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You have probably already been told, but quit the day job. Comedy nightclub touring is in your future!
The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Matt, I understand your take on the eight versus 9 game conference schedule, but I heard a Sportscaster say with the pending entry of Texas and Oklahoma there are negotiations going on with ESPN to increase the money and that may be the big hold up on going to a 9 game schedule. Let’s all take a deep breath.
Once again, the NCAA bigwigs have been asleep at the wheel. When the playoff committee outlined their (always moving) criteria for the playoffs how often did you hear them say, “We also look at how many conference games each team plays.” The answer is NEVER.
Vehement and AU_Tigers, I’m with both of you on your perspective. Not everyone will get to play a weaker team every year. And setting up an OOC rivalry? We must remember other conferences are adjusting their own schedule changes right now with so much movement of teams.
One thing that may well happen is the NCAA will no longer exist. Those useless beings are collecting a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing. Nothing.
^^^ What LSUMC said. I tend to not have kale in my diet.
Well deserved, Commodores. And a shout out to the person who thought of the uniforms. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial once had 57939 names and it’s now up to 58318. They gave all for each and every one of us.
A&M? The team thatJimbo told us for 4 years had Mond about to set the SEC on fire? The team he led to a 5-7 record last year after all the pre-season hype? The team that watches the SEC championship from their living room every year? LSU will be playing2nd and 3rd team in the 3rd quarter against the Aggies.
Fun to read about SEC football while watching the baseball tournament, so thanks for the article. That said, TN vs Bama will not overmatch the Nittany Lions vs the Bucknuts. And why would the Gameday crew not go to the Washington vs Oregon game? My money says they throw the PAC-12-2+? a bone and make a trip out west.
A good piece, Connor. In January I predicted LSU to win the west and play UGA for the SEC title. If this kid is half of what he’s predicted to be even Georgia could be in trouble.
He put up some stats for a team that went 5-7. Raise your hand if you were impressed. Okay, Connor. Anyone else? Jumbo. That’s two. Anyone else? Okay, two people.
Matt, give Kirby his due. He’s done what Mark Reicht at Georgia couldn’t. He’s gotten 2 Nattys. But let’s not play Negan here, okay. “If his secondary doesn’t blow a coverage in the 2017 Playoff national championship against Alabama, Smart could have 3 national titles in 7 seasons….” —- IF. IF Ryan Day had gotten the Bucknuts 6-10 yards closer Kirby would be sitting at 1, not 2. Come on, man!
What if Joe Burrow had picked Cincinnati? When I spoke with Desmond Ridder I asked him why he chose Cindy instead of Louisville, his hometown. He told me bc Lamar Jackson was there and he wanted to play. So, had Burrow gone to Cindy my thinking is Desmond may have transferred to somewhere else so he could play and not carry a clipboard.
Please, Georgia fans, tell me y’all don’t let Negan into Sanford Stadium. He would likely get into an argument with a visiting fan and escorted out.
75, I don’t know how deep in the Bayou you live but it’s going to be a 12-team, not 8-team playoff. Connor, from what I understand some of the playoff games will be on campus. That spells an advantage for the higher ranked teams. And a tailgate bonanza for the fans! For Notre Dame it’ll just be another loss.
It’s Meyer. Without the s. Unless that’s for snake.
And even the Heisman winner was at home in January. Your point?
So the SEC LSU women’s basketball team gets an invite but the SEC UGA men’s football team didn’t. Anyone know why? (sarcasm button on)
Yeah, and Sankey is going to tell all y’all Hornsdowners that the traveling band WILL sit in the lower deck. Then Kirby and Saban will show you what a NC ring looks like.
Matt, not a hater and not biased. I’ve said before that LSU will likely beat Bama and face UGA in Atlanta this year. To me this should be chalk. Yes, I’m impressed with what Kelly has done in Baton Rouge. (I was there this past weekend and really enjoyed my time down there).
Coaches making millions. NIL. Transfer portal. Conferences stretching coast to coast. Boys pretending to be girls in sports. Where’s this all going?
So maybe SalesAgreeable2834 was doing just a wee bit of self-promotion when he/she posted the dubious Reddit thread about Levis. Anyone know any more about that?
True that. That Bama player had ZERO excuse for hitting her. Saban should have made him run stadium steps. And you are spot on about fans plotting to get an extra home game!
Good morning, 4-19-2023! Kudos to UGA for back-to-back. Small observation; The Athens Bulldogs are like the Family Feud clan that backs into a win when the other team can’t answer correctly to take the ‘W.’ But, after the Buckeyes missed the FG the Bulldogs took care of business and won big. Give them credit. Secondly, TN is growing but still having to sit at the kids table at Thanksgiving. Get to Atlanta before you start patting yourself on the back. BTW, anyone have 2 for the UGA game this year? Those Tix are going to be $$$!!!
Brock, Auburn QB1 is there for the taking. Just saying. And, yes, Georgia will be 12-0 going to Atlanta