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Congrats to Georgia. You earned it on the field and were the better team. It looks like the SEC East is starting to close the gap on the West. In addition to Georgia you've got Kentucky playing good ball. Florida hired what appears to be a good coach and should benefit from it. South Carolina and Tennessee look to be on the rise as well.
Dabo won't get the gig once Clemson starts the slow slide starting next year.
Scored 27 and held a good Cincy team to 6 points. I'd say that's pretty impressive. That or he's saying his Cincy team isn't that good and shouldn't have been in the semifinals. Bama more than covered the spread. Sounds like sour grapes to me.
The offensive line sure did look good against UNC. It was year 1 with a new coaching staff and new scheme. Though inconsistent, we got glimpses of what they can do in wins against Florida, Auburn and UNC. Most of those guys are back. I expect that unit to show more consistent improvement in 2022. Getting Rattler is a game changer.
It's going to get fun in Columbia next year with Rattler as QB. Especially with the momentum the bowl win will carry over into next season.
Glad to see he's coming back. Good player. Always good to have Senior leadership, talent and experience on the field. Especially on defense at a position where we need production.
I think he’s a good QB. Don’t get me wrong. But he wasn’t a national freshman of the year. And he was what a 2-star out of high school. Rattler was a 5-star and #1 ranked QB. Bennett wasn’t and isn’t on anyone’s Heisman list. To say he’s better than Rattler is just incorrect.
He’s subscribing to the Dabo Swinney philosophy. Go to a weaker conference and have a chance to stockpile wins all the way to the playoffs. So Cal is still one of the top jobs in the country. And one would have to believe he’s gonna get paid a lot for this move.
In terms of on the field success yes. But Florida seems to have become a coaching graveyard. The expectations are so very high. if I were Kiffin I think I'd stay at Ole Miss. Solid job security, you're in the SEC and his team is performing well. Just not sure I'd want the pressure of the Florida job if I were him. I really think Napier would do well there. He certainly deserves the opportunity and would probably take it.
I think Satterfield and Adkins may need to go. Offensive line play and play calling have been abysmal all season long. We simply are not improving at all. It’s time to open up the checkbook and go get a top flight OC and a new line coach. If Beamer remains loyal to them both, it will be his undoing at Carolina.
Indeed. Very true. Not shocked we laid an egg against a bad Missouri team. We cannot handle any success. We consistently follow up a good win with a bad loss.
I read somewhere over the weekend he has another year of eligibility for the 2022 season. If he can play like this the rest of the season, he'd have to be the presumptive starter next year.
What were you smoking on when writing this article? I mean seriously. I’m a huge Gamecocks fan. But this absurd. The ones here that may have some merit are points #2 and #4.
Exactly. Robbed and ruined Florida and Carolina. I don’t think he’s a bad dude. But he’s not a head coach. His defense at Carolina got worse and worse.
Agreed. He’s a solid individual with good morals. Very positive influence in the locker room. And someone kids can look up to. Why people criticize someone like Tebow is beyond me. Those folks need to look themselves in the mirror.
That’s just disgusting if true. If so shouldn’t play for TN again if anybody.
Great start to the season for Carolina. The schedule upcoming won’t be easy. Looking forward to seeing what we can do.
Amen. I’m liking what I’m seeing from the tram early on. We have played really well.
How bout them Gamecocks. Showing swagger that Gamecock fans are used to seeing on the baseball diamond. Great series win. Eyster owns Clemson.
Muschump sucked. So glad he’s gone.
It’s Saban’s world and we’re just living in it. Sorry Georgia.
Screw these A-holes who kneel during the national anthem. Got no respect for them whatsoever.
Think that depends on who the next head coach is and what kind of offense/scheme he runs. If that fits Hilinski’s style he probably stays. If not he bolts.
South Carolina has a really good chance to be better than 7th best in conference. They have a really good group of players and a good coach. You know the defense will be there with a Frank Martin team. It always is.
Muschamp has got to go. The body of evidence is there. He failed at Florida and he has failed at Carolina. Regressing weekly. Take Ray Tanner with you Will.