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Early on with this but it shows the overall strength of the SEC. What’s depressing to me is seeing some of these kids will never have a textbook on their ‘committed’ college as they’ll be swayed to go somewhere else between now and signing day.
I’m not in it like Paul or SDS writers but I never considered Riley even in the top 10 let alone 5. And USC in the BIG is laughable! With the Wolverines and the Bucknuts that means they’ll be fighting PSU and the Fightin’ Illini for a distant third.
It does seem as though the SDS marketing department has ignored all other industries besides betting companies.
My grandson got to meet him at Raising Canes in Baton Rouge last year when we were down there for travel ball. Okay, it was a cardboard cutout, but still. lol . This kid is crazy good and I wish him the best going forward.
Shoot, we saw that 2022 squad that was left for dead after the Michigan loss take that extra rest and nearly knock off eventual-national champ Georgia./// There’s Day’s problem; he’s NEARLY a championship coach. The fighting Athenians win it again keeping the SEC supreme.
Re; Weigmann, “ he was on pace to throw for 3,636 yards and 32 touchdowns with a 70.5% completion rate and a 1.9% interception rate over a 12-game season.” Against? New Mexico, Miami, and Louisiana Monroe? Nary a powerhouse in the bunch.
Oklahoma State is like Texas A&M, close but, nah. But, ya gotta love the eccentric Gundy.
Wait. The video is one hour and 13 minutes long? Am I reading that correctly?
Well, it is saturdaydownsouth.com so there’s that. I would say the ACC is in the south but nowadays teams from all over the nation are joining non-geographical leagues so who knows? What’s interesting is the FSU/Clemson push to leave the conference and go…wherever they land. That will lead to more pressure on the ACC, baseball and otherwise.
Sankey did Oklahoma no favors with scheduling this year. At least Venables will be around next despite what’s likely to happen this autumn.
State Fair? Geez, I hope you Sooners enjoy the teddy bear you get for cheering for yourselves today. Just get ready for some but(t) kicking ‘cause you’re now in a big boy league. BTW, I despise your partner in crime so much I hope y’all beat the snot out of ‘em.
One thing for sure; he’ll bring more to the Lakers than Bronny would ever do.
You forgot d) were poorly coached or e) all the above. As we are often told here on SDS, it’s e). It’s always e). lol
College coaches in all sports are apt to move for reasons aplenty. The issue I have is the lack of morals. If you know you’re headed somewhere else either tell the truth or decline to address the matter. When you do what Snuff-in-puss did you lose credibility with sports journalists and fans alike. Especially when you’re headed to a program that has their nose so high in the air they risk drowning in the rain.
Congrats to Vitello & the Vols. A&M didn’t play shabby and have nothing to be upset about. SEC!
I’m an SEC guy but not a TN fan. Yeah, I know someone who graduated there but living in the south, so? I watched the replay of that check swing and I just don’t see the controversy unless you’re wearing powder blue.
Paul, as long as there’s one out left, yes, it is sustainable. That’s the game of baseball.
How Connor ranks them doesn’t matter at the end of the day. He’s bound to get some agreeing and some pushback. I’m good with his ranking. Let’s all enjoy the action and hope the SEC brings home another title.
The last time that a non-SEC team won it all was 2018, when Oregon State beat … Arkansas./// And save for an inexplicable play the Hogs would have had a natty that year.
You may be connecting two dots with a broken line. Did you say the same thing about the B1G doing this? And Sankey said it would be discussed, not necessarily that it’s a done deal. The article actually says Sankey told reporters he didn’t expect a decision this week.
Moving from Jax State to Ole Miss is going to be a step up but this young man seems destined to do it well. Coach Lane is definitely doing everything right in Oxford.
Connor, I read your articles. I listen to you on Finebaum. I respect your work in the field that entertains us fans. Yes, you have the right to challenge, to question. But, let’s ‘look at this from the big picture,’ as A.Whitney Brown used to say on Weekend Update on SNL. Dabo has a commitment to his style and philosophy. I respect him 100% for that. The admin at Clrmson is why he’s got his buyout, not Dabo himself. And if, if he becomes convinced by someone to even consider using the NIL he has the nucleus at Clemson to put them deep into the natty hunt every 2-3 years for a long time. And that very well could happen. Just food for thought here on this Friday morning, 5–17.
Connor, “It was a national spotlight to show that it had moved on from the Kevin Sumlin era.” The move was to Kevin Sumlin 2.0. That is all A&M has to show for the Jimbo era.
I feel your pain, AU. My grandson loves the Tigers. Knows the game and team. Attended the AU baseball camp this January in 16 degree weather. He’s attended the SEC Tournament each of the past 8 years. But not this time.
I’ll leave it up to the SEC office to decide and just watch the games with my grandson. For him, I hope Hugh Freeze can at least get Auburn into a winning situation and create an upset or two this season. And for the players, no serious injuries.
Good write-up, Derek. I’m predicting several fans will be calling you out for not listing their favorite team. Just saying.
Best college TE in history? I give you exhibit A. Ozzie Newsome
It’s all a waiting game for us fans. As for the Falcons, “Wha-???”