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He has the right to protest. I don't think anyone is arguing that. His reason for the protest is incredibly stupid however.
You're literally talking about who's a "true christian" on a college football webpage. Again you make in clearly obvious why you're the most annoying person on this site. Also I don't comment on here that much because I have a life.......
LSUSMC. Please just quit while you are ahead. You are probably one of the most annoying people on here. You've taken way too many L's for today.
Mayor, Hailz is right though. I do see a lot of State fans always commenting on Ole Miss posts. Not really any Ole Miss fans on State posts. Except for that lunatic Bunker or whatever his name is.
em6126 is an obvious troll everyone. Just ignore him and he'll go away.
He won the national championship and the orange bowl last year.....
What are you talking about? A&M plays in Athens in 2019
I don’t know if I would agree with that offensive mastermind statement
I will seriously bet you anything Fitz isn't winning the heisman next year
I don't think O thinks he knows more than the OC. Danny Etling was trash. That's a misleading stat. He wants called upon to make big throws or big plays. More of a game manager like a Dak Prescott. I think Orgeron is doing a pretty dang good job. He's also a great recruiter. If they can just get a quarterback this team will be scary.
A C?? I think it's a B+. He got us to 9 wins with Danny flippin Etling. We should've beaten Troy easily, but 9 wins on the verge to get 10 is not bad for his first full year.
Don't see what's great about him. Doesn't seem like he'll have that much success.
ILGSGUY, did you even go to LSU? Obviously not. Mizzou is light years ahead of Miss. State. It's not even close.