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Negan ALWAYS writes about Georgia. Did he tell us again how the Bullpuppies won the 2017!natty? I skipped the blah blah so I don’t know.
Trussville, what you can’t escape is that it’s well documented that Cam’s dad went to MS State and asked for $180,000 when he was leaving the community college in TX. And per SEC bylaws Cam should have never been allowed to even play for any other team in the SEC, including Auburn.
Matt, I know I took a shot at you with the Negan reference but other than the length, this is an awesome article. Long gone are the days I remember of the SEC being the SEC. But even back in the 60’s the old timers told me about when GA Tech was in the SEC. So, yeah, there’s always been change.
Great article. At least the first 10-12 paragraphs. Way long, so my question is, are you kin to Negan?
When the pre-game talk is going on on a given Saturday I rarely (sarcasm) hear AAU accreditation mentioned. It’s friggin’ football, people. As Coach Bryant used to say when someone questioned him about the money involved in football, “Nobody pays to watch the teachers teach math.”
Was this just to say SOMETHING, David? Clemson has enough cash, don’t they? I don’t agree as the big fish-little fish theory will only put Clemson into a fight to get to the playoffs, unless it does go to a -2-team format.
Dabo has it going on for the Tiger faithful in the ACC. And no, Bama fans, he’s not gonna head back to T-town when Coach Saban retires.
Does anyone think the blonde hottie in the Hells Angels article in MaternityWeek, of all places, looks, well, not quite like a biker chick?
Yeah, North Central Subdivision Champions has a nice ring to it. (rolls eyes)
B1G TWO? You mean the Bucknuts and Wisconsin?
Wait a minute. Notre Dame is not a Group of 5 team? I thought that’s why they agreed to join the ACC in the first place, because the ACC only required 5 games each year.
And football drives the bus. It’s not ‘3-point Jesus,’ it’s ‘Touchdown Jesus’ for a reason.
Hopelessly optimistic leghumpers. Y’all were winning ‘em consistently under Richt, too. I’m not saying Kirby’s not done some good things but TWO nattys?
Not exactly. Cincy is a favored team of mine (saw them in action twice last year) but the Bucknuts are not about to give in to letting them have the fertile soil of the B1G to recruit in. And ND arrogance will not succumb to joining any conference. (They’re just too dang good in their own mind).
I agree that the Bucknuts don’t want Cincy but where could they threaten to go? Bottom line, we’re not through seeing the changes. Greg McElroy had an interesting observation on-air yesterday; that college football is headed to an alignment not unlike the NFL. But, that will definitely create a have-and-have not situation.
Miami doesn’t move the needle much but a school that draws less than half what Texas and Oklahoma do on Saturdays does? Oh, that’s right. They have that national championship from just 2-3 years ago. (rolls eyes)
Quite an array of finalists. From Florida to Oregon at least his visits will allow him to see a good bit of the country. Not having teams like Bama or A&M or Clemson gives me pause, though.
Of course they’re not going to join any conference, Phil. And you hit the nail on the head when you quoted Swarbrick saying, “The reasons we value independence — and it continues to be a priority for us — aren’t impacted by the positive experience of being in the ACC fully this year.” They control everything gold and green at the end of the day. Being independent means they don’t have to compromise, which would be necessitated if they were fully in a league. Looking down the road, probably beyond my lifetime, if there ever is a super league of college powers ND will not be able to exist as an independent. They would have to be slotted in somewhere and give up some control.
Can I just say this; when UTw comes to the SEC I hope they don’t win anything for the first 5 years or so. I don’t like them. One bit. Well, the cheerleaders are cute. Not Bama or Florida cute. But cute. Other than that they’ve got nothing to brag about.
I’m with you on that. We have a local community that prides itself on its ego and they installed artificial turf where-are you ready-their 6-year olds play. I kid you not. They don’t play any better than kids from other communities but it feeds the egos of the parents, I guess. And less time and money spent on upkeep. But weird.
Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long while, Coach Arnsparger. Thanks for the throw back to yesteryear, Gatorbait Phil.
I took JTF to mean his leghumpers will face Okie in the CFP. Is that what you meant, Bullpup?
Excellent point, Curt, as my sources tell me that the ACC doesn’t have a single university that celebrates wins by setting couches on fire.
Well, as a Horns Down cheerleader said in another article, only Bevo University has a “Public Ivy” status so Mr. Leghumper shouldn’t be held responsible for something as complex as reading comprehension. That said, Georgia needs to win this one for the SEC. We’ll all be cheering for you, Doghouse Dogs!
Negan lives in his own little world. I, for one, will be glad when school starts back and he has homework to do when he gets home each day. It should give him a lot less time to type out his diatribes. BTW, UGA did not win the 2017 game, Neg.
If Bama can get 3 of the top 10 why has the Georgia D been pumped up so much in the pre-season? To me that hurts the credibility of this ranking. More Bullpuppies should be listed.
And the next few lines tell us it’s a never-ending quest for more. I think it’s something like; I’m in a high-fidelity, first class section I think I need a Lear jet. That’s off the top of my head. I may need to jump over to YouTube and play it just for old times sake. Thanks for the memory prod, Crisis!
Someone earlier had posted about Texas’ ranking and asked if Texas is number one in dollars for athletics, total dollars, etc. That may be why Gator posted it.