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Elko seems like a solid hire. He did really well at Duke where it is not easy to win. Has TX connections and young. They could have done worse.
I’m enjoying watching Clemson’s demise. Zero sympathy from me.
Finebaum is blowing it way out of proportion. This isn’t a big deal. Beamer did it to himself. Now he lives with the discomfort. Is this really big news?
Bye bye Clemson. It’s so awesome watching their demise. Couldn’t happen to a better group of folks.
Nah. Have you seen Lanoris Sellers? He’s got a chance to be a great one at Carolina. He has all the tools.
Beating Clemson and Tennessee again. Sign me up.
He is such a great and dynamic baseball player. He won’t be in the minor league long. He has the “it” factor.
It sure seems SC is living rent free in TN fans’ heads. But hey thanks for beating Clemson in the Orange Bowl.
Thank you Tennessee for helping usher Clemson out of the tournament. I don’t pull for you often. But did in that extra innings win. Added thanks to Charlotte for putting the nail in Clemson’s coffin. Congrats on the Regional win.
Great 13-5 win in game one for Carolina. If you don’t know who Ethan Petry is, you should and will soon. Best Freshman in college baseball.
I know at least one other recruiting service has him as a 4-star. Great pickup. This OL line is gonna be nasty.
Great win. Dominant performance especially defensively. We are the team to beat no doubt.
After all the controversy with Miller being allowed to play, I don’t feel sorry for Bama. Minus the Miller situation, I was behind their winning. Not this year.
South Carolina looks to be back in baseball. Playing really well.
That was an impressive win. Congrats Arkansas fans.
Sure he’s taking it seriously. He knows Miller is the only chance they have at a deep tournament run. An embarrassment to tue school and college basketball.
I wouldn’t say better athletes are going to Clemson anymore. We are going toe-to-toe with them now in recruiting.
That is one heck of a pickup for Carolina. A true difference maker on the field. Can’t wait to see him take the field next year. A true elite athlete.
This is a huge pickup. May not get all the attention that the skilled position guys do. But a lot of games are win when you can land elite linemen like this.
Yawn……GA vs Bama. Hard to pick against those two. But same ol same ol. Hope the Noles topple Clemsux in the A She She. ACC is pathetic as a football conference.
31-30. The gap fast closing between the Gamecocks and Tigers. They know it as does everyone else.
Ummmmm.....yea. Good luck with that PETA. Give me a break.
Excellent news!! This is big for Carolina next year.
Dabo is a buffoon. I would have shipped him a water slide to symbolize his program’s downward slide.
This bowl loss didn’t really bother me. I mean we were without what 20 players? We were missing some legit starters who really contributed to our 8 wins. These opt outs and transfers are making Bowl games a lot more difficult. You don’t know year-to-year what you’ll have for your bowl game. I found myself not knowing a lot of the players who were in the game for us. Great season for year 2 with Beamer. Like where we are heading.
As a Gamecocks fan thank you thank you thank you. Nothing like seeing Clemson get a beat down. Clemson is on the downward slide. That made my day.