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Kelly Gramlich, I’m not on Twitter so maybe someone will point this out to you here on SDS; let’s also admit that if Bama or Ohio State were defending NC that they’d be in the SEC or B1G, and not the pitiful ACC.
I am a Bama fan but cheer for Auburn (when not playing the Tide) because of my grandson. Honestly, I have yet to see Malzahn, regardless of who his OC has been, have a QB improve. Over the off season Patrick will be able to help Bo so let’s look at him next season. But right now the Dawgs and Tide are bringing challenges that Bo will have difficulty with. Just saying.
Hey, 3 man, try finding the CAPS LOCK button on your keyboard, push it one time, and watch that light turn off. Thank you.
Connor, at least you acknowledged the excuse Urbie tossed out as the reason he left Florida and Ohio St. Excuse, not reason. He’s obviously a good coach but he couldn’t handle the SEC and in the BIG he got caught lying about protecting a wife beater. So, let me offer another place we need to see him. At home. Away from coaching forever. And as long as he’s on Fox I don’t have to see his quitting, lying face because I never watch Fox Sports.
Urban is a loser. A joke. Had a “heart attack” and quit at Florida. Kept a wife beater on staff. Went to Ohoho State, won but couldn’t stay on top. Lied, LIED about his wife beater sidekick. Quit again. Dallas best leave this turd alone.
Congrats to the Hurts-led Okies. And Texas, please. The smack-talking when your dentures are loose only makes a rattling noise.
Congrats to the Hurts-led Okies. And Texas, please. The smack-talking when your dentures are loose only makes a rattling noise.
I am old enough to remember the IB in Birmingham when tickets were split 50-50. Those were some really intense battles! And the crowds were awesome!
Newsflash, cowboy. Bama does play MS State. And Auburn. And LSU. Every year. And likely will play GA (or FL) in the SECCG. And the game vs Duke was not supposed to be. There were 2 other ACC teams that elected not to play Bama. Duke was the ACC’s third offer.
So, it’s really Gus not having a recruitment pipeline and developing players? After all, he’s been the HC for 7 years.
With Alabama, UGA, Auburn, and LSU all playing each other I only see one standing after conference championships. Clemson, SEC, Oklahoma, and Ohio State will likely be the four semi-finalists.
I’d probably say a combination of both. The Hogs had true grit. And sportswriters in the SEC need to finally quit drinking the Jimbo Kool-Aid. Without Jameis Winston his record at FSU was something like 23-16. That’s lukewarm at best.
Just one person’s opinion but if you hold a ticket you should get in AND have a seat afforded you. This should apply to students, home or away fans. Obviously UGA couldn’t handle the task and screwed their student.
The Auburn-Tam game will depend on 2 things other than Bo Nix; the Auburn D slowing down the Aggies and who wins special teams.
Silly numbers? Here’s a silly number for you-0. The number of times Kirby has let UGA out of the doghouse to bite Coach Saban.
Not to belittle him but so far what Mond has are stats. No rings. No trips to Atlanta. Let’s tap the brakes. That said, I hope he DOES take down Clemson. Go SEC!
An interesting question would be WHO first tossed out the idea of switching dates? An Aubie? A Bulldog? And why didn’t the SEC braintrust have the strength to make the hard decision to move somebody (Auburn?) into the SEC East and let Mizzou be in the West when they entered the SEC?
Kill two birds? Just make sure it’s not two eagles. That’s a federal offense. No pun intended, War Eagle fans.
Josh, I listened to the podcast and have yet to read it. It sounded like you were just trying to praise Harbaugh rather than take a shot at Saban. Thanks for your work st Tuscaloosa and hopefully you’ll get a Big conference ring before Harbaugh gets fired for failing to beat Ohio State.
Best sign for Gameday next year: We Want Dabo (not Clemson, Dabo)
I watched Coach Saban in the post game interview and he directly said the loss was his responsibility. I know as a UGA fan you might not have held on long enough to watch the post game interviews but let’s be honest; at the half the mindset of any coach should be getting adjustments made to win the game. So, of course, a coach is going to have comments that are different than at the end of the game.
You’re exactly right. Trevor tossed but man, that Ross kid is awesome!
Anyone here got a buddy who’s actually used that pickip line?
He wants to get a NC ring not just watch the game on TV.
Or Dallas, for God’s sake! It’s still in the south and Jerry World likes to host college games.
F’em! College football isn’t a concern in Cali so Bama and Clemson fans don’t want to be out there anyway! We’d much rather the game be in Atlanta or New Orleans. Maybe they can go cry to Governor Moonbeam and feel better about it.