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It all falls to Mullen. He is the Head Coach. Offense/defense /Special teams, doesn't matter Mullen is still the head coach.
Let's not confuse the naysayers with facts... It will make them throw mustard and golf balls.
But But But........... UT almost beat Ole Miss (12) and Pitt (23)
With what TAMU is building, why would he want to go to another school and rebuild? TAMU is a great place to be and he couldn't get more support than he has in Texas.
@gwhite YOU are the type of "fan" that is the problem with UT.
@gwhite - YOU are the type of "fan" that is the problem with UT
Just 70? Naw... for trying to justify it 170, maybe. Sad thing is too many of their "fans" don't think they did anything wrong. Need to stop selling beer and moonshine. I can't wait to watch 'Bama beat them down this weekend.
@gwhite - YOU are the "fan" that is an embarrassment to UT and the rest of the SEC.
Small incident? Wow... Wake up... You are the type of "fan" that is the problem with UT.
You are exactly what is wrong with the UT "fans". Been reading your posts across various articles. You are as bad or worse than Corch. Grow the F&%$ up. Want to know why a lot of people call the "fan" base at UT hillbillies - Look in a mirror. Bet you You have to be a hanger-on "fan" - no way could you have actually gotten in and graduated from an SEC school.
With a roster that started the season depleted and games against both Alabama and a physical Kentucky team the question is by the time UGA arrives in Knoxville will UT have enough players available?
Hope he is ok. Sure has a lot of heart and is carrying UT on his shoulders. Hate to see any player go down but he sure gave it his all against Ole Miss Saturday. He is a must have for UT to have any hope against Alabama.
Going to be interesting to see what, if anything is done to UT over this. They can't let it go. Did UT get some bad calls? Yes don't doubt it. Bad calls happen in every game. For the "fans" to do what they did Saturday night no matter how "outraged" they were shows their true nature. I expect this did nothing to help their recruiting, most definitely hurt it. When other big-time programs are interested this will not be seen by recruit's parents as "passion and energy" it will be seen for what it was, a reckless, uncontrolled mob mentality. I hope UT gets this under control. They found a good coach. If they don't they will remain in the quagmire of the last 15 years.
Agreed. Been seeing this creep into more and more games where a signal from the sideline and suddenly as a player is looking at them they get hurt. (see and close ND game). Injuries should be taken seriously but this rule would do two things, 1) make sure the injured player is good to return, 2) put a stop to the fake injuries. If something isn't done to stop it soon it will look like a men's national team soccer match and all the fake flopping.
Clearly there are/were problems off the field. But ask yourself this - If LSU were undefeated this year do you really think they let Coach Orgeron go? The easy answer is No.
We don't need bandwagon fans like you being disrespectful of UK. They fought the good fight and are building a respectable program. Good game UK, nothing to hang your heads about!
All Bennett does is win... Isn't that enough? Congrats Stetson! He was QB1 in 2 games UGA lost last year. UF where he was hurt, Alabama where UGA was leading at half. They adjusted UGA coaches didn't. We are proud to have 2 starting QBs!
Florida is 29th currently in defense. UGA is 1st... Big difference in getting to 20. Must have some help on special teams or defense. Offensively, UK isn't getting to 20.
Hey Gary -- You might want to advise at some point in the game, "It's like if one team scores the most points in the game they will likely be the winners and remain undefeated..."
Lol... True... very true I remember that too clearly. You forget though, listening to them some were in wheelchairs pushing around others in hospital beds...
Florida should win this in a close one, if they don't throw any shoes at the worst possible time.
Better to have him on your game than ours again!
Does UK Have a Chance??? Of course they do. They are 6-0 and the program is continuously building. Stoops & crew are providing great leadership and the team has bought into what they are doing. Time to stop slighting UK and recognize what they are building there. Do I expect UK to win, no, to question if they have a chance is silly, but then again, I am UGA Alumni. GO DAWGS!
I'll write 'Bama off, or crown them, after the last second runs out of the last game they play of the season. Not until them. Until then, it is all noise.
At least UGA has a defense. Missouri's isn't even a joke, it is non-existent.
At the very LEAST, Pitman deserves to be in that conversation - what he has done in such a short time is amazing. The future is bright at Arky.
As I have said on here before, Missouri has no defense. They are currently 129th out of 130 teams. Here's a hint TAMU - RUN THE BALL. When you think about throwing the ball, hit yourself on the head with a helmet and RUN THE BALL. The only thing you have to fear is to be concerned your RBs will run out of gas after going up and down the field all day! Have the gatorade and oxygen ready on the sidelines, the RBs will need it.
Hard to believe the UF faithful have continued to put up with Grantham. Glad it is your turn to have him and I hope we never get him back!