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I agree. but the D is the opposite. Which means we could win any game left..... but also could lose any of them. My blood pressure hates my fandom.
Before the season I would've called you a liar, but now I believe you lol. I think both schools got great coaches and that neither would be as great at the other school tbh
Just to make sure we're on the same page, if a coach and player accuse you of something that diminishes your success without proof or any logical reasoning at all, you just take if you lose? Lol that's some stupid stuff right there.
Yes.... But also no. Bc if he kept playing in RR's system he would have been beaten half to death running that much lol
I love Plumlee. Absolute stud athlete and great kid. But if you think he's a better QB than Corral you either haven't ever watched an OM game or you think Kiffin is gonna run the Paul John wing T. Plumlee can't throw 1/3 as well as Corral and we've got enough running backs that we don't need our QB to rush for 100 yards a game. He'll play plenty. I doubt he wants to transfer though bc he only transfers if he can play QB and baseball at another school and the chances of that are slim
I don't think it was as much UF being out of position as it was Lebby and Kiffin creating concepts that opened things up. Most of the big plays where either bc OM's receiver had the DB by a step or he was hit when a window opened up.
I agree, except I would have a hard time putting Trask any lower than 2 for right now. However, I think most QBs on this list would have a hard time not putting up numbers with Pitts catching balls. Kids an absolute freak.
Lol wait, 220 yards on 10 catches against Florida isn't "top 10"? But 10 catches for 140 against UT, and 6 catches for 180 yards against Kentucky is?
If we're basing this on week 1 performance then how does 233 yards on 59% passing with 33 yards rushing against Kentucky beat 395 yard on 71% passing and 50 yards rushing against Florida? lol
He wore a Kobe tribute mask, a Jordan mask, and a few bar stool masks. He's making it a point to stand out at whatever it is he does. It worked. It was picked up by game day, ESPN, SEC nation, everything. Getting talked about, even on something trivial, is brilliant as far as recruiting goes.
20% chance of winning......as an eternal optimist, this is all I need. I'll take it! lol
The only place he actually failed was in the NFL as a 30 something year old. Where else do you see failure? Winning seasons every year as a college HC other than one year at FAU. Had USC winning under crippling sanctions and took a bottomed out UT to a winning season as well. You either didn't actually look up anything what so ever, or you're a troll.
The fact that Shea Patterson is even in the top 10 is laughable. OM did not "miss out on a good one" lol. He had one good quarter against a decent team. 1.
David, I'm sure you're a swell guy, but "as his failures around the country outnumber his successes." is incredibly awful. In 8 seasons as a college coach he's had 1 losing season and that was sandwiched between two 10+ win seasons at a school that had never won anything lol The only failure was being a 31 y/o HC for the Raiders..... where everyone loses
According to the 247 composite CJ Johnson was the #5 ILB in the 2011 class which, according to my math, it a higher ranking than #6 but whatever you say bud
I was coming down here to say that. I mean, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about it, but it was an awful call.
Wait.... are you getting this triggered by a coach retweeting a kids tweet? My god you need help
UT in 07: 5-7, with Kiffin in 08: 7-5 USC during SANCTIONS: 8-5, 10-2, 7-5 FAU all time before Kiffin: 77-116 FAU with Kiffin: 26-13 including a 10 & 11 win season But yeah lets keep that narrative of "he's a bottom half of the league coach" lol
Chad Kelly in 2016 went over 4,000 yards passing and 500 yards rushing and didn't feed on weak teams like Lock did. Example: Lock had 1 game (arkansas) with over 300 yards passing in 2017 against P5 teams. Kelly had 3 including the sugar bowl and also 340 with 3 TD's passing and another rushing against Bama (national champs). Also %: Lock was 58% completion and Kelly was 65%. Nobody can say with straight face that 2017 Lock was better than 2015 Kelly. Period.
Soooooo, Kentrel Bullock, the #34 RB isn't worth putting on your list? lol
Take that crap out of here lol. The 2015 Ole Miss team was a dang good team. Nobody can dispute that.
I must be missing something, outside of Oakland where everyone fails at the age of 32 where has he failed? Got UT to 7 seven wins with Crompton when they had be spiraling downwards 28-15 at USC while basically under the death penalty and 2 10+ wins seasons out of 3 at FAU, they most wins ever both times? I'm clearly missing something, right?
John Haynes..... I mean don't get me wrong he was fine this year but he hasn't even played 12 games for us yet and you skipped people like Trae Elston or Tony Conner even?
^^^ this. I want him just for the sheer fun of it and giving us a jolt that we need badly. Heck, if he does something stupid and makes us look bad, who cares. We've done that plenty in the past 5 years
TBH if my daughter came home with a guy like that, I couldn't be happier
I mean if there was ever a picture perfect example of click bait, this is it. Personally, I wanted him to get another year. Felt like we were getting close. But he isn't getting fired bc of that, he's being fired bc the fan base is leaving rapidly. We can weather the storm if fans are "angry" but not if they are "apathetic". Thats where you get into deep deep problems. We lost $6mil in season tickets in one year, thats half of his buyout. It's not "a mess" now, its what happens any time a coach is fired, players are mad but it will move forward and be fine. Each article yall write shows more and more the reason yall work for this site and not a real one lol
I'm not sold on him long term yet bc of passing but if you watch the few times they let him pass it's often -2-3 receivers running routes and nobody is ever over the middle of the field -Typically just on 3rd and long -And we only have 1 WR who can consistently get open Corral was a much better passer last year than he is now so I can't make any real judgement on him But in 7 starts and a few plays against Cal having those rushing stats is unreal
"Ole Miss has not allowed a team to score more than 58 points, hasn't had a single close game, but there's 9 teams better than them. 2 have a loss (one being to a directional Kentucky school, and 1 has 2 losses." Yall make sure to let keep that ignorance hidden huh?