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Agree with the Polls ,,, BCS and the AP... Acording to the system in play ,,, both are worthy and should have been champions,,, hence the split.. BCS system is to blame?,?,? . Before 98 season,, Oklahoma to the Orange,,, LSU to the Sugar,,, USC to the Rose... So the system was beyond flawed until 98,, when BCS was created to help eliminate the vote,, have a clear cut game between #1 and #2 team.... Auburn got left out the next season undefeated !!! So 4 team playoff is outstanding,,,, unless your the #5 rated team,,,,, lol...
Corch,,, give a break... maybe he will commit the Dawgs... Help win an SEC East title,,, only to lose big game,,,, time after time after time!!!!
All day.. Kamara slashing,,returns,,, smooth route runner and tougher than he appears!!!! Big play threat!!! Henry is a beast,, but all-around I give edge to the former Vol
Schedule is tough as always and QB play will be the key I believe.. Defense really came around and you can see Pruitt and staff making serious strides on that side of the ball
I believe edge still with Dawgs,, 3 straight and not as close as scores indicate... On the hand Trask is good and the losses on Ga offense with significant... Fromm 3 straight years at the helm.. Anytime there is a QB there is uncertainty,, So Gators are in a spot,,,, I think Dawgs bark again,,, Mullens hasn’t won a big game yet
Yes it was and he has the intangibles,, all of them!!! 6 six and a cannon!!! Fields is the real deal well... Mobility and arm strength,, I expect Ohio State to be the team to beat ,, with Fields and the talent they have!!! I love Howell,, what a freshman season,, Mack Brown recruiting lights out!!! Interesting to see how far they progress this season!!!
Not affended Gaytorboy,,, When someone passed,, put the other stuff to the side ,,, condolence to the family ,, friends and fans..Not offended,,in appropriate time...Respect ,, Johnny Majors,,, Hall of Fame coach ,,,, and Player... Big Orange
A true Vol legend!!! And a great person,,, friend to many,, mentor and a great player/coach!!!! He was all Tennessee!!! To the 2 making the Fulmer comments,, you’ve really shown your class,, lack there of. We all go back and forth about our programs and opinions,, but as a true legend has passed,, how about condolences instead of your shots at Fulmer,, pretty pathetic
Exactly,, Saban’s record is 1 or 2 in history of college football!!!!! Coach O ,,, I like a lot.. But keep it real ,, it’s Saban,, then we will start the countdown until he retires,,, that’s it!!! Mullen,, I like his work,,, but really what marquee victory have we seen? ? ? I can’t rate him over Kirby,, 3 big matchups,, 3 spankings!!! Watch out for my man in Knoxville,, he is going to be a good one!!!
Reference in game coaching.. There have been a couple of WTF moments for Smart.. Thr fake punt with J Fields on the field,,, late game against Bama SEC title game was horrible,,, not to mention Bama’s Defense was still on the field....2nd half collapse in previous year Title game against Bama?? And Texas spanking in the Sugar Bowl,,, not even prepared to play,,, out played by the Longhorns,,, but crying about being left out of Final 4...Recruiting is outstanding,,, but eventually gotta win title with the talent he has
I think it is a great pickup,,, started at USC when he was in reality a High School senior!! Haven’t seen much,, but did see the Notre Dame game,,, he is legit!!!! Very interesting and absolutely good to have competition!!! Kirby has stockpiled a lot of talent in Athens
Respect,,, Eddie many stops and winners !!! Ok St 2 final fours,,, Arkansas 1... Inpressive.. Best wishes for the family
2016 I attended the win ,, only win in what 15 or 16... The overall is getting better,, but QB play in today’s game is crucial,, and opportunity is there for at least 3 players to step up... It has always been the media (National Championship articles mentioned) that hypes Vols.. Us realistic fans know we ain’t there ... But Pruitt is a coach,,, and a defensive mind,,, Very impresses after 1-4 start,, how and where we finished
Yes exactly,,, we have seen the Sooners lose a lot BCS and CFP games since 2000,,, look em up!!!! PAC 12 has slipped so until otherwise I would think a lot of 2nd place finishes in SEC or Big 10 could lose a division and still make it,, with Notre Dame a threat as well,, in general
Just like 2019 propels Bulldogs to SEC title,,, got embarrassed,, ran over.. Throw a comment back,, typical Dawgs.. But truth is Dawgs got embarrassed by LSU...Wasn’t even close
Elite Defense,,,, watch their elite performance against LSU,,, not elite,,, but very talented
Extra dumb,,, that actually is a nice fit for your comments you post.. I generally don’t act the personal attacks,, so I will refrain... Expect a loss at Bama,, plus a lot of tough games on the schedule... Watch Clemson vs Wake for all the hype on Newman,,,, 41 yds and 2 picks... Under and make some Easy Money!!!!
