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Naw, Muschamp is busy spending the millions in Chicken money he got paid. he will be back in the game, but not until he fills out some more deposit slips.
Now let him work and keep Phil FAR away from the program! Retired or not don't let him wield influence
With the current transfer rules and the huge numbers of (decommits/transfers/transfers pending) is Tenn going to have enough players to field a full team? Has anyone done the numbers yet? It is getting pretty thin in Knoxville.
If SC didn't want to pay him the $15 million they had 2 choices 1) don't agree to the contract, 2) don't fire him and let him work out his time. He should never have been hired in the first place at SC, but the delusional Chicken fans just knew he would turn around a program with no winning tradition, and few solid recruits since your idol Spurrier refused to recruit. Just write the check Chickens, maybe one day you will learn, but I doubt it.
Just what UGA doesn't need. Muschamp. Was glad to see him go before, we don't need him back. I don't care where he goes, just go!
Just another delusional Tenn. "fan". Sad thing is you still see Tenn as relevant. Haven't been relevant since '98. Recruits don't see you as relevant, unless you hand out bags of money.
Give credit where credit it due.... Whatever Tenn. fan did this deserves free season tickets for life! Sad situation, but sometimes all you can do is laugh and move on... Glad to see them moving on.
True, and the Chickens have experience with payouts, (How much was that to Muschamp? $15 million?)
I read the posts from the Tenn fans here. I invite you to step back and review what they are saying. A few get it, and get what the writer was trying to convey. Most though play into exactly what the writer described though. Face the facts Tenn fans... Tenn is not elite, and have been mostly irrelevant since '98. It took a lot of bad decisions to get to this point, and adding bad decisions on top of those doesn't make it better. Time to realize your program has a lot of work to do to become relevant again. The SEC needs Tenn to be strong. Admit it to yourself there is a wide chasm between Tenn and the elite teams. Work to overcome it, and accept it most likely take years to right the ship especially with likely NCAA penalties. Only then will Tenn re-take its place where it belongs.
I have said on this site several times recently, the SEC needs Tenn to be relevant again. All programs have down times. Getting Fulmer out and starting over to build a better program and culture is a must for us all. The SEC is stronger together and when the programs are slugging it out on the field. Good Luck Tenn getting things back on track. Hope it is sooner rather than later.
Is Tenn still paying Butch or did I see where they finally paid him all his money ;)
An attempt to do something? Yeah that's a good one. No proven coach in their right mind would take that job now with Level 1 violations sure to bring probation/sanctions/loss of scholarships and a delusional fan base that thinks Tenn is relevant. And no matter what happens in bball, Tenn football will still be a dumpster fire.
And the dumpster fire that used to be Tennessee football continues
@RosterC - typical Chicken fan, SC got it's a$$ handed to them this year. Your overpaid coach is ridiculously rich because you FIRED him. When is the last time you won the SEC??? Uhhh, Never! When is the last time you had a CHANCE to make a run at the national Championship??? Never! Loved your AD having to apologize for your undisciplined players tearing up UGA's hedges. Here's a thought -- get relevant for a change. Only fools in the country to name a field for a coach that QUIT on the players half way through a season and left the cupboard bare! SC is an embarrassment
Wow... Vol1 you are delusional. Your players are leaving faster than rats off a sinking ship, you haven't been relevant in forever, you can't get and keep the better recruits, you go through coaches one after another and UGA continues to do well. Big talk from a fan who lost THREE IN A ROW to Vanderbilt in recent years.
And who would replace him? Pruitt took the job because your first 6-7 choices TURNED YOU DOWN! With the bigger mess that the program is in why would a reputable coach want to destroy their career and take the job? Look at the overall program and get a plan before you start firing people.
vol1 - Can you honestly say you would not prefer to be in the situation UGA is than the situation Tenn continues to find itself in? When is the last time Tenn even went to a NY6 bowl and was relevant at the national level? When was the last time Tenn ended a season in the top 10? Tenn is a laughingstock at the national level. The SEC needs Tenn to be strong for everyone's strength of schedule.
