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Will Georgia, Alabama and Auburn get to take their home-cooking referees on the road with them for these new games?
acid19, it's the Aggies and SEC who are "$ driven"? Texas took the $300 mil for the longhorn network over keeping the conference together. Texas has always rigged the conference revenue sharing scheme to put them on top of everyone else, while guaranteeing that most of the other schools get less $. A&M graciously offered to continue scheduling the horns, but your people threw it in A&M's faces. Everyone knows that your school would skip town on the Big 12 if the Pac-12 or SEC came calling. Same goes for going independent if they could make it work. You teasips can't pass a mirror without stopping to look at yourselves, and you can't stand to see a former rival succeed without you. Move on.
Michael, as a Tennessee grad, you shouldn't be expected to understand how the vast majority of Aggies feel about this. We've moved on. Even though A&M was treated very badly by Texas and their fan base, our athletics department reached out immediately to schedule competitions in all sports. Texas refused, and they strong-armed the rest of the Big 12 to blackball A&M in all sports. Every A&M coach contacted his/her counterpart at the other schools, and were told to pound sand. Baylor even threatened to sue A&M because more Aggies showed up at the games in Waco, and Baylor needed the money from Aggies. And they were such lapdogs for Texas, they STILL turned their backs in unison against A&M. Fine. We really like our new home in the SEC anyway. SEC fans give each other a really hard time, but that's OK. Texas and Big 12 fans are obnoxious and nasty. Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas A&M all came to the same conclusion that Texas is an abusive conference partner, they're a condescending bully, and we want nothing to do with them and their arrogant, obnoxious school and fan base. And the other conference school don't have the cajones to stand up to them.