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Missouri want to leave the SEC? I say good riddance. Never needed/wanted you to begin with. Go play in the Big 12/10/8 or whatever they are currently.
Example C: Sewanee (charter SEC School and early powerhouse) - that never got any bigger and now plays Div III. Play with the big boys or become irrelevant like Sewanee and GA Tech
AMEN! But we know by the end of the season facing the gauntlet of teams the level of the SEC ND would seldom be a national story, and they want their special treatment with their TV contract
DGD without a doubt, but an even better Man and a true role model both on and off the field. Glad to see him get this chance and looking forward to the show!
Ok... No fan of UF here at all, never have been, never will be, HOWEVER, you can't prove to me that Mullen won't take the talent he has and make them better to the point that UF is at their very worst in the top 20, probably nearer the top 10. The program has proven itself a winner consistently with some bumps that all programs go through at some point. Will there be a drop off this yea? Most likely, but Mullen and the staff and the type of players they have will not be satisfied with being outside the top 25 in any poll and will prove themselves more than worthy to be ranked higher.
What No trip to McDonalds? ooohhhhh that's right - that was Tenn
Interesting - Miss St and Vandy have support across SDS from all the SEC fans who's schools did not make it that far - but this Ol' Miss fan can't put away his bias even now. Wow... I am just glad an SEC team will be crowned National Champs in Baseball! Best of luck to both of these programs!
And this is what makes the SEC such a strong conference - read over the comments - Nearly universal support from fans of other SEC schools. When the fan's favorite falls, we are able to honor our in-conference teams. Other conferences as a whole don't offer that kind of support from fans. We understand when one of our teams succeed the conference succeeds. Hail State!
You make an excellent point. No one is going to understand the tax implications of this until the IRS releases some directives and potentially new tax laws are in place. The liabilities that the players will have and the tax reporting requirements will be a source of continuing problems. The IRS is always going to want theirs!
Congrats Vandy! Keep your foot on the gas and don't let up!
Yeah, reading that was a waste of a minute of my life. Hopefully the 'Next' article actually says something.
Mac Jones wasn't as good as advertised... He was much better... Wishing him well in the NFL
Vandy will never be kicked out and they won't leave on their own accord. Something that is being forgotten is they are a founding member of the SEC. Additionally they have had success in other sports, and they represent the SEC well academically. I know it is heresy for some people, but the SEC is about more than just football. It is also about tradition, numerous other sports and academics. Vandy represents us well.
Never a big Tebow fan (for obvious reasons) but there is no disputing his fantastic work with his charities and the lives he is touching. Not sure how long he will last returning at 33 yoa, but I do wish good fortune in his return to the NFL. They can always use some role models.
Cool... We can put pulled pork on them!
He wasn't as good as he was talked about -- He was Better...
Hey Corch -- Not only have I been around I GRADUATED from UGA in '90. Those of us who actually Went to UGA and GRADUATED were taught not to act like a Chicken Sh*t Fool. YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH "FANS". Grow up! Wish the powers that be would throw your %$$ off this site! You are an EMBARRASSMENT to UGA and the SEC!
Geeezzz Corch - If you are going to come on here and act like the fool you are take the "G" off your name. You don't represent those of us who actually GRADUATED from UGA.
It seems no matter what UGA does, Men's BB cannot progress. Sad when a 14-12 season is one of the better seasons of late...
A "D" for UGA? At best a D-. This season was clearly a failure and should be an "F". How long do we have to see a sub-par performance from UGA BBall? At least be competitive. Dead last in defense??? Sickening.
So if this did occur, (let's assume it did), he gets to decide what the punishment would be? Removal from a Bowl game? Wow...
Well, I doubt the GA Tech fight caused the injury either... Next time you wonder why people pile on Tenn - - look back at your idiotic comments... It isn't the players - it the fools posting the crap you posted.
Must not be much to write about today. Doing an article on another player (no matter the school) entering the portal who has hardly gotten on the field? Can't Michael Bratton find something interesting to write about?
Should have stayed in school another year and grown up a bit. Clearly was not mature enough when he went out early.
His argument makes no sense. If you are worried about beating him when he transfers, are you admitting he was better than your QB1? If you aren't, let him go. If you are concerned about losing to him, you should have done whatever was needed to keep him at OU.