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WanderingJersey that is wrong. I went to TTU for my PhD near the end of Leach’s time. He beat OU at least once in Lubbock (I was at that game) and won the Big 12 one of those years. Granted that year was ridiculous and there weren’t enough tie-breakers so it was a 3-way Big 12 championship shared by TTU, Texas, and I believe OU. But you point is a decent one. His teams generally end the season at the upper middle of the pack. He’s usually good for one upset a year and a trip to a decent bow every season. But championship trophies aren’t lining the case in the athletics facility.
So what? I suspect they would have done the same thing on the Tennessee side of the field if the Vols won. It’s not like smoking cigars is only for the Bama side when they win. The Volunteer fans need to be more concerned with rebuilding after 10 years of downhill sliding. I saw some things that give me hope of what’s to come in a few years.
Marty has made SEC Nation unwatchable. If I want to see it have to get up at 6am here. I started sleeping in the week after they put him on the air.
Butch Jones proved you have to have good coaching to make top tier recruiting classes mean anything. That's why the top schools keep getting the top recruits.
Nah Fuzzy. I think you're wrong. In this instance it looks like it's about personal relationships and doing a favor for a friend.
Legend, you mad bro? You should be used to getting a sniff of being there and not quite getting a taste after all of these years of being almost good enough.
He was a assistant with Kiffin at Tennessee. When they quit to go run the USC program into the ground he called players (recruits) that were enrolling for spring and told them not to enroll because they would be recruited to So. Cal. All of this was going on while Kiffin was doing his press conference saying he was leaving.
I couldn't tell who I wanted to lose worse. LSU because of their coach or UGA because of their fans. This seals it. I'm glad LSU won.