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8x5, I’m not here to cast aspersions but the Volunteer nation may take exception to your comment about ‘high profile schools.’ Of course, I’m old enough to remember 106,000 screaming fans in that weird orange color on Saturday afternoons.
They ‘came on strong’ with a 24-point loss to Clemson and a 17-point blow out loss to the Tide to prove they did not belong in the CFP. Not buying it, bobo.
Connor, don’t spew your coffee this morning but I agree with you! Now, that being said, I haven’t even bothered to read any way-too-early predictions. And not having seen any of these rankings let me just say; Notre Dame is too high. Speaking of predictions, when’s the way-too-early Heisman predictions coming out? You mentioned Rattler at Oklahoma but aren’t they a given for a high pick just like Notre Dame for the top 10?
I’m taking the under on the 3-5 years before he has a ‘medical condition’ that requires him to step down.
Harsin coming from Boise State is showing that he understands he needs some southern support to get top tier recruits. 2021 will likely be a tough year but Auburn may be a force in the future.
Quit the day job, Bcreek, and hit the stage at The Comedy House on open mic night. (rolls eyes)
My daughter is very good friends with a classmate whose parents both went to Ohio State Community College. They understand that I’m not really impressed with the Bucknuts.
Spoken like a true Democrat. Let other people work hard and earn the reward. Take it from them and spread it out to others who have been sitting on their rear ends and didn’t work for it.
As a Bama fan from my childhood, I agree, Unclenutz. The UPI championship in 1973 is tarnished by the bowl loss. However, the rules were the rules back then. The ones that I seriously challenge are the ones that the sportswriter for The Birmingham News, Wayne Atchinson, dug up, put in an article, and later began to be claimed. I’m talking about ones from the 1940’s when Bama had 3 losses and finished 3rd at best in other polls. Now, throw those out and Bama STILL has more than other teams. At least Auburn doesn’t count the one The Opelika newspaper and Golf Digest gave them when Tuberville was the coach. I respect that, Auburn.
Tell me what article you’ve read from any sports writer that did not contain at least one grammatical error, except Curry Kirkpatrick of Sports Illustrated ‘back in the day.’ SMH.
Game time decision per Coach Saban. (Like he’s going to say anything else.)
I don’t know Shane but since he’s a chip off the old block he sure has an advantage from my perspective. Good luck to the Gamecocks faithful.
Well, at Alabama we don’t throw shoes and Coach Saban doesn’t wear Halloween costumes to do interviews. And beating our arch-rival is not an ultimate goal, it’s just a notch in the pathway to a Natty.
Hump man, I told you Jawja fans that Cincy had a defense that played hard and a QB that could do some damage. Had Fickell called a running play on that 3rd and 2 it might not have ended up so well for the Bullpuppies. Yes, Georgia won. But, let’s admit, Cincy gave GA all they could handle that day. And Coach Freeman is a big reason for it. LSU’s loss.
This article was posted less than an hour ago. But I seem to recall another article quoting the Ohio State Bucknut Heisman trophy winner, Eddie George saying he thinks his alma mater will win. Is he the only guy you writers at SDS can find to prop up the Bucknuts? You need fresh material, not a rewrite.
A double fake and Wade will be getting a good look at the back of DeVonta’s jersey.
The good thing about this article; it’s not too long. The bad thing about this article; I STILL lost 2 minutes of my life reading it. Imagine; a Ohio State Heisman winning alumni picking...his own team!
Go do the job at hand and remember. One play at a time. Focus on your job and complete the task. RTR!
Well, you sure won’t ever get them to be interviewed about their blown calls but that play, you’re right, 53, that guy might be open to it.
As a Bama fan from way back I do hope the Tide wins but I know the Buck nuts have a real chance to win. I respect them for that.
A more important stat? You connect the CFCG to an NBA title of one player and THAT’S your more important stat? You live in Vegas? Not hardly.
Good assessment, Connor. One factor that could make Jones end up winning the ‘more feared with the game on the line’ could be an unsung hero like OJ Howard was vs Clemson a few years ago. Bama has Forristall, Billingsley, Bolden, Metchie, and who knows who else to be the talk of sports radio next Tuesday. Who knows? Maybe even Reichard.
Yeah, that’s why you, Kyle, me and everyone else will be doing the same thing next Monday night; watching the game from our den. (rolls eyes)
You might want to consider getting a different measuring stick if you want to say Columbus Community College the winningest team in the last decade. In Tuscaloosa we use Natty’s as a true measuring stick. By your estimation how do corn dogs compare to Buck nuts, by the way?
Twice you call Bama an NFL farm team. And Arky is a farm team for...? The Arena League?
Frazier, first you say fans are tired of watching Bama succeed then say it’s everything Arky wants to be. That’s called ‘talking out of both sides of your mouth.’
Matt, you lit a fire under the Gator and Bulldog fan base. I’m guessing you’re in the lead for most clicks to an article so far this year. Now, about that “clean” Gainesville team under Urban?
Sermon certainly looked fresh against Clemson. Just saying. (Left-handed compliment, in case you didn’t notice). I’ve got a steak dinner to bet Najee gets more total yards than Sermon.
Sermon was impressive versus Clemson. But I do recall one of the announcers commenting how the Clemson defense was ‘out of sorts’ and did not show intensity and organization. That’s unacceptable and if the Bama defense is ready and plays up to its’ usual style it will be Fields tossing the ball for the Bucknuts to have any chance of winning. Remember, Sermon will not be on the field to slow down Mac, DeVonta, Najee, Metchie, Billingsley, Forristall, Bolden, Robinson, Big Al, the cheerleaders, the equipment manager, and, who else?