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Nope. The Tigers will outclaw the Wildcats. But, in typical Auburn fashion Gus will give one up unexpectedly at The Grove and drop one to Jimbo & Co. ending up 8-4.
1. First, McGuire was on steroids. Secondly, not sure of game numbers when each hit #61 but I do know that back in the 60’s the season was 156 games, not 162. Third, the fences have been brought in through the years. 2. Newman will not even be on the list of top 10 Heisman hopefuls. UGA will hide in his doghouse often.
True. And that should have been mentioned in the article. (rolls eyes).
Take some Tylenol for that fever, young man. Gus will underwhelm, per usual. Beat GA and Bama yet fight to overcome A&M with Kellen (INT) Mond? Give me a couple of those Tylenol’s while you’re at it, my side is hurting from the laughter pain!
Don’t be so sensitive. Talia won a high school championship just like Bo Nix. And both were highly touted coming out of the Birmingham area.
Georgia always looking at the next year. We really do feel sorry for you guys. A fella in my hometown here in Alabama is a GA season ticket holder and always praising the future. 1980.
Keep it above board, my friend. Making fun of paraplegics isn’t kind. Anywhere or anytime.
Kinda pot-kettle coming from a 1980 National Champion. Just saying. And Florida’s had how many since then?
There you have it, SEC sports fans; a UGA fan bragging about regular season wins. Treat him nice, he’s got his limitations.
SDS, as a request, would your computer programmers please make these full page ads include a bigger X to hit so we can make them go away without sending us somewhere else? Quite the irritant.
I just read the article and had the same thought. AL.com doesn’t proofread, either. Second thought, why does anyone, and I mean ANYONE think Kellen Mond is anything better than a high profile high school QB? As a Bama fan I will be so dang glad when he graduates and we don’t have to read his name anymore.
I agree. Very few of us have ever been in that position. As Eli Gold, the voice of Bama football said, “The next snap I take in college football will be the first.” Hard to criticize when we’ve never been there.
It wasn’t just the throw. Tua had seen that scenario on film and knew what to do. He looked to the right and pulled the DB off of Devonta just long enough to give him the chance to get behind the DB and open for the pass. Oh, and Kirby coached defense at Bama. He was out coached by the GOAT. Pure and simple. So, your 10-year old has quite the arm to make that throw! UGA fans all the same. (shake my head and walk away)
What? No TN votes? Kidding. Jeremy is doing a great job but FL and UGA both are measurably better. So, East, Gators. Trask is the difference. In the West, Bama. TAMU will always be a tier two team in the foreseeable future. In my respectful opinion.
A Georgia fan (coach) bellyaching. What’s new?
I read the columnists’ picks (meh) and some of the posters comments (UGA fans just CAN’T ever give kudos to anyone else). No prediction here except to say ND join a league full-time or shut up and somewhere along the way an upset is in the making that will give Kirk Herstreit and Finebaum something to talk about.
Yeah, everybody’s invincible and undefeated before the season kicks off. Blah. Blah. Blah. The Falcons blew their chance to step into the history books. Love Julio but the team is mediocre at best.
Herbie also told us Les Miles was going to go from LSU to Michigan as HC. With this, he’s probably correct. Sadly he’s batting .500.
We gotta feel sorry for 96 Gator. His Mommy tried that home schooling thing but skipped the reading comprehension part of EVERY GRADE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL! Gator, Thursday. Wednesday. Two different days. I would say read the article again but someone who looks to blame Trump for something is helpless. Bless Your Heart.
Consider yourself a minority. A UGA fan who doesn’t look at his hand and see a NC ring that isn’t there.
Well, he is a yankee, after all. And we all know folks from Ohio think very highly of themselves.
Sorry, Shaq, but I must disagree with you. I personally saw Maravich play and Chris Jackson was no Pistol Pete. Pete hung 69 on Bama at Tuscaloosa and I was one of the thousands of Bama fans cheering for the floppy socks kid.
Just an opinion here but Gus seems to be like the kid playing dodge ball, always avoiding being let go by barely getting by (or being hit by the ball). In the meantime the administration is always watching the calendar knowing each year his buyout gets less and less. Pretty soon we’ll see his buyout and a poor season cross trajectories on the graph paper and he’ll be gone.
Leach said in an interview that who the QB will be will be determined by, ‘who can throw strikes.’ So, he gets busy and brings in Costello. That should speak volumes to the other two QB’s. And the State fans.