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Levis makes Rodgers look like a little boy and then moves down two spots lol
nah the missed hold on the screen that went for a touchdown was embarrassing
I like the guy tweeting at the dead Mike Slive's tweet from 2013
Rattler is not throwing for 300 yards lol
I wouldn't call two freak fumbles on two potential game-winning drives being "exposed"
Seems like they're trying to create a traditional look for nonconference home games. Personally, I hate it.
Who is this guy and why is he obsessed with us
Rest assured, every guy on Kentucky's 2-deep defense is more athletic than both the chumps AR faked out on that 2pt conversion.
Cal’s tournament record sh*ts on Barnes’, as far as that goes.
Injuries matter in basketball. I know that’s probably hard to wrap your football-shaped head around, but surprisingly, if you take away a team’s best two point guards (a lottery pick and the SEC assists leader) it affects their ability to win games on the road against ranked teams.
A lot of teams won a lot of weak conferences and didn’t get 2 seeds for it.
I assure you most of our fans don’t “think” like this. We have a small but very loud and very online group of fans who basically believe we should win every single game by default because we’re Kentucky, and that if our coach fails to win any game it means he’s ~getting in the way of our greatness~ (never mind that we’ve had more consistent postseason success than any other team for the past decade). It’s almost like they try to inoculate themselves against disappointment by preemptively calling for Cal’s head. At the end of the day, it’s just dumb and a little bit sad. The best team doesn’t always win, even in the NBA where they play 7 game series. Winning in March is HARD and for some reason a portion of our fans just don’t really grasp that.
Lol the same talking points over and over and over every year since 2010
We were asking the same thing in 2011 when we were firmly on the 3 line along with Florida, then beat them twice in a week, won the SEC, and we got a 4 while they got a 2. This happens every year. They don’t care about conference tournaments.
Did you watch the SEC tournament? That was flawless basketball they played.
San Francisco getting a 10 seed while TAMU stays home is just indescribably egregious
“horrific no-call turned foul-call” Nope. It was an obvious, hard foul. He shoved the A&M kid out of bounds. A late call does not mean a bad call.
A better team? I hope you mean better than Bama this year, not better than Kentucky.
No, like, you don’t understand. We do not care about regular season championships. We don’t hang banners for them. Enjoy Auburn’s brief moment in the spotlight because it will be gone before you know it.
Only losers and Kansas care about regular season championships. Especially with the easiest schedule of the top 4 teams by a mile. Played everyone good at home. Yawn.