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“Can it still at least establish an offensive identity? Definitely.” Can. Might. Should. Words that I hear every day on insurance commercials. Ask MS State fans how their new ‘explosive’ offense went in year one without a ‘complementary’ defense. As a Bama and an SEC fan I want TN to do good but let’s focus on what the author points out; times are tough up on Rocky Top. And doing things like pulling a scholly offer at the 11th hour is not a good look.
This is most definitely a dizzying chain of events. As a Bama fan all my life I always want to beat LSU but I want proof, not just someone’s word before I would say Coach O is guilty. I kinda like the guy, really. How can you not like his gravely voice, his football demeanor, his-wait! He’s the competition! RTR!
‘81 for sure. I have 2 unused tickets that game. The Bryant Museum has 38. I have no clue how many more are out there. I cried the day Coach Bryant died. Literally cried. I later went to Morrow Bottom and stood on the grounds of his old home place, visited his parents at the cemetery down the road and paid my respects. Drove by the field where he played for the Fordyce Redbugs and went past the old theatre where he agreed to wrestle a bear. Needless to say, he was a very influential man in my life.
We know enough from watching him last season to know JT is the real deal. Kirby may finally get his ring.
Good point. Paul is a good QB and has the legacy that can’t be touched in the state of Alabama but that doesn’t make him a superb player. Just look at the son of Ted Williams. He had the best genes in the history of baseball and can’t hit a slow pitch softball.
And as he walked away from his most recent interview Jones was overheard in a hushed tone asking, “ Any way we can get into the East and not have to play Bama, A&M, and Arkansas?” ;-)
After watching Arkansas and Baylor yesterday I just don’t see how the Razorbacks can win come Monday. Baylor can slice through a D so good. Musselman better get the trap defense in high gear if they want to advance. Go SEC!
So, Emmert had an inferior plan and he’s getting applauded for planning to correct his own plan? Got it. (rolls eyes)
Tap the brakes, Mr. Nittany. Jim from Tuscaloosa said he woulda coulda been as good as Ted Williams, too. Saying and doing are not quite the same. And have fun when Mr. Henry gets past the line of scrimmage.
Meanwhile, back on the article, Elijah is for real. He should do well on Sundays.
Connor, you know what is said about the word ‘assume?’ What makes you assume we actually bought any stock in UGA and Kirby? He has multiple examples of why not to go all in on the Bullpuppies. This is not his doing and I do feel bad for Pickens. But, somewhere along the way Kirby will zig and not zag.
The real question is why would Brian wait until #6 and #7 to mention the defense? The Rebels D was poorly lacking last year.
Does Kiffin’s EX-wife look as hot as she used to? There, fixed it for you, and yes, but you and I don’t stand a snowball’s chance.
What no one has acknowledged here but everyone, especially Lincoln Riley, is that Chandler is spending every moment he can helping TCU learn the OU playbook.
As a Bama fan from way back I respect this years Hogs team. They’re playing good enough to make it to the final four. And Musselman is energetic, for sure!
Hey. He’s an Aubie. Give him a break. He’s still upset about that non-call on the double dribble two years ago. And the stupid move of Chuck Person. He’s gotta take it out on somebody!
Ouch! Jay just squeezed Emmert! Don’t hold back next time, Jay! Tell us what you really think!
And how is that to help Kirby get over the hump? Sorry. Couldn’t resist. But seriously, when has Georgia baseball been a threat?
Thomas, you are assuming Bo will even be the starter for game one. To be sure, Bo has done nothing other than be at practice for two years. We would have to get at least 2 pages of paper to list his deficiencies at the QB spot. Harsin may can help him. Goodness knows Gus couldn’t.
Aubie108, what a Bama poster was referring to with Pearl was probably the sanction he received while at UT. That was serious, lying to the NCAA. It cost him dearly, as we all know. I do recall that when he was out there as a potential hire I wanted Bama to hire him because I believed he had learned his lesson and would be a good coach at the Capstone. It’s all worked out, though. And except for that blown call on the double dribble I do believe Auburn would have a basketball Natty.
Come on, man! We don’t need that. Diesel was expressing his opinion, and respectfully so. Personally, I think Clemson just outplayed Bama in 2018. It’s gonna be okay, Time. Slow, easy breaths. It’s gonna be okay.
I don’t care what team it is, I never like seeing anyone injured during a game. But Payne needs a sit-down with Tonya Harding.
I’m for all of the SEC teams to get better and look good. In Arkansas’ case, they’re like TN in the East; a proud history, fallen on hard times, and a proud fanbase.
Not only more teams in a playoff but the higher the ranked games (can you say NYD6) the more cash to the SEC.