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Exactly. What a load of sh$t. Players are in a safer environment than the students.
No Stephon Gilmore NFL Defensive Player of the Year? No Clowney?
Dude has got major hops. Solid win for Carolina tonight. Still alive.
Don’t sleep on South Carolina. Playing really good ball. And getting stellar guard play.
Clemson beat a crappy UNC team. Duke yes a good win. Duke did lose to Stephen F. Austin at home. And S. Carolina smoked Clemson at their place. Both teams are up and down.
You need to send the refs a Christmas present this year for the gifts you received today. Did you have your glasses on while watching the game?
Carolina got totally screwed today. It completely handed the game to Florida. We had a great opportunity to win that game. We’re never given the opportunity to properly win or lose it. It’s such crap.
Dude it was a huge for him and the program. If the shoe were on the other foot, your real and coach would do the same thing. It’s not like it was something criminal.
Clemson has a high school schedule. The ACC is the worst football conference in America. And by a wide margin.
Georgia’s obnoxious and rude fan base deserve this loss. Only thing better for a Gamecock fan is beating Clemson. Great great win today.
Dabo the ignorant cheerleader. What an idiot. Their schedule is a joke. No way in hell they would beat Bama or Georgia right now.
That’s pretty sad that Frank Martin can’t close the deal on an in-state talent like this. Go to the Final Four and can’t sell that to recruits. He doesn’t appear to be a great recruiter. Head scratcher.
Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base. That was beyond an enjoyable game to watch. Nobody gets their tails whipped in home regionals like Clemson. And weren’t they complaining about not getting a national seed? Hmmm think again Clemson. Typical Clemson fan base so far removed from reality.
Typical Georgia fan response. So predictable.
Malzahn is an idiot. If he had a QB, or just stuck with one, they win the game. My God how many trips to the red zone did they have? A bunch. Clemson is beatable this year. Bama would crush them again right now. Auburn ya blew it last night. You should be 1-0 and Clemson 0-1. Missed opportunity.
Yea either an a Auburn or Georgia commit. They both like signing troublemakers.
No South Carolina/Missouri game? At Missouri, Carolina down 17-0 in 2nd half, an injured Connor Shaw comes in, brings them all the way back, had a miraculous TD pass on 4th and goal in the 1st OT then the Missouri kicker misses the FG in the 2nd OT. Missouri was ranked what 5th at the time. And during the regular season Missouri's only loss. A classic from 2013.