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I was at that game. It was my senior year, and I was in the north stands student section. UK brutalized us completely. Derrick Ramsey ran all over us, and Art Still tackled everyone. My recollection of what happened with the banner is this: Prince Charles was led out on the field from the bridge end. In those days, the view from the bridge, like the tracks, was not bad, and often crowded. As Charlie got to his appointed spot, at least 2 people were holding a banner that said "Athens GA Welcomes Prince Charles" (it was pretty good sized) and Charles looked up at it. As they saw him look, that banner was dropped; underneath was "Prince Charles Does It Dog Style," and the crowd roared. An aide whispered something in Charles'ear, and he turned to the aide with what looked like mild surprise and amusement. Sort of an "Eh? Cheeky buggers" look. I recall he was introduced to Art Still, who was 6'7",and reportedly said, "My, you're a large one." Most of us had no idea why Charles was there, and zero interest in him. By the end of the year, I think we were down to our 6th qb. The next year was better, and a couple years later we signed a RB from Wrightsville of some note. Charlie rebounded from this experience by getting married. Art Still was an all pro DE for the Chiefs, Derrick Ramsey became a TE for the Raiders, and UK ended up forfeiting their games a couple years later due to NCAA violations. That was probably one of the 5 worst beatings I've ever seen us take at Sanford. I still have no idea why Charles was there, either. Props to the cheeky bugger with the sign, whoever he was. The State Patrol used to park their cruisers on the bridge, but they sat in the east end zone in bleachers, so no cops would have been nearby to detain him. A legendary escapade.
Consistenly beat Georgia Tech more than Richt did? Richt was 13-2 against Tech, and could easily have been 15-0 (total defensive collapse in 08, 2 fumbles by UGA inside the 5 in 14). 13-2 is pretty good against air. 4-5 the last 9 years against Florida isn't overwhelming, but it's pretty even. all Kirby Smart has to do is never lose a game, and never win a game in less impressive fashion than the excellence demanders find appropriate, and he will be golden.
no, like the head shot on Murray at the end that wasn't called.