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While especially this year I think there are 7 teams who have a good argument to have a chance in a playoff, I think 6 is the right number. It means adding only 2 extra games to the format (vs 4 if have 8 teams). It also gives extra incentive to not rest starters on the last game or two (like the NFL often does) to try to secure one of the top 2 spots, giving an extra week to practice and one less game to play with the bye week that comes with being #1 or #2.
The description on the auction website says it is 1 of 3. So must be one given to school, one to AD, and maybe either SEC or NCAA for the 3rd?
Neyland Stadium = 100% Tiger Stadium = 99.8% Sanford Stadium = 100% Ben Hill Griffin Stadium = 100.3% Reynolds Razorback Stadium = 102.4% LaVell Edwards Stadium = 97.6%
The whole situation seemed to be handled poorly, but I agree that the game should be rescheduled and played. While not ideal, November 19th would be the best option, particularly if the LSU game against A&M can be moved back from Thursday to Saturday.
If memory serves, LSU gave all of the money earned (minus operating costs) from that game to SC. I don't understand why they couldnt just move the game to Baton rouge and then next year hold it in Gainesville instead of Baton Rouge. That would give each school 2 years in a row of having it at home, then move on as normal. They way it is now, UF seems to have sat on there hands long enough to force this to mess with LSU's home game with South Alabama.
Also Capital One bowl after 2004 season (lost to Iowa) and in 1979 when it was called the Tangerine Bowl (won against Wake Forrest)
LSU played in the Citrus (Capital One) bowl after the 2009 season. Lost to Penn State.
USF also is one of the teams that plays at an NFL stadium (Buccaneers).
Georgia State has a game Saturday at 3:30 in the Georgia Dome. And since they have all their home games there, as well as teams like Tulane who used to have their games in the Super Dome, it is possible to have college and NFL game jn back to back days
Na, Warhawks will find a way to beat Bama again.
ULM is going to make it 2-0 against Bama.
Yes to #12. ULM is going to make it 2-0 vs the Tide.
I must have had a shoulder stinger when taking the GRE.
Coming from an LSU fan, I think the Tennessee alt. helmet looks the best. Good mix of new and old styling.