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Just an opinion here but Gus seems to be like the kid playing dodge ball, always avoiding being let go by barely getting by (or being hit by the ball). In the meantime the administration is always watching the calendar knowing each year his buyout gets less and less. Pretty soon we’ll see his buyout and a poor season cross trajectories on the graph paper and he’ll be gone.
Leach said in an interview that who the QB will be will be determined by, ‘who can throw strikes.’ So, he gets busy and brings in Costello. That should speak volumes to the other two QB’s. And the State fans.
I hope Joe doesn’t help the NCAA because putting 3/5 SEC teams in the same region is not doing any favors to us.
Cool! Now, if Jake could just get something done about the fine print in my homeowners contract. (rolls eyes)
Bring it on! No one’s worried considering the typical coaching meltdowns that happen on the Georgia sidelines in the tough games. Right, Kirby lovers?
Negan, a few things; it’s Drew Brees, not Breeze. Speaking of Brees and his Saints, that’s where Joe Brady came from so don’t diss the offense that he helped install at LSU by saying Burrow will not have a similar offense in the NFL. The coaches at the BFL level are, well, the best of the best. (Watched any KC Chiefs?). Now, I understand liking your hometown hero, Jake. But let’s be real. He didn’t deliver the big one. And lastly, championship QB’s rise up when it gets tough. Remember South Carolina?
Kudos to Jalen. And to the Senior Bowl exec who thought of doing this. If 2 helmets were done, one to be signed by Jalen and auctioned off, what will happen to the other one? And why not have him wear both of them so they can say the one auctioned was actually worn in the game?
Everybody’s undefeated in the off-season. Thanks for the reminder, 1980 National Champ.
No one saw the Gamecocks beating Jawja, either, but Kirby delivered. Point is (and UGA fans haven’t figured this out) he will find a way to pee in his own sandbox every year.
Gators and Bama will probably be the ‘safe’ bets by media days. For good reason.
Remind us again when’s the last time you took home a Natty, Herschel?
Maybe the fact that Mullen had MS State, repeat, STATE, number one in the nation?
Deserved. Having the NC gives one the right to brag. Personally, as a Bama fan, I want to thank Joe for taking the light off of Dabo. Now us Bammers don’t have to hear about Dabo having the dynasty instead of Coach Saban.
The Bengals coaches can say whatever they want, the ownership is too stupid and cheap to do anything to take away from their golden boy, Andy Dalton.
SupremeGump, you wrote; Yes. Makes sense because Nick Saban invented Alabama’s rivalry with Tennessee, and it’s sort of his baby etc. Excuse me? Nick Saban invented Alabama’s rivalry with Tennessee? You must be a youngster. I recall Bama-TN, the third Saturday in October back into the 60’s and 70’s. Coach Bryant. General Neyland. Cigars for beating the Vols. No, son, Bama-TN goes back a lot farther than Coach Saban.
Love the kids! Not a thing wrong when a little one is helping! Re: Morris, I remember when 3 years was the minimum for cutting a coach. Arky has done themselves no favors.
First, you don’t have to yell. Actually, whispering will usually have people listen more intently. Secondly, focus on Clemson. As an SEC guy I want y’all to win but it hasn’t happened yet. Third, your Tigers have beaten Bama once in 9 years. Tap the brakes on thinking you’re the best.
At this juncture I think any choice is going to merely be a footnote in history ten years from now. The timing is, well, odd. I would really like to know what led Cohen to cut Moorhead loose. Right now the bottom tier of the SEC West is looking like a race to the bottom. Arky vs MSU. MSU vs Arky.
Someone from the team that can’t win the big one in 40 years is taking potshots at their arch rival. Rich.
Dawg! Spoken like a true bell ringer. It just may be Mullen in the next SECCG but a Starkdog could never utter those words!
If he doesn’t suit up LSU is not winning a Natty, in my humble opinion.
Even worse than John L. Smith? Oh, wait. Nevermind.
Adam, you may be too young to remember but in 1969 Pistol Pete Maravich came to Coleman Coliseum and not only scored 69 himself, he passed the ball with such wizardry the Bama players were left flat-footed. His LSU teammates knew what he could do so they enjoyed it but probably not as much as us fans in the stands. That is still my most memorable game as a fan. His passing game was a magic show to all of us Bama fans!
Remember Tide & Tiger fans, CBS was the network that pushed the IB to Friday’s. I did not like it then and I will never like that time slot for the most important game of the year in our great state.
Since Gus has been on the plains he hasn’t quite had the time to get ‘his players’ in the system. That’s what he’s said for years! “We’re young!”