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20% chance of winning......as an eternal optimist, this is all I need. I'll take it! lol
The only place he actually failed was in the NFL as a 30 something year old. Where else do you see failure? Winning seasons every year as a college HC other than one year at FAU. Had USC winning under crippling sanctions and took a bottomed out UT to a winning season as well. You either didn't actually look up anything what so ever, or you're a troll.
The fact that Shea Patterson is even in the top 10 is laughable. OM did not "miss out on a good one" lol. He had one good quarter against a decent team. 1.
David, I'm sure you're a swell guy, but "as his failures around the country outnumber his successes." is incredibly awful. In 8 seasons as a college coach he's had 1 losing season and that was sandwiched between two 10+ win seasons at a school that had never won anything lol The only failure was being a 31 y/o HC for the Raiders..... where everyone loses
According to the 247 composite CJ Johnson was the #5 ILB in the 2011 class which, according to my math, it a higher ranking than #6 but whatever you say bud
I was coming down here to say that. I mean, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about it, but it was an awful call.
Wait.... are you getting this triggered by a coach retweeting a kids tweet? My god you need help
UT in 07: 5-7, with Kiffin in 08: 7-5 USC during SANCTIONS: 8-5, 10-2, 7-5 FAU all time before Kiffin: 77-116 FAU with Kiffin: 26-13 including a 10 & 11 win season But yeah lets keep that narrative of "he's a bottom half of the league coach" lol
Chad Kelly in 2016 went over 4,000 yards passing and 500 yards rushing and didn't feed on weak teams like Lock did. Example: Lock had 1 game (arkansas) with over 300 yards passing in 2017 against P5 teams. Kelly had 3 including the sugar bowl and also 340 with 3 TD's passing and another rushing against Bama (national champs). Also %: Lock was 58% completion and Kelly was 65%. Nobody can say with straight face that 2017 Lock was better than 2015 Kelly. Period.
Soooooo, Kentrel Bullock, the #34 RB isn't worth putting on your list? lol
Take that crap out of here lol. The 2015 Ole Miss team was a dang good team. Nobody can dispute that.
I must be missing something, outside of Oakland where everyone fails at the age of 32 where has he failed? Got UT to 7 seven wins with Crompton when they had be spiraling downwards 28-15 at USC while basically under the death penalty and 2 10+ wins seasons out of 3 at FAU, they most wins ever both times? I'm clearly missing something, right?
John Haynes..... I mean don't get me wrong he was fine this year but he hasn't even played 12 games for us yet and you skipped people like Trae Elston or Tony Conner even?
^^^ this. I want him just for the sheer fun of it and giving us a jolt that we need badly. Heck, if he does something stupid and makes us look bad, who cares. We've done that plenty in the past 5 years
TBH if my daughter came home with a guy like that, I couldn't be happier
I mean if there was ever a picture perfect example of click bait, this is it. Personally, I wanted him to get another year. Felt like we were getting close. But he isn't getting fired bc of that, he's being fired bc the fan base is leaving rapidly. We can weather the storm if fans are "angry" but not if they are "apathetic". Thats where you get into deep deep problems. We lost $6mil in season tickets in one year, thats half of his buyout. It's not "a mess" now, its what happens any time a coach is fired, players are mad but it will move forward and be fine. Each article yall write shows more and more the reason yall work for this site and not a real one lol
I'm not sold on him long term yet bc of passing but if you watch the few times they let him pass it's often -2-3 receivers running routes and nobody is ever over the middle of the field -Typically just on 3rd and long -And we only have 1 WR who can consistently get open Corral was a much better passer last year than he is now so I can't make any real judgement on him But in 7 starts and a few plays against Cal having those rushing stats is unreal
"Ole Miss has not allowed a team to score more than 58 points, hasn't had a single close game, but there's 9 teams better than them. 2 have a loss (one being to a directional Kentucky school, and 1 has 2 losses." Yall make sure to let keep that ignorance hidden huh?
"LSU went up 28-0 midway through the 2nd quarter and never led by less than 14 points thereafter." It was 34-23 mid way through the 3rd quarter but I suppose actual research and fact checking would go against the brand
I absolutely agree Rich Rod was a great idea and what was needed, but his offense doesn't work on a team that was built for the air raid. I'm not sure if it would work anywhere in 2019 like it did when he was at WV
I've always said the most impressive things Luke has done is go 6-6 after being named head coach out of nowhere right before the season and having to deal with the nuclear fallout. I'm not saying he's a great coach but this team is so much better than last year and have been competitive in every game outside of Bama, but that wasn't even that bad lol. Give him 1 more year.... maybe without rich rod tho
I scrolled down here to say the same thing. Took a team from 20 losses to 20 wins in his first year, is recruiting at a level higher than any I remeber and not only will he fail to make the tournament, he's simply going to leave because.......?? I mean it would make sense right? It's not like he's currently the most popular man on campus nor is he from MS or anything. Morons.
I agree 100%. He was Longo's guy, and as much as I think Longo is a moron, he had an eye for arm talent and Tisdale has that. With almost any other OC in the country, Tisdale would probably be battling for QB1 with Corrall, I think he will be a very very good QB somewhere
Also, I don't think thats entirely accurate. I typically love watching college libs get all hot and bothered, but this entire thing is a joke. The IHL basically thinks we're all morons. I know the liberals don't want a conservative dude, but as a conservative dude I don't want him.
Man, if you're going to report something at least know what you're talking about. Ole Miss didn't "hire" the IHL. The IHL makes these decisions for every state school (which is so incredibly dumb), the IHL brought Boyce on to help run the search and he chose himself. Again, know the simple stuff.
Corrall, SEC freshman of the week, is #11 behind a guy who lost to BYU and Ga ST, as well as a kid who has played one game against Charleston Southern. Yeah makes sense
I know I sound like a broken record but do some dang research for once. Phillips already has 4 games over with 100 yards rushing
He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw rocks (I know you were just making a pun but I couldn't resist.)
Just when I think the poor research yall do can't get any worse..... "Only Auburn, which is still deciding between Joey Gatewood and Bo Nix, can say for certain it will be replacing an outgoing starter with a guy it actually signed out of high school." Jordan Ta'Amu graduates, Matt Corral (part of OM's 2018 signing class) replaces him. I mean good lord
Good lord this site is pitiful. Don't even write the article if you don't know what you're talking about. Please. 1. RB depth rn is Scottie, Snoop (not mentioned), Ealy, then Woullard 2. WR depth rn has Battles starting (not mentioned) 3. We have 1 DT and 2 DE's that start and those are Benito at DT and Ryder and Robinson at DE 4. LB's is MOMO and Lakia starting inside Like come on. At least try