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jkoler24, good analogy. You must not have watched much SWC and Big 12 football. The longhorns mysteriously had countless calls go their way. The conference did what they could to prop up who they thought was their marquis program. The Aggies thought that we had left that behind when we joined the SEC. Evidently not.
whoahosse, admit it, you'really about 15 years old, right?
I hope that a lot of high school recruits see how Auburn fans treat the players. Who wants to play for fans like them?
Everyone knows that the SEC blueblood programs, especially in the state of Alabama, are treated differently by the referees. It's like Michael Jordan never being called for anything.
Two well matched similar teams. Old fashioned defensive slug fest. A&M will pull for Auburn for the rest of the season.
Watch the referees. Let's see how they call targeting, flops, D an O pass interference, and O Line holding.
Longhorns fans practically invented taunting from the stands. It would have been great for the thousands of Baylor fans to all yell in unison, "pooooooooooorrrrr teeeeeaaaasssipppppps". Texas showed the rest of the SWC and Big 12 how to show terrible sportsmanship.
GeauxTigers225, um, you do realize that endogamy and pedigree collapse are far and away most commonly found in Louisiana, right? Not even close. And I say that as a genealogist with 1/4 of my pedigree from Louisiana.
Michael, that's nonsense. You clearly haven't been paying attention to A&M's recruiting classes with Jimbo. Kellen Mond and A&M's previous O-Line were not as good when they started. This year A&M has 2 freshmen starting on the line, and a total of 4 new starters. The QB was the backup. Get a grip.
Rono, Fisher wasn't boasting. He's friends with Saban and was being fun and optimistic. Saban certainly didn't take it seriously, and neither should you. Get a grip.
That's a female grackle. She looks to be in rough shape, without full plumage. Maybe a young adult? When I lived on the A&M campus in the mid-80s, we had a serious problem with the large number of grackles nesting in the post oak trees and pooping on everything. During the summer breaks, the school would run small trucks through campus with large speakers blaring loud squealing noises (like a pig). That's the fastest I've ever seen a grackle fly.
Who do you think the longhorns fans are hoping wins this game?
Most of us Aggies seem to have a lot of respect for the Arkansas coaching staff, and generally root for the Hogs when our teams aren't playing each other. Arkansas is doing a great job with their program. I just hope A&M's offense can put it together this weekend against a very well coached defense. I expect A&M's defense to generally stack the box and challenge the QB and receivers to beat them. Same for the Arkansas defense.
That's the most enjoyable game that I've watched that didn't involve my team! Pure Nirvana. Much of the nation is thrilled for Arkansas.
Where's that loud-mouth texas fan on here who actually went to Auburn? He's suddenly ghosted and awfully quiet! Normally you can't shut him up, but it looks like the Hogs did just that.
Yankeepig, I'm with you. I remember too well the painful losses that Arkansas handed to my Aggies. No matter, we didn't hate the Hogs. But we hate the teasips. And tomorrow all Aggies will be cheering on our Arkansas friends.
I don't get the sneering about the Big 12 expansion. They could've collapsed, hurting most of them. Instead, they've assembled a nice conference. No one expects them to produce a national championship, but do you think schools like UH, Baylor and Cincinnati are really thinking about that right now? Don't be surprised if some of those Texas schools schedule games against Sam Houston State University, a very good team at its level. There's more to American football than the top 5 teams in the country.
NashvilleGator, to be fair, most of LSU's capital is unavailable because it gets spent on walking around money for athletes and their families.
The entire SEC universe of fans are all-in rooting for Arkansas. Most of the Big 12, too! Whip the stink off of those horns!
Arkansas should put up mirrors all over their stadium. The Longhorns players and fans just can't resist seeing themselves in the mirror. If you're unaware of just how awesome they are, just ask them and they'll tell you. Gig 'em, Hogs!
I can't remember hating a commercial as much as I hate this one. I jump to mute it and always avert my attention from it. I'm already developing a negative association with the Applebees brand.
The first time that A&M did this 20 years ago, the visiting Oklahoma State fans joined in by wearing the colored shirts. Many joined in locking arms to sway back and forth to saw varsity's horns off. For those Americans fed up with the anti-Americanism in our country, they should tune in to see this patriotic spectacle. It's a shame that no other schools in the country have done this yet.
Huh? The program hands him the chance of a lifetime, and just asks that he be a good player and student, and not break the law. How hard is that? Millions of 20 years old kids don't break the law. He has let himself, his family, his team and his school down.
Per 247Sports, A&M was already at #12 with only 12 commits compared to Texas' # 10 with 17 commits. It's only going to get better for A&M as more highly ranked recruits keep rolling in. Poor teasips.
Oh, well, since your sister is an Aggie, that makes you an expert on all things A&M. Except no mention of men's indoor and outdoor track and field, women's indoor and outdoor track and field; men's golf; women's basketball and softball; equestrian, etc. Perhaps you and your fellow Bearkats have no respect for A&M, but generally Aggies do not dislike or disrespect Sam Houston State University. We're proud of their accomplishments, just as we are for Stephen F. Austin University. Such hatred from a Sam Houston graduate. You must be quite embarrassed to be from SHU to instead use a longhorns logo for your avatar. You didn't even attend school at t.u. and you claim their logo as yours, and refer to them as "we". Pathetic.
bayoutiger, A&M has over 100 years of more experience with tu than does LSU, so how about you consider listening to folks with more knowledge on the subject?
Coach RC Slocum is one of the most respected people in all of college football. He said that he and his staff were unaware of Greg Hill's "working" for an auto dealership owned by an Aggie, collecting a paycheck but not working for it. I believe him. So, what do you mean that A&M was caught cheating? Your summary of the LHN chapter shows that you really don't know what transpired.