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So Coach O is leaving at the end of the year but Will Wade is still running around in the Pete Maravich center. LSUMC, or anyone; please explain.
Newsflash, Texas, ESPN already owns the SEC Network and televises games every week in various sports.
I have read many but not all comments. What I did not see is anyone commenting about the fact that the TN receiver lost his footing and fell down. Had he not fallen he would have had the first down. Go back and look at the play. Then, TN fans, get upset with your receiver. Now, was the spot correct? In yesteryear’s world, no. It would have been spotted where the ball was when the player was down. We didn’t have reviews in the past. But, that’s not where we are today. Do the SEC refs make mistakes? Yes, in every game. But, time to move on.
Say what we will how many other universities have had a Natty from their last three coaches?
8x5, I have been going to Bama games since 1966 and I assure you the Viles fans, as you call them, do not consider anything like Saturday nights’ actions criminal. And the same goes for the Bayou Bengals fans down in NOLA.
Dog, that is why it’s perplexing as to why the announcement now? I can’t imagine too much of an upside to this report.
So, Jimbo is out because of the $$$ and Dabo is out because of the SEC West. That means whoever ends up with the short straw will be, at best, the third choice. And who knows how long it will be to make the Tigers competitive again. Well, unless your name is Dan Mullen.
I enjoy reading the back and forth banter between Gators and Bulldogs fans. We’re I much younger i might consider going to a WLOCP game one year. Gator fans, you guys need to put a lot of pressure on Mullen to get rid of Todd G. And Georgia, y’all need to do all you can to show your support for him to stay in Gainesville. The drama is fun!
A tip of the hat to the Harsinites. Auburn looked like a different team today. Today it’s Kentucky who’s dropping balls like they’re covered in 5W30.
With all due respect, recruiting is not the be-all-to-end-all. A prime example is Kentucky and Coach Mark Stoops. He ‘coaches ‘em up’ like great coaches do. And there’s always the issue of keeping these kids focused week after week.
When these refs need a new deck on their house they want to use Yellawood!
Even lining Robinson up in a, pardon the pun, Wildcat formation, is not going to be enough. Lexington may be the home of Churchill Downs but this year Georgia has the thoroughbreds. Kentucky has horses like the ones in my pasture. Just horses.
There’s a button on your remote to switch back and forth.
I would rank Bennett/Daniels #1 and Will Levis #2 for both teams being undefeated. KY fans, I put IV/JT #1 because the Bulldogs are higher ranked nationally. Isn’t that what we look at, who’s at the top? Then list the others how you wish.
I like the powder blue. Or whatever they call it in Oxford.
Tennessee competing with the Rebels this year? Who’d a thunk it? Yet here we are, seeing the Vols winning and the team I thought would likely be Bama’s biggest test in the SECW trying to find a W.
They won’t be coming in from me for two reasons; he’s got the goodwill, as you call it, plus, who would replace him that’s better?
Wolfman, don’t you know Xiden is giving away healthcare these days to those who can’t afford it?
As staunch a Bama fan as I am (and I was rooting for the Tide back in the days of Lee Roy Jordan) and I have actually been to Moro Bottom to the home place of Coach Bryant and visited his parents grave just down the road from the old home place, I’m giving this to Lewis Grizzard. Loved his story telling.
Congratulations to A&M and every fan. Jimbo has proven me wrong. When Peyton was at TN they never climbed the mountaintop but the next year Tee Martin delivered a Natty to the Vols. Mond never did give the Aggies the year they expected him to but Calzada has really lifted up the Aggies.
Penn State and Iowa play this weekend. That’s one down. And the Ohio Bucknuts are up there only because they get the same sportswriter love like the leprechauns. Undeserved, but there none the less.
Cody from Bamaland and Majesty of Gator fame, please quit doing drugs. If the Bullpuppies show up in Hotlanta with Pickens in shoulder pads Kirby will have to coach Georgia out of a victory. That guy gets Twitter messages from Odell Beckham wanting to know how he makes such catches. And Majesty. Please. If the baby gators beat Georgia? You sound like a full-blown crackhead. Put down the pipe, dude! Last year was LAST year. You lost to Kentucky! (My apologies, bluegrass SEC brethren, but, really?). SEC East title? Uh. No.
Everyone who truly cares about who the next coach at LSU is, please raise your right hand. Anyone? Anyone? Okay. Carry on.
The owner needs to kick his OWN azz because he was stupid enough to hire this worthless POS, Urbie Meyer. Hello! This is the same guy who had a wife beater on his staff at Florida and then brought him onboard at Ohio to coach the Bucknuts! And he lied about the whole thing. He said Zach Smith and his wife were ‘a very young couple.’ So, that gave him a free pass on hitting his pregnant wife? Give me a break, Urban! This is the guy who had “heart issues” and had to retire at Gatorville then suddenly got better and wanted to go right back to it. (Heck, his wife and daughter probably told him to go find something to do because they were sick of him being in the house all day, every day). So, the owner ASKED for this person who is devoid of any morals to join his charade of a team is on him! Fire Urban. Then look at your own ugly mug, Mr. Shad Khan.
Give. Me. A. Break. Not in awe of the team being led by the GOAT? And for a fellow raised watching Coach Bryant his entire career at Alabama that’s saying a lot! Sit down, Jimbo. Over there at the children’s table.
I didn’t like all the A&M kissing with Mond throwing INT’s and incompletions and I still don’t like them. How many Aggie fans still wish for the glory days of, wait, when were the glory days? Oh, yeah. Coach Bryant. And RC Slocum.
Hah-hah. You called him a her. Snicker-snicker. Hee-hee (in my best Beavis and Butthead laugh).
Don’t know him. I only watch games on ESPN anymore after they had that black female go off politically and she didn’t get summarily fired. Games only. Only games. Nothing but games. Hearing that execs?