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An interesting question would be WHO first tossed out the idea of switching dates? An Aubie? A Bulldog? And why didn’t the SEC braintrust have the strength to make the hard decision to move somebody (Auburn?) into the SEC East and let Mizzou be in the West when they entered the SEC?
Kill two birds? Just make sure it’s not two eagles. That’s a federal offense. No pun intended, War Eagle fans.
Josh, I listened to the podcast and have yet to read it. It sounded like you were just trying to praise Harbaugh rather than take a shot at Saban. Thanks for your work st Tuscaloosa and hopefully you’ll get a Big conference ring before Harbaugh gets fired for failing to beat Ohio State.
Best sign for Gameday next year: We Want Dabo (not Clemson, Dabo)
I watched Coach Saban in the post game interview and he directly said the loss was his responsibility. I know as a UGA fan you might not have held on long enough to watch the post game interviews but let’s be honest; at the half the mindset of any coach should be getting adjustments made to win the game. So, of course, a coach is going to have comments that are different than at the end of the game.
You’re exactly right. Trevor tossed but man, that Ross kid is awesome!
Anyone here got a buddy who’s actually used that pickip line?
He wants to get a NC ring not just watch the game on TV.
Or Dallas, for God’s sake! It’s still in the south and Jerry World likes to host college games.
F’em! College football isn’t a concern in Cali so Bama and Clemson fans don’t want to be out there anyway! We’d much rather the game be in Atlanta or New Orleans. Maybe they can go cry to Governor Moonbeam and feel better about it.
Hate to burst your bubble, Juno, but when I moved from GA in 1990 there was STILL a “black” high school in the town and the only way a black person could get into the country club was by working in the kitchen or be on the cleaning crew. No blacks were allowed to sit and eat in the restaurant and they SURELY weren’t allowed to play golf.
I know the lifeblood of any elite program is recruiting. No one does it better than the Tide. But, to sign only means you’re going to register for classes as a freshmsn. Once you get on the practice field as Sanders will do he’ll find out he’s no longer a big fish in a small pond. UGA will do fine without him. And he may see the field at Tuscaloosa. In the 3rd or 4th qtr. with Mac Jones and the 3rd string O-line. As others say; reality check.
No offense, but this Bama fan is not worried about Kirby or UGA X as long as Coach Saban is on the sideline for the Tide. The fact that Bama fans comment only says we’re on this site because of our passion for college football. Don’t get big-headed thinking we’re concerned about the Bulldogs. Trust me, we respect what Kirby is doing. But the Bama nation is not fearing what’s going on in Athens.
True. A backup is never going to get the reps that a starter is-that’s why it’s hard to crack the lineup as a 2nd stringer. That said, Fields has his reasons and so be it. My best to all involved. And RTR!
It’s interesting that your comment doesn’t focus on the content of the article. Have fun next year with Gus still at the loveliest village.
I would think Auburn fans would want to take $32 million to pay off Gus then spread out what’s left! LoL
The OU defense will get the Bama offense with ease. Bama 7-0. And Tua goes to the sidelines. Bama 14-0. Tua goes to the sidelines. Bama 21-0. Bama O gets to rest.
If they wanted more TV audience why didn’t they put Olowu in instead of the Okies? Oh, and I hope Dabo’s boys curb stomp the leprechauns.
Disagree. Urban U should have been suspended and given a bowl ban for the off-the-field crap. Character is part of the NCAA pledge.
I believe GA deserved a spot. LSWho game was a big hurt.
Maybe Urban shouldn’t have lied at Tiny10 media days about Zac. Karma thing.
Waah, waah, waah! 11-2 over an 11-1? I get it that Mizzou went to the SECCG but didn’t you lose that game? Newsflash—win the game and the debate is over.
Coach Miles is great. Not Larry Culpepper great, but great. I mean, come on, man! Dr. PEPPER, Larry CulPEPPER! Bring back Larry!
Archie is mentioned but not Eli? Ta’amu can only be third best by anyone who’s ever been to The Grove.
I do not know the specific wording of the rule but I’m puzzled when a RB can stretch the ball over the goal line for an instant and it be a TD but a receiver is expected to retain control of the ball until he has gotten into the end zone, come down if he’s jumped, and landed safely then gotten up all while STILL having the ball.
I admire what Tim has done as both an athlete and a broadcaster. I also wish there was some way both Harbaugh and Meyer could lose to each other! LoL