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It is the South Eastern Conference. If you don't like the name Missouri is welcome to leave there are plenty of schools that would gladly take your place. It has been the SEC since 1933 and it will remain the SEC. Missouri is still a new-comer. I hear the Pac-2 has some openings.
Stay in Kentucky and eventually they will build a statue of him... Go to A&M and be looking for a new gig in a few years... The grass is not always greener, but the money may be...
Oh I don't know... both are pretty high on the embarrassing scale
On... I am anything but a Missouri fan... 19th??? After beating the h$!! out of UT and playing UGA hard??? This thing is a load of c#@$$... ND shouldn't even be on the list at this point let alone 12th!
It would be fun to watch UF throw another shoe in a night game with fog...
UF/UGA is hardly ever easy for either team. True rivalries seldom are. I will believe who wins when the clock hits 0:00 at the end of the 4th...
The "real" rivalries that have existed for decades need top priority to keep. The "rivalries" that the powers that be have tried to create can go by the wayside. UGA/Auburn, UGA Florida, 'Bama/Tenn., Miss State/Ole Miss, LSU/Arkansas and all the others I have not named have made the SEC what it is. We can't give up that history and games that make the SEC what it is or the SEC will end up like the other bland conferences.
CBS is ridiculous- every other play a commercial
Went to an UGA vs. Auburn game a few years ago in Auburn. Even though UGA won the game, one of the biggest highlights was the eagle flying around the stadium. Very impressive. Great program they are running there supporting and working with the eagles!
I am sure all of college football is happy Kirby can take more players... ;)
"The problem against Kentucky the past few seasons has been matching the Wildcats’ physicality." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This has to be fixed. No reason UF should be physically handled by UK. None.
If CU makes it to 6-6 they should be dancing in the streets in Boulder. The potential to take a 1 win team to ANY bowl in the first year of a new staff, new team and at a program so far down is a massive win. True building takes time and a culture shift. CU is doing well.
It's a win. Auburn is working it's way back from a deep hole. The distance traveled and time of game start were hard. It may not have been pretty, but with all of that it is a win. Take 'em how you can get them when rebuilding.
Love how being critical of Disney on this site immediately sends the comment to "Moderation"... More of Big Brother watching.
Hasn't Disney had enough trouble with the state of Florida so the pull this stuff just at the start of UF's opener????
Maybe UF should make the jersey numbers a little larger so they are easier for their own coaches and players to see and pay attention to........
Ok... just don't see UF getting "rattled" by the crowd or altitude... Give me a break, the article talks like UF has never seen a hostile away game crowd... more click bait from SDS... If UF loses it won't be due to a crowd, an away game, or attitude...
So he is punished for doing something that is no longer a violation. Sort of like getting a speeding ticket for going 55 in a 65 after they raise the speed limit... Only in the world of the NCAA...
He had a good thing going at MS State. Had he stayed there with the direction the program was slowly heading, in a tough place to recruit/win, he would still be there. He was getting MS State to a bowl game annually. He turned the culture from "yeah 6 wins is enough" to the fans and students believing they had a chance to win every week. I spent time there during that run, you could feel the culture shift. He never should have left for the pressure cooker that UF was/is.
Just as hard as Kansas or Iowa State??? LOL... Yeah, sure it is...
The AJC has not had any Journalistic Standards higher than the gutter in decades.
Everyone Watch Out!! Texas is BACK!!! (again)... Don't we hear this every year during the summer?
If they cut the stupid Dr Pepper commercials down to 2 per quarter it would save an hour.
They wouldn't even know what to make a paper airplane out of...
Isn't this their prediction almost every year and it seldom comes to fruition?