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Northwestern no longer unbeaten, so that part of the article is irrelevant now. Number of games is not an issue. How does the team look in the games it plays? Does it look like a top four team? That's the question.
I was going to point out how ridiculous this article is, but it seems that the comment section is already filled with people saying that. Bama is playing #'s 4, 5, 11, and 13, as well as two more in the top 30. The writer is out of his mind. Competitive balance was the issue. Bama already had several great teams on the schedule. Are they supposed to play exclusively ranked teams? Would it be enough if they played Georgia and LSU two or three times apiece?
Seriously? Maybe in the 50's, when being Catholic meant something. Now, the "church" is just a liberal social club, nothing with any substance at all. The "brand" is a big vat of nothingness. It is meaningless to be a catholic now, and silly for anyone not in state to be an Ultra Lame fan.
Maybe Bama wins the next title, maybe it takes another year or two. I don't really think you know Nostradamus.
I'm talking about the NFL itself, not the fans. Just check out some of the commercials from the Stupid Bowl, or the halftime show itself. Hateful liberalism and stupidity.
I don't think so. They already outsold the tickets that the AAF sold. I was sad to see the AAF fold, but I think that might actually helpf the XFL succeed. The NFL sucks. It's seems to be nothing but Leftist Entertainment Inc., so I really hope the XFL does well. Forget farm system, I hope the XFL kills the NFL.
The committee is not very good at it's job. #12? In what universe? Currently #2 in the SP+, #3 in the FPI. If the idea of the rankings is "best", the committee missed the mark by a lot.
"With the win, OU stays alive in the College Football Playoff hunt." Let me fix it: "With another close win, OU proves itself nowhere near being a Playoff team, as they have struggled to beat teams repeatedly this year."
Oklahoma is not comparable, as I said. The committee is trying to take the four best teams, and Oklahoma really has no case for that, struggling constantly all season long. Will Utah get enough of a bump from beating a 2 loss Oregon team? Maybe. So, yeah, for Bama, good chance if we just beat the Barn.
Plus, Oklahoma racked up their fourth close win of the season, while Bama still has none. Plus, our loss is better by far, so no comparison to them. Teams are dropping like flies. Roll Tide men. One more and in.
Schedule better? This from the guy whose team played Vanderbilt, Murray State, Arkansas State, and will finish up with Georgia Tech? Those teams are all bad, and GT and Vanderbilt are trash on fire. Good God, you do not think before posting.
Yes, because losing a one score game to number one is soooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Right. Do you hear what you say?
You're just being obtuse now I see. Ok. Have fun in Neverland.
That's just non-sensical. It's about how you play, not who you play. The best team in the world could have the worst schedule, but if they look like the best team, that's all they need. Our SOS is way better than, say Clemson's, or Oklahoma's by the way.
Um, yes? In case you don't otherwise see it: Bama vs South Carolina: Win by 24 on the road. Bama vs Texas A&M: Win by 19 on the road. UGA vs South Carolina: Loss at home. UGA vs Texas A&M: Win by 6 at home. ……………….So, yeah. No comparison, sorry. No whining about ND is going to fix this for you guys.
Bama vs South Carolina: Win by 24 on the road. Bama vs Texas A&M: Win by 19 on the road. UGA vs South Carolina: Loss at home. UGA vs Texas A&M: Win by 6 at home. ................... If the committee doesn't drop UGA below us, I'd really start to wonder how many closet UGA fans they have. It's ridiculous and not a comparison at this point.
Bama has been dominant. Lone loss to number 1 in the CFP, all wins by 19+ points. THAT'S what a playoff team should do: dominate. Ohio State is clearly the most dominant team, should be number one, but Bama is clearly also dominant. Almost all (perhaps all) of the one loss contenders have multiple close wins. Bama does not. Elite teams do not spend one quarter of the season either losing or playing close games. That is why Bama should be in: They simply look like an elite team. Oklahoma? Nope. Baylor? No. Utah? No way. Oregon? Nope.
Yeah, no. Just no. Bama is most certainly top four worthy, both now, and if they beat Auburn, they certainly will be as well. Bama vs Top 40 teams- 4-1, loss to number 4, all four wins by at least 19 points. Oklahoma vs Top 40 teams- 3-1, loss to number 31, all three wins close games. Oregon vs Top 40 teams- 3-1, loss to number 9, 2 of three wins close, 1 blowout. Utah vs Top 40 teams- 2-1, loss to number 22, one blowout, one close game. Rankings by FPI. SP+ would be similar I imagine.
And you're still misunderstanding the FPI. It is based on TEAM QUALITY, not "Who has an easier schedule/harder schedule.
And what is future performance based on? Yeah, how well you've done so far. What else?
This sort of phrasing drives me crazy. The FPI is an advanced stats system of rating teams based on total team quality- it does not "disrespect" anyone nor does it "respect" anyone. It does not care who beat who, it only cares which teams are better than other teams. It is also not supposed to have human like overreactions to things. The LSU game was only one-ninth of the total season for both Alabama and LSU. That's a fairly small percentage of the total games played so far. The computers don't treat the game as being more important than it was. The ratings are based on the whole season, not the latest game. Obviously. So please, stop such nonsensical headline phrasing. The FPI rates teams by how good they are and nothing else. On any given day, a slightly better team can lose to a slightly worse team, and that's what happened on Saturday. This simply cannot be hard to understand, but judging by many of the people who choose to comment on these articles, this concept might as well be rocket science.
Ohio State is excellent. All the games count, not just the ones against really good teams. They have done everything they've needed to. They should be number one right now.
A 42 yard field goal is not a chip shot, unless you just mean that it's normally very easy for Blankenship.
This is ridiculous. It doesn't even show what he did. Did he just yell at the ref? Did he hit him? We don't know. They cut the video. Stupid.
Clearly not a "dirty play". Mullen might want to watch what he says. The defender was pulled down.
I don't think you understand advanced stats. The unbiased numbers get plugged in to the system that are some of the best known indicators of how good a team actually is. This is not an eyeball test. This is objective. That's how advanced stats work. It's way better than subjective standards used by pollsters or "the eyeball test."
Completing 13 of 23 passes is not, "having your way" with a team. T-Law looked mediocre. ETN is the real deal still.