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of course hes got confidence, his lard ass doesnt see anything other than a paisley patterned couch and he can hide behind his computer. guy must have been lights out in pop warner...
i think itll be closer than youre expecting. Tua hasnt played on the road in a top 5 enviornment, death valley will be rocking. Tua hasnt played in the 4th qtr because usually bama wears people down, but LSU has the athletes to hang all 4 quarters. Tua will be hit and pressured more than any game he has played in before, against a defense & secondary that is just as fast as bamas offense. LSUs offense has already faced defenses ranked #2,#6, & #14 in total defense, alabamas rank...#16, while bamas toughest test to date, a paltry texas a&M defense ranking #24. im not saying we win, but im saying its going to be a hell of a lot closer than the 'pundits' are saying
LSUMC, this guy probably spells his name wrong, while having it tattooed on his back. We Comin'
And just how many top 10 teams has your team beaten this year? Go ahead, ill wait. youre literally as dumb as they come