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An absolutely great recruiter, definitely our best.
But he actually isn’t proven. I’ll send some stats if needed. But he’s definitely not the guy.
Hey moron, not that I’m happy about it but it’s been 14 years without an SEC championship not 25+. Get your facts straight or learn simple math or both
So G8, it still goes back to coaching. OSU takes 2 & 3 Star kids and develops them. We need to do the same. We owe that to the players as much as they owe us 110% effort.
Cats fan. Read my comment about Mullens recruiting above. As I said I am no Mullen fan but his recruiting rankings were not bad at all from 2018 to 2021. 14, 9, 9, and 12.
Stl, I have to challenge your “world of difference in talent” comment. And it’s not just you. Everyone is quick to blame this season on Mullens recruiting, and believe me I am no fan of his, however, you will see below that it’s not close to as bad as everyone thinks. So I’ve compared UF and OSU recruiting rankings below from 2018 - 2022 based on 247: 2018 UF 14. OSU 70 2019 UF 9. OSU 52 2020 UF 9. OSU 53 2021 UF 12. OSU 109 2022 UF 18. OSU 54 In my humble opinion this is all about coaching. And you can’t say that OSU just had their guys ready to play and we didn’t…that is a part of coaching. If I have to listen to the same rhetoric from Napier after each game about how he should have done a better job I’m going to explode. If we don’t win a minimum of 8 games next year he should be gone along with Stricklin because…the fish stinks from the head down!!!!
Wadeless, you and everyone else that said Stricklin is not the right guy is absolutely correct. My favorite saying, which I used in business all the time, is “the fish stinks from the head down”!
Shouldn’t your name be D_for_Douche bad?
Trust me, you don’t want Mullet. His play calling was miserable his last two years.
Lake life is a moron. Napier didn’t use the portal? Where did Pearsall, Torrence and Johnson come from?
I’d be willing to bet Class of 98 never stepped on a football field except as a fan to celebrate a win.
I was hoping Napier was the right guy but the SEC is too big of a stage for him. Play calling sucks, clock management sucks and apparently player development sucks. AR is worse that he was in the first game of the season. We have such better talent than Vandy it’s rediculous. Don’t blame the players. My favorite saying in business and football- “the fish stinks from the head down”.
SC has a lot to be proud of: as mentioned one SEC Division title vs 15 for UF, 0 SEC championships vs 8 for UF, 0 Nattys vs 3 for UF, 23.8% winning record against UF, 8 Total National Championships vs 45 for UF and it just goes on and on. Of course the USC faithful will say we’re living in the past and that is because they have no past or future for that matter. It must be so depressing to know your team will NEVER win an SEC championship or a national championship
Perfectly said. Don’t need any further analysis. Who shows up, good AR or bad AR?
Obviously ARs issues aren’t physical. He doesn’t have it between the ears. I hope Napier isn’t a “loyal to a fault” coach. Jack Miller has to be pretty good or he wouldn’t have been at OSU. Day is a great judge of talent
Initially I was praying AR wouldn’t go in the draft but now I hope he does. The NFL sees the same thing we see every week. I’d be shocked if he went any sooner than the third round. He wouldn’t even be a good scout team QB
Actually Trask went in for Franks against KY
Our LBs can cover so I expect Bower will have PB day. We play 20 yards off the receiver on 3rd and forever, Dean is starting and we don’t know if we’re getting the good AR or the bad AR. I hate to say it but I’m afraid we lose by 4 TDs…and that’s being generous.
Definitely. What is not good news is that Dean is starting. Napier said Kamari Wilson had his best two weeks of practice so WTF is Dean starting for. This is one of those moments where I scratch my head about CBN decision making.