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The report was one phone call idiot! Your information on Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze is bogus and false. I have read the allegations, every one of them, not one violation is something that every school in the country doesn't violate. Paid Hotel rooms for recruits parent and or one cousin. Rebel Rags law suit against MSU players & Dan Mullins will tell the truth about free jerseys and caps. Asst. AD giving money out not Freeze. Ole Miss AD still employed. 6 violation out of 17 were Houston Nuttz. This was get back by SEC office for Ole Miss beating Alabama 2 yrs. straight. Know your facts buddy or don't write fake news.
Bjork is a bad seed for Ole Miss and incompetent like Luke. Freeze should have never been fired. Bjork colluded with Slive and the NCAA to get Freeze out. NCAA didn't like Freeze on National TV talking about God & Religion. NCAA is corrupted by Saban & his old buddy Mark Emmert