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Well, Auburn has beaten two ranked opponents and Georgia is the only team to beat a top10 ranked opponent. So they definitely should be in the Top 4
The problem with Fields last year, and it continues this year, is if his first read isn't there he looks to run. So far, his first read has been wide open. That generally doesn't happen in the SEC. Fields is running the same offense he did in high school, Georgia runs a pro-style. Tua looked great last year until Georgia beat him up and Clemson finished him. Fields will be great when he can actually sit in the pocket against an elite defense, not get happy feet, go through his progressions, and make the throw consistently
If you watch the Tyler Simmons NC bad call in SloMo, when Simmons stops (before the snap) Alabama upback on opposite side of the line false starts. So yes, if that play was called correctly it would have been a 5 yard penalty against Bama and re-punt the ball