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O s k I e, you might want to check that. Saban actually took part in a walk with his black players after the George Floyd death to show their unity. Your coach might have as well, I don't know.
I have not read all of the comments here so my apology if I am repeating anyone. My understanding of what Coach Saban said is that the UA pools the money into the 'collective then evenly divides it out to all players as opposed to giving them collective to recruits while current students do not get any, or less than the incoming recruits. BTW, Jimbos' reaction sounded too defensive AND he stated he didn't know anything about the A&M 'collective when Ross Byork was sitting right next to him and talked about how well they have developed their 'collective' setup?
And when Lane joked about the luxury tax A&M might have to pay it was chatted about that day then we all moved on. Why? Saban is the GOAT. Kiffin, smart and a better than average coach but a rung or 2 below Saban on the all-time list.
Wait a minute. You have them beating Tennessee AND Florida??? I'm kidding. The Vols and Kentucky. Seriously, Georgia will be undefeated when they go to Atlanta to play Bama. And Jimbo will sit at home to watch it on the big screen in his man cave thinking about playing Michigan in the SUGAR Bowl.
Look, Colin and I have never met, but, man, come on. You cite greats like Woody Hayes who literally attacked a Clemson player because his team was going down in defeat and couldn't accept it maturely? You cite Bobby Bowdon who was the coach at Florida 'Free Shoes' State University? Really? Of all the great coaches through the years you choose THOSE two to put on your Mount Rushmore?
To Michael493 above, it was Jackson State in Jackson, MS where Deion Sanders coaches, not Jacksonville State in Jacksonville, AL that Coach Saban referenced.
Give credit to George Strait. It's Arizona, not KC. Kidding you, JD. It's all good.
It's May 18th and until they all tee it up it's just fan chatter for all of us. Good night, all.
It's a sign of the times. And I'm not referring to the Petula Clark song for all of you old farts like me out there. Players have essentially become free agents.
Correct. He placed multiple periods at the end of his statement, but so did so I'd say you two are even. Now, about the thrust of this article how do you know in fact that there's not NIL money floating around the campus at A&M? I'm not talking about NIL money for a player to do ads for Billy Bob's Used Cars & BBQ, I'm talking about booster organized NIL money.
Several years ago (5-10) I recall a story that a reporter did about how players were being 'recruited' to campuses. His revelation was that the two most common 'boosters' who were getting players were restaurant owners and used car salesmen. They had the cash. Now, it's just legal. NO different than what's been going on for a long time.
As a Bama fan first I'm also an SEC fan. State is in the tough as nails West and anyone who thought Leachs' success at other programs would translate to success at Starkville was only wishing. Two years in and no running back to brag about is not good. Cowbell State can compete but you must having a running game. Here's hoping they can at least beat Memphis and win the Egg Bowl.
I honestly don't know so I'm asking, does FOX not have 2 channels they could put college football on? Oh, Bacon blitz, not "everyone" wants to see the Hogs and the Cocks going at it but it should be a solid game, nonetheless. Hogs win going away, 24-10.
Be cool, tide. Coach Pittman is doing good things at Pigville.
EKingGill, what do you expect from your Aggies this year? A win over Bama and a loss to Miss State? By the power invested in me by living 23 miles from the SEC office I hereby declare BamaTime correct. The 2022 rosters for Alabama and Texas will not be the same as the 2021 Alabama team and the 2021 Texas team. Now, as your punishment I will decree no bonfires. Ever. Again.
This Bama fan agrees, DGD. You play with what players you have available, no excuses. Georgia was a different team at the NC game. Bama's defense was just as responsible as the offense in the loss.
Did you miss the part that says Ala-Bam-A (with Forrest Gump emphasis in the scene where he's talking to the hippie dude at the outside of the bus)? RTR!!!
Wait. Complaining about living in Hawaii? ROFLMAO!!!
N e g a n, that young QB you refer to has yet to play a snap vs a college defense. If he catches fire it will be from the friction of Will Anderson rubbing his backside on the artificial turf. (The reason I spaced your name is spellcheck kept changing it to negative. Hmm.)
Tennessee, with Hooker, will be a formidable opponent this upcoming season. I agree with you, fuzz, that the Fighting Rockytops will be a good out for any team.
Ugh. "...watched Mond lose about 4 games every dang year? Give me a break."
With respect to the best WR corps in the SEC? Bama? Uh, no. LSU has it hands down. On paper at least. QB whisperer? Puhleaze. Jimmy Fisher? He kept crablegs on the team without any punishment then watched Mond lose 4 games year? every dang year? Give me a break.
Regarding the NIL matter; — Restricted movement of student-athletes from one university to another by forcing a season of ineligibility for those who tried to move, while university presidents, athletic directors and coaches – those with the most power in the process – moved at will from one university to another. Well said. The NCAA has had this circling their heads for years and done nothing. Then they doubled-down on their stupidity and fought the Ed O'Bannon case with millions of dollars of legal fees.
My best to him. But, quite an unusual mis of a top 5. It just goes to show that the on-site visit can yield an impression on a teenager. I know a guy who was recruited by Texas and LSU and his stories were, well, memorable.
Here’s hoping the team physician examined him. I try to always think outside the box when a new symptom hits one of my patients. In this case, emboli?
Bama beat Georgia once. Not good enough. And Georgia’s best team was probably the 2017 team. Negan is STILL saying it was stolen.
Just like Adam Schiff saying he personally had PROOF of Russian collusion but NEVER showing it. Now disproved. You say Saban DID tamper. Not that he could. but that either he did or someone on his side. No proof, just ‘you wouldn’t accept it.’ You’re weak. Are you Negan’s sister?
And I’m going to offer that Brock guy an NIL deal; wear these handcuffs during th me SECCG and I’ll add as many zeros as you want, you BEAST!! LoL