Spoken like a true delusional Tenn fan. I will take Mark Richt's record any day over the train wreck Tenn has been the last 15 years. Richt ran a clean program, and Kirby was able to take the team further. Tenn is not relevant and needs to right the ship soon or continue to be a national punch line for failure.
Is Pruitt part of the problem? Definitely. But you have to look at the history of UT over the last 15 years or so and how it has continued to nosedive. Unless the underlying contributing factors are addressed Knute Rockne and Bear Bryant (both reincarnate) would not be able to fix football at UT. It is the coach, but also much deeper than that. Don't address it, fine, but honestly ask yourself this -- Why would a top tier coach want to go to Tenn and risk a good career with the mess it is in? Your last coaching search was a national laughingstock. Remember, Pruitt took the job knowing the mess the place was in. No one else would take it. We need UT to get back on track. Just changing coaches will never work. It is deeper than that.
Hey Chicken fans, be glad Auburn is getting these coaches, they may be doing you a favor! SC spent so much money paying Muschamp not to coach, there was nothing left to pay our these guys anyway. Now at least Beamer can hire in those he wants instead of Muschamp's 2-8 guys and you get a little $$ back to boot. Ask yourselves this: Have you really lost anything?
Sad to see this ongoing struggle at what used to be a top-rate program. "Fire the Coach" isn't the issue. Until Tenn fans realize there is a real sickness within the Athletic Dept and culture that has been allowed to grow since well before Pruitt, history will keep repeating. The SEC needs a strong Tennessee program. Until the cause of this cancer is cut out and real, serious people take over, you will continue to see this get worse even though we though it had bottomed out before. Now it seems Tennessee is looking to attain a new low. Please fix the culture and regain the place you should be. The SEC needs another strong program.
The only program that is more of a dumpster fire than SC is Tennessee. SC has delusions of grandeur with no winning tradition and an administration that is a wreck. SC's program isn't a has been like Tenn can at least say they were, SC is a never-was...
Or quit on the team mid-season like Spurrier did and leave the cupboard bare and STILL have fans so delusional they will name the field after you! Athletic director needs to go, entire SC program needs to be built from the ground up. Only expectation in Columbia is how many games they will lose. But what can you expect from people with a mascot most have for Sunday dinner?
Just like Beamer will be looking or will have moved on to a real program when the Chicken fans over expectation will either drive him from USC or he will get a better offer (which is just about anywhere not named Tennessee) You guys are on your 3rd coach in 6 years... You are in the running for "Biggest Dumpster fire program".
I am sick of 'Bama winning the SEC and National Championship over and over too, and there is one simple solution. Teams need to BEAT them, but they have not been able to. Call it "the Process" call it better recruiting, call it whatever you want. But until a program can beat them, 'Bama is the King of the hill, and will be until someone is able to knock them off. We don't need to water down College Football due to the success of a program. No One needs "participation trophies". Earn it in the off season and on the field. 'Bama has been doing that and until they are knocked off, they deserve our admiration and congratulations.
This was funny... "The players and coaches might be different the next time Alabama and Ohio State clash on the gridiron, but the Buckeye faithful are sure to remember the trash talk and trolling." Very true, but THE Ohio State still won't be able to do anything about it. This goes back to the question that arose a few years ago when it seemed like every year THE Ohio State was getting rammed into the National Championship game -- "Which SEC Team gets to beat THE Ohio State this year for the National Championship? Overrated team, Overrated Program that only gets in the picture every year due to the high number of alumni that are in Media and Sports Media.
Once again the Chickens lose out on the quality players they need.
And who are you going to replace him with? Remember all the experienced coaches who turned Tenn down before. Amazingly Tenn has somehow made the situation worse than the previous disaster when you became a national laughing stock while searching for a coach.