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The Falcons, location-wise, being wedged in between UGA/'Bama/UT/Auburn year after year have managed to somehow ignore the vast amount of high-level productive and proven talent nearby and instead usually go to unproven questionable picks. With all the talent that has come through these schools in the last decade there is no reason why the Falcons are well.... the Falcons. They should have a "resident" scout constantly in Athens, Tuscaloosa, Auburn and Knoxville let alone the other SEC schools where deep talent is always available.
Every year the Chicken people make fools of themselves and are sent packing. Too bad we can't ship them off to the Mountain West where they may win a few games annually instead of every once in a while.
negan is an embarrassment to everyone... Especially Dawg fans.. Too bad we can't trade it for well.... nothing, just give it to another fanbase...
Ok... “attempt to elude” on a moped??? Either this is a hummer of a charge, a brand new rookie cop or a REALLY stupid attempt to get away, I really can't take this serious... Any way it is, I would have loved to have seen a "Cop Cam" of the moped trying to "elude". This guy needs to approach the local moped dealer for an NIL opportunity.
As much as I hate to defend UF, here it goes... - The Chickens beat a demoralized UF team who just got hammered by UGA, at home in Columbia, S.C. and who everyone knew was going to fire their coach soon... Yeah, only Chicken people would brag about that.
There isn't enough medication in existence for Negan. Is a pox on the Dawg world...
Agreed --- He should be on at least his second Master's degree and/or a PhD candidate by now as well.
Ok, I get it, he got hurt, no fault of his own... But SEVEN years playing COLLEGE basketball??? I sure hope he has a couple or Master's degrees or is at least a PHD candidate by now...
And with the price of gas, maybe a tank full to go home every once in a while if they don't eat much.
Yep, you pretty much nailed it on the head - talk about a ground-up rebuild, it has been needed in the UGA Basketball program for decades. It will be an opportunity though for any transferees into the program to play immediately. Many of these guys are going to find it tough to find another team - 6-26 doesn't give a new program much confidence.
6-26.... Bye, that is if any teams are interested. Clean house top to bottom. Start completely over.
I do hate to hear it though for the guy - Hope he recovers and has much success at the next level --
"I was never great, I was pretty good, I was great for around here." - Kurt Russell, from the movie The Best of Times.... Sums up the Michigan pass rush.
Time for Crean to go along with all coaching and support staff. Time to completely clean house and rebuild. It doesn't get worse than this season.
The Falcons will draft unknown west coast or small school players that no one will remember in 2 years. Seldom do they pick correctly or Dawgs and SEC guys that produce.
@ GatorPhil - I hope the AD will be busy at the final four... he surely doesn't have to be concerned with how his own team is performing in the tournament... UGA Basketball... an embarrassment for decades...
If Michigan somehow makes it back to the playoffs, they will get hammered again. They had no answers for UGA.
Classy post by a gator fan -- Been a good run this year --
After the first 30 seconds of that mess, was time to take the dog outside...
And how many National Championships does SC have? None.... Jealousy will get you nowhere.
This is the difference in the SEC -- we can fight and argue amongst ourselves, but when it comes to the annual distribution, every school wins. Be it Football championships, Baseball World Series, or any of the multitude of other sports, the SEC is the place to be!
Cincy couldn't have beaten Alabama if Bama only brought their 3rd string. They were physically overmatched in every way. As Mike Tyson said "Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth". Bama hit them in the mouth on the first play and every play after that. They were the popular pick to get in, and they should be glad Saban chose not to put 70 up on them. He clearly pulled off.
No question Saban is the GOAT. Problem he is starting to see ask is how much longer will he coach? Will he stay another 4/5 years? If so, will he start dropping off? or if he leaves what then? I don't count Bama out, but these things will be considered. It's not a slam dunk anywhere at this point.
"if he’s fired without cause, is $18.3 million" Looks like they are trying to find "cause".
It's all in good fun. One thing all SEC fans can agree about, it was great not to have to watch another beat- down of Ohio State or ND. In the NC Game.
The Bucs only let you down sometimes, the Falcons GUARANTEE a let down EVERY time. -- Check the back of the tickets, it is written in the fine print ;)