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Kickers can truly change the season. Look at Auburn’s NC in 2010. Wes Byrum had THREE game-winning field goals, including the NCG vs Oregon!
Dawg, I understand your concern and yes, the disease is real. But let me throw a bit of shade on this matter. I work in hospice. We have patients who have end-stage diseases. Some have contracted Covid-19 and died. But, even if an autopsy were to be performed it would be hard to say a 83-year old dies from cancer or Covid. Just food for thought.
His parents live in Boca Raton. He went to an Ivy League university. I think the cost of one year at Vandy is probably not even in the top 5 of his concerns.
Excellent point. Whether it’s Clemson, Bama, LSU, or Florida in the semi-final, Ohoho State is going to be watching the NCG on TV.
The rationale is that with cooler weather the virus will dissipate. (To me that’s illogical considering it really gained a lot of momentum in Dec-Feb, the 3 coldest months of the year).
First, let’s all admit none of us know the future in this pandemic we’re in. Secondly, let’s respect each conference for their decision. Lastly, now we can play ‘what-if.’ What if a team has to postpone not one but TWO games towards the latter part of the season? There’s not a second bye week to get them rescheduled. Anyone?
Good point. Let’s have that 8-team playoff with each Power 5 conference champ, a Group of 5 selection and 2 at-large teams based on where they are the highest 2 ranked teams other than an automatic qualifier. And NO biased Notre Dame selection. Either join a conference or stay at home.
Tap the brakes, son. I’m a Samford grad and understand your supporting the home school but let’s not go crazy. Have a great weekend.
The only rational explanation I’ve heard is the concern of the Group of 5 teams having less money to test and clean their facilities to lessen the chance of an exposure to Covid-19. So, the logical (?) approach is, drumroll please, cancel the games (and give them even LESS money to operate with. (Head slap)
Connor, you mentioned no SEC Media Days, which got me to wonder. Did you guys do a virtual Media Days Pre-season pick? You know, the one where y’all historically get it wrong but do it for funsies anyway?
Some fans cling to yesteryear when that’s all they’ve got. Think Jawja and 1980.
In a word, no. Now, let me go back and read the article.
I will be so dang glad when Kellen Mond is gone to the NFL. Or CFL. Or Arena Football. Just gone from A&M. He is average, people! Look at his team record. Win some, lose some, go to a bowl. True for darn near any SEC QB. Goodbye.
Either shet or get off the pot, Mark. Let’s be honest; there’s not going to be any football this year.
While I agree the UK brain has spent way too much time on it let’s be honest; you and I are both here, too. And you and I probably agree the dude in black has too much chubby in the tummy to be Trevor. And, no, I’m not going out and looking at pictures of Trevor to compare. Oh, and one last thing; Rocky Top will not have to worry about defending Trevor & Co. Just saying.
99, when I look at past FL schedules I see the same TN Martin. I also see Charleston Southern. And that OOC powerhouse, the Potato Diggers of Idaho. So, you might want to ease up on the mud slinging. Just saying.
Deuce, that sounds like a Dawg who’s trying to sandbag. UGA giving love to a Bammer? LoL
BamaTime, I am a Bama fan myself and I can see how you might believe Tigurrr was talking about the Capstone, but the use of the word Gimps could also be a reference to the state, and HS football, not just The Tide.
Tap the brakes, Colonel Reb. Like I’ve said before, when I lived in Mississippi (10 years) I told an Ole Miss fan the difference between an Ole Miss fan and a Bama fan is that Ole Miss goes into the season hoping to qualify for a bowl and Bama goes in hoping to play for a national championship. Same as always, punching bag. Same as always.
I stand corrected. Bo was the DC for Les Miles’ NCAA Championship team. That earns him a ‘Geaux Bo!’
Hey, Geaux, Doug may have a point. Pelini hasn’t won squat in college and couldn’t get Nebraska to even shuck corn. His ranting and raving does absolutely zero at the end of the day. Yes, LSU has good players but he has to have them on the field to actually play and not in the locker room from being ejected. We’ll see.
So true. Auburn missed its’ chance but then again, you’ve got Malzahn at the helm. Right when you needed some offense there’s the ‘high school offensive wizard’ leading the way!
Georgia is getting things together and Smart is to be commended. But King and his fellow dawgs need to tap the brakes until we see the team in game time action. I wish UGA the best unless playing Bama. Yes, JT brings credentials but we don’t know about team chemistry. Let’s hope it comes together when they play next year. Not to be a downer but I don’t see anyOne playing football this year.
I think your high school teachers were on to you-trying to write essays from Cliff Notes. If you even read THOSE. LoL