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Auburn was not on probation in 2003 and the undefeated season was actually 2004 (we won the sugar bowl therefore were not on probation). I would like to correct this statement for the Jury.
I love Sean as a QB he can flat out pass the ball. Probably the best true QB auburn has had besides Cam Newton in a long time. With that being said, I still don't think he will start another game at AU. The system is just not built for his style of play. He is going to end up transferring somewhere to a system that will appreciate his talent set. QB race is between JF3 and JJ, but don't sleep on Woody either.
When did Greg Sankey become NCAA Commissioner? Come on now you are better than that SDS....
He's also from Mobile.... Probably why he is in the Senior Bowl TBH
I associate him with the bad part of Bama fans. That being said I don't dislike all Bama fans, just the ones with a dirt road degree like Updyke.