Wow,, I think the thing I see most after 2 full seasons with Pruitt,,, Outstanding defensive coach,,, Outstanding recruiter and these kids respect him!!! Honest and very straight forward... 2017 we didn’t win an SEC game,,, so vast improvement... His handling of Guarantano was beyond good!!! Said after benching him,, 6th man and He will help us win!!! And He did,,, Watch the defensive players he is getting... Pulling #1 recruit from Alabama is impressive,, seeing how this ain’t the 90’s Tennessee is even more impressive!!
NFL draft says otherwise,,, you obviously don’t watch much football,,, recruiting rankings don’t always hit the mark... Joe Burrow a 3-star,,,, and numerous 5-stars that didn’t pan out... Pruitt is a great defensive coach and Butch Jones squad won 0 SEC games his last year,,, do a little homework my friend,, post is really weak
Media always overhypes Tennessee,, and then say under achievers when we weren’t there yet anyway!!! Excited about leadership Pruitt is bringing,, these kids love him and he is a excellent defensive coach!!! 8-5 last year with a bowl win,,, I was at the BYU game , lost In final what 20 seconds... So to see the progress,, the resolve,,and commitment and growth from that point on was really outstanding!!!! Challenge for SEC ,, again ,, overhype by media,, . We can continue to improve,,, but I think we are still learning to win.,,,, Pruitt is solid
Wow,,, truth is we haven’t beat any of the top tier teams in the SEC... I think Pruitt is an excellent defensive coach and recruiter!!! These kids like him and like playing for him!!!! Still learning as a head coach and last years run was very good!!! Long ways to go ,,,in my opinion,,, But I do like Pruitt as a head coach and mentor to these young players!!! It is past time to eliminate playing same team from opposite division... Playing Bama every year vs playing Ole Miss every year is a clear advantage.. Rotate the two teams every year and then we play each team every 3 to 4 years
Florida has been strong since 80’s,,,, but best in the SEC ,, you must be aiming for some trash talk,,, last SEC title? Last SEC championship appearance,,, yeah last 2 blown off the field!!!! Beat Georgia,, a couple of times,,, until then ,,, S T F up!!!!!
But as I said,, the intangibles,, health for one!!! Early departure for top-tier Qb is another!!! 3 to 4 starter minimum!!! A lot has to go right for a career to toss that many!!!! It will stand for a long time
Woodson was great that year!!! Peyton was as well!!! Florida loss open the door,, but Woodson’s great play and the performance against Ohio State was clutch,, on the biggest stage!!! As a Vol fan it was disappointing,,, As a lifelong ,, old school Raider fan ,, Woodson and Lester Hayes are 2 of the all times greats at Corner,,,, and Willie Brown.. Didn’t really think so at the time,, but in retrospect now He won and thoroughly deserved the Heisman
I think it is gonna stand for awhile!!! 121 is stout.. 30 for 4 seasons consistently!!!!! Health alone is an obstacle!!! Very good QB he was
Arkansas- McFadden Bama-D Thomas SCarolina Tannehill Georgia Hines Ward Auburn Bo LSU Honey Badger Florida Tebow ,,,,,, Vanderbilt Cutler Texas A&M Bubba Bean Kentucky Couch ,,,, Ole Miss Eli Miss State Dak Mizzou Lock,,,, Big Orange,,, Reggie,, Peyton Berry
Love the Stoerner pick,,, Wide Left actually in Knoxville 98!!!!!!
Sad but true,,,, I think the song said!! Dawgs can’t win the big one!!! Several code calls,,, Top 5 finishes,, But not the big one,,,, 2nd and 26
Spring gone will affect everyone,, that said ,Dawgs are replacing a lot on the O,, new QB ... Defense is very talented and that is huge!!! I would pick LSU as team to slide more so,,, lost a lot plus Burrow was phenomenal last season... Tough schedule,, I am very much looking forward to Dawgs in Tuscaloosa
Exactly and well put,,, the media for whatever reason seems to really emphasize the Vol fans and our passion for the program to be very lacking intellectually and overboard with “”” Were back”””.. Lifelong fan and generally everyone I know over the years laugh at the way they pretray us Vol fans.. Freshman QB with 3 QB’s with experience ahead of him on the depth chart... We improved last year,, and hope to improve this year,,,, but please drop the narrative...Every fan base loves their team,, we do as well... Into a frenzy?? Sounds a lot like FAKE news network in action..