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Two time Senior, Leadership at Linebacker, Oh yeah. Been a long time since we could say "Wait 'til Next Year" with such a promising outlook. Gig 'Em 2021
In my memory never has there been a year that "Wait 'til Next Year" has been said with such high expectations in Aggieland. Great analysis of areas the Team needs to focus on. With Fisher young doesn't mean undone. 10-2 worst case, IMHO. Gig 'Em.
Come on Man! This is for all of Old Army, New Army, and Any Army in between. Ain't it Great to end a year saying "Wait 'til Next Year!" Not having despondent emotions of "What If", but nearly giddy with the Amazing prospect of what's to come. Gettin' ready to Gig 'Em in 2021
"To be the Best you have to beat the Best" We play 2/3 of the top 3 teams in the East (according to Athlon). Then all of the West. So Bama is just another (big) bump that was there anyway. Daunting as it is getting Bama early may work out for the best. As for predictions? My completely biased view is 9-1 (Best Case); 8-2 (reality check), 7-3 (worst case)
As much as I would love for A. W. prediction to come true if we have learned one thing this year it is that "Talk's Cheap" Strap 'em up and let's play some Football. 17 days and counting.
That pretty well sums it up. Oh well, (insert cliche here). To be the best you have to beat the best.
Most of these "Bold" predictions are not so bold.#2-6-7 are Bold predictions in any year. Having said that, IF #6 then #2 is IMHO a given. Gig 'Em
Of the 5 potential contenders Alabama and Florida seem to be the most daunting. LSU is in reboot. Auburn after the Iron Bowl? (think 1975 Ags playing the Hogs after tu) Tennessee will be tougher in November than early on. So where do we sit in the end? Let's Just Play the Dang Games and Find Out!
Maybe in Fayetteville, but then I think your name says all we need to know about your stance on this. Time to look at the facts not the fear.