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This is another perfect opportunity for Muschamp to get hired and fired in 3 wears with a huge buyout
I would want my lawyer being aggressive in my defense. I wonder if they fired Les, if they would let guys out of their nil? He actually signed the third best recruiting class in the big 12
Man...Guice sounds crazier than a rainbow trout in a car wash.
In not sure if he would be interested,but what about trying to get Chris Peterson to unretire. I know he's not a southern guy,but it shouldn't matter if he can win.
I wonder which former ESPN star is more irrelevant now? Patrick or Olbermann
I been saying for years they should run that offense. But all their quarterbacks are slow pro style guys.it would definitely be a few years of recruiting the right personnel
Congrats to lsu. I definitely had Florida winning by 14 at least. The lack of run game is costing them big time
I'm still recovering from the shock of seeing bama hit a long fg
I live about20 minutes from knoxville. And I promise you, IT couldn't get elected as a dog catcher right now.
The cop was a pos murderer. But I hate hearing them refer to George Floyd as a saint.guy had several drugs in his system and had robbed a woman at gunpoint before.
Well said bubbatime.you are a very smart guy
I'm not surprised. He wanted to go to UT initially. But the coaching carousel train wreck scared him off.
I could see him having a long and successful career as a backup. Which if so,he's still gonna make great money.
Thank you Minnesota ! Nothing better than to start the year with a bama win and a Auburn loss.
I don't understand this whole situation. An sec school should have about 20 qualified coaches trying to get the job. It seems like the problem is the incompetence of the AD.
Random comment here. I moved from Alabama to Maryville Tn two years ago. I live about 5 minutes from Fulmer.the guy basically has a guest house nicer than most normal houses. It's weird seeing him out in public. The U T fans look at him like a deity .
I would be shocked if Bill Clark doesn't have a power 5 job next seasw.
For once I completely agree with an auburn fan. If anybody could win big there every year, then Dubose or Shula might still be there. Also Joe Morrhead looks completely baffled on the sideline.maybe a great oc, but looks lost as a hc
The ms offense was next level pathetic. They made the tn defense look like the 85 bears