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What a shame--great player! But props to Mark Richt for taking rules and discipline seriously. Most other teams would sweep this stuff under the rug and move on, putting the "W" before the character of young men.
Wolfman, I am not going to get into the injuries debate... that has been debated plenty above. The ongoing issue Mizzou will have earning national respect consistently is the lackluster schedule Pinkel likes to play on the front-end of the season. Not 1 or 2 per season, but several. If I were Pinkel, I'd swap out a cupcake or two for better out of conference opponents. It's one thing to have a couple a year to work out the kinks or catch a breather, but too many and people start poo-pooing your schedule. Some Mizzou fans seem to have a chip on their shoulder about the lack of "respect" they get. That will come, but Mizzou will have to first prove to the naysayers that they can have more than one good season here and there. They might well be consistently good in the SEC, but that remains to be seen. Between Franklin and Mauk, Mauk is the better QB. Franklin's injury in the 4th Q of the UGA game was a nice break for Mauk. He's going to be a great QB for the Tigers. Good luck in 2014.
**he at least had an opportunity...*
Zoucat, what is going on with DGB? I read the police report of his recent arrest. The car he was riding in smelled like pot to the police when they were pulled over, then the cops discover 1 lb. of marijuana in the car. I was floored. Smoking it is one thing, and his first offense was lessened to second degree trespassing, which makes no sense, but he at least an opportunity to learn from it. I don't know how DGB can explain away riding in a car with a 1 lb of pot. You can't claim you didn't know when the car smells like pot to cops. What is your general take on it? With that much of it, there has to be intent to distribute. I know what Richt would do, but what do you think will happen?
We didn't have a lack of depth last year. We had a young defense and went through three strings at RB and WR. Very few teams have a top-notch 4th string at those positions.
How many games will DGB sit or will he even be on the team? I read a police report and article about him being pulled over in a car that contained 1 lb. of pot. Someone was planning to sell it. His first offense was in 2012--caught smoking by police, but the charge was reduced to 2nd degree trespassing. That seemed strange. What is the word out there about him? Can't imagine he was clueless that there was pot in the car --the car smelled like pot to the cops. Surely this one doesn't get swept under the rug.
This is when I wish the NCAA had set standards for drug offenses. I like that UGA doesn't play around, but it costs us a lot when our competitors don't play by the same rules.
Well done, McGarity and Richt! Go Dawgs!
Mizzou was not and is not a better team than Alabama.
Agree with Jbass about the season and the schedule. Pinkel's history of scheduling so many weak OOC games doesn't impress. Next year is much the same. SC beat Mizzou, Auburn stomped Mizzou. UGA stomped SC, beat LSU, lost to Clemson by 3, and all but for a ridiculous fluke, would have beaten Auburn. Mizzou has to play a better schedule on the front half if they want to silence some of the skeptics.
Agree with Hal. Kristin, Mizzou had a solid team this year. Next year, Matty Mauk will be terrific combined with DGB. That said, the stars aligned in the east this year in a way that won't always be. One issue that keeps a lot of people from giving Mizzou respect is their schedule. For some reason, Pinkel has a history of booking way too many FCS/cupcake teams on the front half of the schedule. We all play one or two throughout a season, Mizzou plays more. If UGA had played Mizzou in the first three weeks of the season (or plays a heavy cupcake schedule the first few weeks), we beat Mizzou. In football there are injuries, but rarely the likes that UGA and FL saw this year. For UGA, all on one side of the ball and three strings deep. FL's injuries were far worse. Much like I didn't walk away from the Dawgs victory over the Gators thinking we had really done something, most of the Tiger fans I know (and I know a lot) thought they lucked out playing on our most injury-riddled week. You have talent, but I don't agree that you have more talent than UGA. No.
I don't have anything against Mizzou, but I was not thrilled about the idea of them being in the SEC--not because I was thinking of them as real competitors, which they have proven to be this year, but because they're in the heart of the midwest. They are neither south, nor east. Even more odd that they are not in the west division (I know the arguments for it, but still.). Just gives them more access to the recruits in our region. It benefits them, but beyond expanding into other markets/$$, I can't come up with any justification. At least they've proven to be a real solid team this year. Look forward to the game tomorrow. Who wins, I have no idea!