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The worse call was the 4th and short call of a pass. Why did they call a pass play on 4th and short in our own territory? I saw and the announcers were even showing it; Tank looked pissed about it too . I’m not sure if Hardin knows the calls before executed, but that was dumb and set Carolina up for another TD
It shouldn’t even come down to being a controversy. It happens elsewhere, it happened with Tua and Jalen Hurts. It’s a competitive sport within the team too. Nix needs to build up confidence, the Ol needs to block and defend better , the wr needs to work for a catch . Oh and the defense especially the secondary needs some very good fine tuning itself
I said during the ASU game That TJ needed a run . We would have probably beat PSU if we had used him. Nix is not confidence in himself and gets in trouble in the pocket losing yardage
I hope to see TJ, but in a good way.. meaning I dont want to see Nix be a total flop they have to use him