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Coach RC Slocum is one of the most respected people in all of college football. He said that he and his staff were unaware of Greg Hill's "working" for an auto dealership owned by an Aggie, collecting a paycheck but not working for it. I believe him. So, what do you mean that A&M was caught cheating? Your summary of the LHN chapter shows that you really don't know what transpired.
Definitely. FSU, Miami, UCF, Clemson, Coastal Carolina and Louisville.
Florida fought tooth and nail to keep FSU and Miami out. SC doesn't want Clemson in. But you tell A&M to just live with it.
That's what Nebraska and OU thought when they were running the Big 8. Finally Missouri and A&M got away from their corruption and heavy-handedness. The scales are no longer tipped unfairly for the Horns, so A&M has benefitted from a more level playing field, bringing in great recruits. Teams like Georgia, Bama, LSU, Auburn and Florida have benefitted from Texas high school talent. And now you fellas want to take our feet off the pedal and let Texas in. Big mistake.
For decades, Texas and OU have used unfair advantage to build up their money and their brand, and always leveraged that with better resources for getting better recruits. Now, after years of losing more top recruits to other conferences, especially the SEC, they're now momentarily muting their obnoxious arrogance to get into the SEC. And it looks like the SEC leadership is actually going to let them in. SEC fans on here really should listen to the Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and A&M fans who have decades of experience with these people. You really will regret letting Texas and OU into the conference.
What y'all are witensing right in front of you on this thread is a tiny, tiny example of the type of fanbase that would be let in. Listen to the A&M and Missouri fans on the subject of the Texas culture. You do not want to let them into our house. You will regret this for decades.
Our fellow SEC fans may think that they know Texas and OU, but you don't understand them if you haven't been in a conference with them. Trust Missouri and A&M fans on this. You don't want anything to do with them. Texas is a cancer. And for all of the hatred that OU fans say that they have for Texas, OU leadership always falls in line with Texas at conference meetings. They are repeat offenders, and they will continue to be repeat offenders.
When Texas was trying to get into the PAC-12, the PAC-12 told Texas that they were a good progressive fit for their conference, but "conservative" schools like A&M, and religious schools like Baylor and BYU, would never be an appropriate fit for them. For our fellow SEC fans who don't have direct experience with the Texas Longhorns, trust us when we say that you don't want anything to do with those people. They are a cancer. They are arrogant elitists who really do believe that they are superior to you in every way.
Well, how about that? When Missouri and A&M left for the SEC (especially A&M), OU and its fans were just as condescending and hateful as Texas was. But now OU thinks it would be a blast to see OU play SEC teams on a regular basis. OU can talk all they want about how much they hate Texas, but when it comes down to it, OU and Texas are conference partners in crime. Go pound sand, and stay on the outside looking in.
Poor teasips. Trust me, MSU fans. Their fan base thinks that they're better than anyone in the state of Mississippi. They look down on you.
All of A&M's upperclassmen receivers had left early, sat out the season, or were hurt. With a bunch of underclassmen, the coaches pivoted to a different game plan focusing on (one reliable) tight end, a sophomore running back, and a backup hybrid back/receiver. They had a speedy 3rd string back that they believed in for the late-game breakaway threat. Their plans for upperclassmen outside receiver threats were gone. They couldn't even go to their planned 2-tight end sets consistently. So, Mond was throwing to young guys learning on the job. AND Mond had the class to not throw them under the bus by saying that publicly. And he still drove the bus to a #4 national ranking. I can't believe the low respect shown to this guy. Good for the Vikings for picking him.
It's against the law. It's against the university's rules about breaking the law. It's against the Athletic Department's rules. It's against the football program's rules. What is so hard to understand? The saying is that Aggies don't lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do. So, how about y'all stop excusing/enabling this teenager's bad behavior?
When A&M lost to Bama by the same score, at least it was at the beginning of the season without much of a summer or fall camps to get ready. By the time they got to the Orange Bowl, they were playing mainly underclassmen at most of the skill positions.
Ol' Sarge, who would Mond have been throwing it deep to this year, after the Florida game?
North Carolina is a good team aND they played a great bowl game. In Aggie-speak, it's "bad bull" to rub their fans' noses in it.
If A&M had all of the players that they started with in the Spring before injuries and opt-outs, A&M might have been in the top 4. A&M heavily relied on underclassmen this season. The MVP of the entire Orange Bowl game was an Aggie freshman.
Turner is the real deal. A&M fans were very disappointed to see him leave. UT would be smart to hire him immediately.
Joey Galloway is a good guy. But he did play for Ohio State.
This would have been even better if it had happened against FSU.
Texas is definitely greedy and always bullied the rest of the conference to its own benefit. But those big metro TV markets had Houston, Rice, TCU and SMU which (in addition to Baylor in Waco) didn't fill the seats in their own stadiums except for when the bigger schools' teams were in town. (There are lots of longhorns and Aggies fans in the big metro markets, for sure.) Baylor threatened to sue A&M when the Aggies left for the SEC because they needed the money when more Aggies would pay for seats than Baylor fans in their own stadium.
In each country throughout Texas, there are local families who, for whatever reasons, think that they're better than everyone else around them. They send their kids to the University of Texas. Those students, their graduates and fans have a petulant sense of entitlement like nowhere else. Their hubris and patronizing condescension is obnoxious. Watching them have a meltdown in the midst of their beloved longhorns' mediocrity is such fun.
Despondent and ESPN are part of the politically correct culture that rejects facts and demands adherence to Lefty progressive group think and the collectivism of identity politics. No sympathy here for Desmond. They helped build this Lefty monstrosity.
firemuschamp - - I have never been a Muschamp fan. I do think he's a good DC, though. Can you imagine how the current Arkansas coaching staff would be doing at South Carolina?
bayou tiger, my thoughts exactly. We'll see.