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@mizzou573, ark is gonna have to figure out how to produce on offense if they want to have a legit shot at continued winning.
To be honest, ark didn't looked that good either. State 84 plays to ark. 65, 400 yrs to ark. 275. Ark. finally had some luck to go their way.
Unknown said "Gloom despair and agony on me. Ohhhhooooo! Deep dark depression excessive misery Ohhhoooooo! If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all Gloom despair and agony on me. ------------------------------ Still singing those kumbaya's ?
UnknownNobody said " but Im sure by your logic Taggert just isnt that good or has forgotten how to coach." ----------------- Fast forward, Taggart is no longer FSU's coach. Chad is fired. Apples to oranges my a%@. And u're right by my logic, taggert isn't that good, just as i told u about chad. U certainly aren't a good judge when it comes to coaches.
Fast foward 2 yrs later, it's much longer than u thought. LOL This is worst than jls. Much more.
Reasonable 4 yr cycle? So it wasn't reasonable to fire chad after going winless 2 yrs in a row in the conf. and still getting beaten by teams we're paying to play us? What planet are u from?
U think malzahn is worst than the dumpster fire chad left us in? LOL
Boot said "I agree you have to give the guy three years for the next coach because there will be a next coach after next year." --------------------- If i was the director and felt that way about a coach, I'd never keep him around and waste money and precious time out of perception. That makes absolutely no sense. I would be proactive and make decisions that will benefit the program as quickly as possible. I'm not going to keep a loser coaching my program if i see him as being gone; because, deep down if u have no hope that is saying I have no confidence in your ability. And if that is the case, the director should fire himself or be fired for keeping him.
Predictably, they finished last in scoring, averaging just 21.7 points per game. ------------------------- After 2 games, ark is averaging 18.5 pts. Lookout juggernaut. Hicks has already been replaced and the running game looks abominable.
So their defense is better than who’s offense? Last yr's offense And Arkansas’ offense is better than what teams? Last yr's team.
After looking at the ole miss game, ark run defense is as bad as the pass. And this is ole miss - a team that could only muster 10 pts against memphis.
I'm thinking 5-7 is optimistic. The way ark. has played in recent times, going undefeated from a weak nonconference schedule is not a given. As i expected we loss to ole miss and loss soundly. KY is a potential win but not probable. I think the sec will run the tables on ark again. Realistically, i see ark going 4-8 or 3-9. When conf. teams see ark on the schedule, they mark it as a guaranteed win. They should be paying us to be their homecoming opponent.
Playing devil's advocate, I'm tired of all all the losing. Since petrino, ark has been more dumpster fire than presentable.
unknown said "You cannot say it’s coaching because they have done it before. " -------------------------- If bama was to completely switch to a new offense with a new head coach, are u saying their talent alone wouldn't be enough to win both of the games ark. played? In the col. state game, ark was effective enough to be up by 18 pts. Did the players suddenly become stupid and not able to execute the schemes? The coach clearly has demonstrated to me he's over his head.