offense was inconsistent. Georgia has Fromm who is better than Franks. Even great defenses will tire when the offense can't move the ball well. Florida didn't blitz as much, because Georgia's talent level overwhelmed Florida. As a Florida fan, I didn't think we'd be in this game at the beginning of the year. But the fact that it was close most of the way was better than I thought it would be. Georgia is the better squad right now. Hats off to them.
Well, hopefully no one gets their knee twisted at the bottom of a pile. Oh wait, that was Darnell Dockett's signature move. Never mind...
Florida's run D has been much better the last 5 games. And in total D, Georgia is #17 and Florida is #22. Georgia has the better overall roster and yes, they should be the better team right now. But, that's why they play the games. Georgia is a favorite for a reason. We'll see if Finebaum and others are right on Saturday afternoon. As a Florida fan, I just hope it's a better effort than last year's embarrassment.
That's what he's paid for, to give his opinion. Georgia is the favorite for a reason. I'm sure that Florida has been working on things during the bye week as well. But ask any Gator fan (myself included) before the season if we would've been happy to be in a top 10 match-up and we'll take it. It's football and that's why they play the games. But I'm not mad at Finebaum because he's picking the favorite.
Ugh. Doesn't SDS have anyone else who can write this feature, other than an embittered FSU grad? And if you're going to take shots at Florida and other schools, at least be funny. Not whatever this is supposed to be.
Tennessee has a good chance of not losing this week.
Houston, we have a humor problem.
At least Tennessee can't lose this week.
I also think Florida's terrible coaching may have had something to do with losing that game.