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Hey Corch -- Not only have I been around I GRADUATED from UGA in '90. Those of us who actually Went to UGA and GRADUATED were taught not to act like a Chicken Sh*t Fool. YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH "FANS". Grow up! Wish the powers that be would throw your %$$ off this site! You are an EMBARRASSMENT to UGA and the SEC!
Geeezzz Corch - If you are going to come on here and act like the fool you are take the "G" off your name. You don't represent those of us who actually GRADUATED from UGA.
It seems no matter what UGA does, Men's BB cannot progress. Sad when a 14-12 season is one of the better seasons of late...
A "D" for UGA? At best a D-. This season was clearly a failure and should be an "F". How long do we have to see a sub-par performance from UGA BBall? At least be competitive. Dead last in defense??? Sickening.
So if this did occur, (let's assume it did), he gets to decide what the punishment would be? Removal from a Bowl game? Wow...
Well, I doubt the GA Tech fight caused the injury either... Next time you wonder why people pile on Tenn - - look back at your idiotic comments... It isn't the players - it the fools posting the crap you posted.
Must not be much to write about today. Doing an article on another player (no matter the school) entering the portal who has hardly gotten on the field? Can't Michael Bratton find something interesting to write about?
Should have stayed in school another year and grown up a bit. Clearly was not mature enough when he went out early.
His argument makes no sense. If you are worried about beating him when he transfers, are you admitting he was better than your QB1? If you aren't, let him go. If you are concerned about losing to him, you should have done whatever was needed to keep him at OU.
This is disgusting. Agree with Charles 100%. Social Media is one of the worst things to ever happen to this country. Beyond time to pull the plug on it by holding these Billionire "platform" holders accountable for this crap being allowed. So Ohio St. lost one game. At least they were there. This young man did not deserve this. Now that ORU beat Florida, it doesn't look so much like a fluke, but instead ORU playing good ball.
Corch needs to be removed - 100% AGREE - problem with trolls like that though she would just get a new login. Corch is no true fan of any program - He proved that by his heartless foolish commentary.
I don't believe it either. Corch is a sick human being. Going after Tenn because these players get sick? That's the sign of a sick mind. Best wishes to these young men in the program, they deserve that, they do not deserve to be mocked.
Best of luck to you young man, without your health and mental health, not much else matters. Very mature decision you are making.
Agreed, except Vanderbilt isn't obnoxious. The only thing I missed about UGA not playing Tech last year was the "poor, poor pitiful me" looks on the Techie's faces after they ran their mouths for a week and finally realized they should be in a D3 conference.
Latest new reports out of Knoxville is that Smokey is contemplating entering the transfer portal. Since he is not a "controversial" mascot, he is expecting numerous schools and fanbases to show an interest. Film at 11.
Incredible talent, but an even more incredible Man and DGD! Now time for his next step in football, into the Hall of Fame. Wishing him well in his post-football life with his family by his side.
At least UGA doesn't resort to McDonalds bags... Once again Tenn swings and misses. Happens so much you wouldn't know a win if it bit you.
Hoping this young man gets the intervention he needs to pull himself together. Would hate to see him become a statistic, and he is well on his way to that.
Sam Pittman is a class act. Very happy for him and seeing him turn the Arkansas program around. I just hope they give him the time needed to fully right their ship. Patience from the fans and Admin. will pay off.
Typical Chicken fan - all cluck, no substance. Sure you will be thrilled after the season getting to go to the Nowhere Bowl once again.
That was a great answer -- IF 'Bama is paying players, gotta give them credit in whatever way they do it (and I don't believe they are paying). They haven't gotten caught handing McDonalds bags of cash to anyone! Clearly Pruitt did not learn that at 'Bama!
Time to get this country back to normal. If you are fearful of going to a game, it is simple. DON'T GO, STAY HOME! It started as "two weeks to flatten the curve" and has turned into a year of fear mongering. These teams work hard and sacrifice greatly to be able to play. LET THEM PLAY! If the players/coaches are fearful of playing, fine, let them sit out.
This "Corch" person must be a "hanger-on" fan. He is an embarrassment not only to himself but to REAL SEC grads and fans.
@Corch - It is getting tiresome - Most real Tennessee fans are well aware of their problems - it has been going on so long now -- Give it a rest - try trolling something else for a change (from a REAL UGA grad, not a hanger-on "fan")
Nothing brings together rival SEC fans than a Weekend with a bad halftime show