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He's a fine QB and from all I have heard, a good young man, but made of glass. Injury prone. Best of luck JT.
If he doesn't get the job, sure hope Kirby brings him into Athens - talk about affecting recruiting - Hines Ward has every credential there is to recruit the top receiver talent into UGA -
Stetson Bennett IV - DGD - Great Leader and the right QB at the right time! Thank you for ALL that you have done!
Today was great in Athens! Great to see a full stadium and packed streets honoring the team, coaches and University. Thanks for a great season and having built a great National Championship program!
What is Napier doing transferring the Louisiana team to Gainesville and make UF Ragin' Cajuns East?? Going to need more firepower than that. Louisiana needs to be careful or someone will have to turn out the lights soon.
Whoever came up with the 8PM EST on a Monday is where to lay the blame. Believe it or not, some people have to work for a living and have to be up the next day. Put it on Saturday Night where it belongs. Ratings will double.
Stetson has only been available to the press MULTIPLE times - why hasn't a "Journalist" ask him?
Agreed, but we all figured that out about Corch a long time ago.
@gwhite713 – you stated “He also beat the least talent Bama Team Saban has had in a long time” — Doesn’t matter in any way… He led this team, they love him and the TEAM WON. UGA & Stenson Bennett NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! Go back to playing Xbox and hide under your bridge troll.
@gwhite713 - you stated "the least talented QB to have won a Natty in the modern era" -- Doesn't matter in any way... He led this team, they love him and the TEAM WON. UGA & Stenson Bennett NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! Go back to playing Xbox and hide under your bridge troll.
We are all embarrassed by you FJB - go back under your bridge troll. You may find happiness there.
Said by a troll living in a basement. Go back under your bridge troll, you may find happiness there.
Uh huh... Just like all the times they were gifted a chance in the playoffs when they didn't deserve to be there and they got hammered? Maybe they aspire to be just as "great" as Michigan was in the Orange bowl. A game that ended in the 1st quarter.
He needs to hope for a better offensive line, when he gets pressure he starts to panic.
Since Pete Carroll left USC has resided in the "Where are they now?" file. You have a LOOONNNGGGGGGG way to go to catch up. And your new coach doesn't like to play defense.
Bama played hard and left it all on the field. Came up short this time. No need to apologize by any players. Keep working, it will pay off.
My not be next year, but with the recruiting and Jimbo building, it will be soon.
Sure looked like UGA beat Michigan into oblivion, and Bama had Cincy beat 8 minutes into the game. Kentucky and Ole' Miss would have handled them the same way, and possibly Auburn, let alone Texas A&M... 1 1/2 teams.... Not hardly
They are concerned, open it up more, and how many other SEC teams may get in? Go to 8, have a good chance for at least one more every season if not 2, Go to 12, good chance the SEC has possibly as many as 4 or even 5 on a given year. This is what scares the powers that be. This year they could have had 20 teams, UGA and Bama would have still been there at the end.
Ok, I will probably get raked over the coals for this... it is nice the family had puppies and I love dogs, BUT WHAT did that have to do with the Game and why did they have to insert it between plays??? Fine for pre-game, but last thing I want to see as I am watching football! Let's keep our eye on the proverbial ball ESPN.
Wow... that's too far for even a jealous AU fan. Quit embarrassing yourself and AU.
Ark vs Cincy will be fun to watch for a while. The Hogs will beat Cincy into pulp by mid- 3rd quarter. Pittman isn't going to allow a loss to them. Also, Cincy is losing 30 seniors. Going to be a different team next year.
100% Agreed... Playing anyone else would have taken something away from it.
Kirby has built them like Saban, they aren't rebuilding anymore, they are reloading. A lot of young guys were on the field for UGA last night.
This isn't Playstation this is REAL GROWN MAN FOOTBALL. Two elite teams, two elite DEFENSES that crushed All Comers from other conferences. You don't like REAL FOOTBALL??? Go play your XBox or watch Hallmark movies. UGA and 'Bama are BOTH for real Football fans! Both Teams left it all on the field last night. SEC plays to WIN.
Class Act. The College Football game would not have evolved to become the fun to watch games without CNS.
Good luck getting past this injury, tremendous talent and ability. No need to potentially make the injury worse. Being able to walk is much more important than a game.
The mental strength of Stetson to willingly accept and carry the burdens despite all the naysayers will make him incredibly successful in life, not just football. Thank you Stetson for bringing it home!