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Idk last year Hurd put up 92yds on Bama. I know their defense is great but UT's O-line is back to playing well i expect DeBord to run it straight at Bama some. He'll have to mix it up though. I hate that UT isn't healthy for this matchup but it is what it is. Hopefully it's a good game.
I think most are just really happy right now. But yeah it's extremely concerning. A&M will destroy us if we can't get our act together for four quarters and so will Bama. I might get flamed by my own fans for this but honest to God i swear the team was showing more consistency last year. Don't get me wrong they lost last year at times but they go down 21 against either of the next two teams there is no coming back to win. Until this team figures out how to play to their potential for 4 quarters i'm going to continue with my skeptical attitude.
Really have to disagree on Florida losing that game the way Tennessee lost last year. At least what people keep sweeping under the rug is Tennessee's defensive line in the second half. They forced 5 three and outs and an interception. Appleby had little to no time to do anything. Even the secondary was doing much better in the second half. Really don't think it was being conservative as it was UT just finally played to their potential.
I agree, USC should've won this game. Without a doubt. Until that fumble i had convinced myself we'd already lost. It has been rinse and repeat all season with this team with the exception of one or two games. Great opening, can't close.
Seriously people are mistaking Josh's capability for Debord's play calling. Look at film last year. The kid has the talent. He's no Peyton Manning in accuracy. But damnit the kid is quite good on the run. Does noone remember the bama game last year? We were getting thrashed in the first half, Dobbs came in and started putting up points. Just to add to merit 19/32 192yds passing, 75yds rushing, 2 TDs and 1 int in the first game he half way started. To say he isn't a dual threat QB is just false.
Didn't we change offensive coordinators? I think that's the problem. Dobbs came in last year and we went from a stagnant offense to putting up points with ease. It seems they've tried to mold him into a classic pro-style QB with little movement. The guy benefits from the run and throwing on the run. Seems like they've pushed that style of offense under the rug.
The real tragedy is how little significance this rivalry now holds. Long time vol fan and it's been a decade of disappointment. I'm not going to say fire Jones that's moronic. But i am seeing traces of Fulmer's later years all over again. Mainly letting off the gas with conservative play calling and not responding to adjustments. Granted the coaches only call the plays it's up to the players to execute them, you can't blame Jones on a missed tackle or horrible throw that's ludicrous. However i'd still keep him for a number of years as long as he retains recruiting. Which without success would be hard to maintain. He is decent enough that given some more depth he will get over that hump for a year or two and have an outstanding team. Let me put it to you all this way. There has to be balance, we can talk day and night about having recruits with little coaching prowess or no recruits and phenomenal coaching. It takes both. Look at MSU. I'm an MSU alum, but been a Vol fan since the 90s. Dan Mullen develops talent probably more so than any SEC coach in the conference. Yet it has taken them years to get decent. Why? He doesn't recruit, he develops. You need both MSU was number 1 last year for consecutive weeks, they're now unranked a year later...for the reasons stated above.