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Although LSU has not beat Bama since 2011, we are always a threat. Last year the game was a dog fight. Hopefully Matt Canada gets the offense it tact and if that happens, there is no tell what will happen.
He has bulked up a little.. Muscle is heavier than fat, but it will not be a problem for him to knock off 5-7 L-Bs.
Katy Perry lost me as a fan when she held up corndogs and picked Ole Miss a few years back..
It doesn't matter what type of season UF WRs have.. LSU DBU will shut them down.
LSU is DBU.., Thats all I know.. Todd Harris reppin!!
during bowl games they would talk about him sitting out & failed to mention his injury.
He has been dealing with an ankle injury, but during bowl
Vandy will win the East.
Yeah we prettty much couldn't be stopped today!! Geaux Tigers!!
If LSU and/or Stanford were in the playoffs I think it would be a different story, but is a bowl game that valuable that it's worth risking getting injuried & dropping your draft value? The schools, NCAA, etc already makes a lot of money off of these guys so now it's their chance to cash in. This is a career for these guys, it's an opportunity to make good money & be able to provide for their families. It's easy to sit here & say "they should play, blah blah" but let these men make their own decisions and don't worry about it. I like how Zeke Elliot said "I'd do anything to play with my brother one more time (I am paraphrasing) but if he wanted to play with them so bad why did he leave after his Jr year?
He is right. Michigan isn't that good... Or should I say they are overrated? They are a pretty good team, but if they were in the SEC they would be like.. An Arkansas or TA&M.
Ole Miss still mad about the egg bowl?
From what I understand, he called her friend a homophobic slur so she (the girl friend) called him the "n" word and that's what started it all. Is this correct? Sounds like she was just showing him how it feels to be called something you don't like to be called & he couldn't handle it.
The 1 thing I don't like is that it's the end of the season.
He is a good dude. Makes me proud to be a tiger!
It's the day after Thanksgiving. I've been to many LSU vs Arkansas games that were played the Friday after Thanksgiving and it was never close to being a packed house.... For obvious reasons so there is no surprise the attendance is low at a Missouri home game, the day after Thanksgiving.
I have always disliked the Cowboys. My pride has always been and will always with the Saints, but I will admit, I have enjoyed watching the Cowboys play. I am a LSU fan first and a SEC fan second and I enjoyed watching Dak at Miss St. His success does not surprise me, but I didn't think it would happen as early as it did when he was first drafted.
I refuse to read any article about who might become LSU's HC. When I see "it's official" then I will pay attention.
Herman is the only coach this year that has beaten 2 top 5 teams.
As a LSU fan I love this hire. I think I mentioned on here a few days ago that I didn't think Herman to Texas was a lock. Texas is not an ideal job. The Big 12 is a mess and mainly because of Texas. Instead of doing what was in the best interest of the Big 12 (and ultimately in Texas's best interest), they were greedy & wanted to to make sure they got more money than the other teams in the conference. That caused TA&M, Missouri, Nebraska, etc to leave. Texas is not as ideal of a job as Texas thinks it is. Texas probably thought that all they had to do was have the osition open & Herman would have come running. With that said, I hope this isn't some premature report that will end up with LSU shooting ourselves in the foot.
Fisher didn't turn down the job. He was LSU's backup in case they didn't land Herman. He is saving face.
As a LSU fan I am not that big on Jimbo, but if he will. E our guy then he will have my support.
Everything is speculation right now. Who knows what's going to happen? Jimbo could be using this to get a better contract, but it's not like anyone with any creditable information has come out & said "Jimbo is likely to go to LSU", this is all based on the fact LSU supposedly almost hired Fisher last year. As a LSU fan I sure hope he stays in FSU.
No. y'all couldn't have beat us by 17. Stop dreaming. Worry about Florida St. Not only is FSU good enough to beat y'all, I have a feeling Florida will be looking towards the following week, lose to FSU then get to ATL and get dropped by Bama.. I know Gator fans think their team are world beaters, but wait until 2 weeks from now before replying to me boy.
Good game gators. You were able to take advantage of the fact we (LSU) beat ourselves. The fumble inside the 20, missed field goals, a few other costly mistakes and personally, even before the play was ran, I didn't like what we were doing on the last play of the game.. So congratulations! Y'all are in the SEC championship, but y'all still have to beat FSU next week and if any Florida fan thinks y'all have a shot against Alabama then all I have to say is.. Don't let the LSU game give y'all too much confidence because y'all are NOT on the same level as Bama. See y'all next year in Gainesville.