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Dawson Knox is an early draft departure as well...??
You've been saying for the past month that they havent beaten anyone, yet now that they do, you still think they aren't good enough?? "Win tonight and that will settle the debate."?? This is for the season thus far. You can't hold the two resumes up and say LSU is better unless you are biased, lazy, or unintelligent.
Still having Ole Miss behind LSU seems like a cop out on your part since you refused to give them any credit till this week. They're 3-0 in the SEC. 2 of those were top 15 teams and 2 of those were on the road. If this is a power ranking for SEC teams how are they behind LSU who has only played twice and one of those wins took OT?? Pretty trash analysis
Real question.... did you watch a game last year? Even 1? or did you just read message boards and blogs and form an opinion?? Scottie averaged 6 yrd/carry Woullard had 5 Corral had 6 What an asinine think to say
I was thinking the same thing. After watching the regression of Fitzgerald why would he want to go there if the idea is becoming a better passer for the next level? That offense was the #1 reason State didnt meet expectations. That was the case the year before with the exact same team under Mullin
If you wanna get stats involved, the last 3 times Kirby coached on the opposite side of the field from OM he lost... once to a 5-7 team, by a lot... most SEC teams can trash OM right now.... Georgia can't in all honesty
I don't think that was ever mentioned nor do I think anyone would argue. I mean you're really itching to argue with some OM fans.... Is everything ok? Do you wanna talk about it?
Jokes on you, there's no Hyundai dealership in Oxford And if anyone's got room to talk smack from OM it's AJ.... and thats about it
Yeah that's just ignorant, OM is playing good basketball, I mean georgia is barely above .500?? OM's only two losses perennial NCAA tournament teams
Painfully shoddy indeed. Plus this reaction was on the scoop and score before they waved the flag. Be better guys geez