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Now it didn’t yet but that ass whooping y’all got kicked in on you I see,,, You’re an Auburn fan you should be used to losing
How bout them Hawgs!!!! Somebody talk Mexico down from the Ledge,, poor ole fella!!!!
I love how the Gators are not even a factor,,, but your talking,,, Yes we beat yens 3 straight in Gainesville
I agree with you on this one as a lifelong Tennessee fan and someone who grew up in the 70s and 80s playing ball I can’t stand the hot dog in and carrying on that goes on in sports today and the Vols were in my opinion way overboard With the daddy hat and the fur coat,,, Still were a very good team in baseball any given day anyone can be bait and they were best of luck to the rest of the SEC teams
Honestly speaking,, I believe a lot of Tennessee fan base gave ESPN bitterness in the 97 Heisman race… But either way,, people are people and just enjoying the competition of sports should be enough,, instead the back and forth criticism and even degrading other fans.. Especially since none of us fans actually play or participate in the action on the field!!! Whoever irresponsibly reported this should be held accountable,, The press (Fake news) and tainted views effects all of in so many ways,, enjoy your teams ,,support them and be committed but all the extra stuff,,, Come on man
First off,, congratulations to both teams,, Friday and Saturday night games were exciting!!! Vols are loaded but baseball ⚾️ is such an even game with pitching,, anyone can beat on any given day!!!! Can’t talk about how great a team is until they win a championship
So much for your confidence boost,,,, how bout a reality check!!!!!!!
Things are and will continue to tighten up as this streak,, SEC and overall winning streak continues!!! Everybody’s got them ✏️ in and they are a squad that looks like they embrace the challenge!!!! Great pitching is the key ,,, long ways to go but beyond impressed with this TEAM,, they are strong in a lot of phases of the game
Big Orange is rolling!!! 3 really good pitchers and it showed the last 2 weekends!!! Gaudy numbers at the plate but Vanderbilt pitching was outstanding this weekend as well and showed well.. Bullpen is solid with Tidwell and transfer from Mizzou waiting in the wings!!! Lot of ball to be played but this team is very good in all phases of the game!!!!
Outstanding bats but the young pitchers are very impressive,, long ways to go but should be intense at Vanderbilt U this weekend!!! Mexico the routine ,, is this your life ,, sad thing is,,, probably Yes..
Baseball,, and that tiny little brain of yours!!!!!
Outstanding effort on the defensive end by the vols Kentucky just wasn’t hitting any shots hard fault game two excellent teams big game tomorrow much respect for the cat expect them to do damage in the tournament along with Auburn and Arkansas SEC…
Exactly,,,Defense totally dominated Cincinnati,,, and the run game was in total control of the clock,, and game!!!! That’s called winning football,,, the SEC title game called a much more precise game plan,,, on O and on D,,, and yes Saban provided that as well!!!! As a lifelong fan of the game,,, mid 70’s ,,, Saban is undeniable as the greatest coach ever!!!! I can’t speak for the prior era’s college ball,,, so many greats over the history,,, just saying we are in the midst of Saban really adapting and showing his genius in coaching,,, game planning and having his squad dialed in!!! Should be a great title game,,,, I give a slight,,slight edge to Georgia,,, hard to beat a team twice when so evenly matched… But in leau of even,,,,, Saban and B Young give Bama the edge,, but you gotta make the plays on gameday,,, Good luck to both the Dawgs and Tide!!!! SEC
I am very interested to see how the Dawgs defense bounces back against Michigan,,, I expect they will rabid,,, I expect them to beat Bama in the rematch for it all!!! Although getting no game-time reps fir JT Daniels could come back to haunt them.. Good luck either way
Pittman has resurrected the Hogs,,, I would say no one seen the program where it is right now!!! Again grading the status of the program,,, and what he had coming in,,, Coach of the year,, outstanding job!!!!
As a Tennessee fan every article about the Vols ,,, Corch or someone else always has negative and personal attacks alot if the time… So other fans can comment and the Dawgs got beat down,,, We are fans of football,, not just the favorite team… Dawgs got ran through,, 12-0 to get destroyed in the title game,,, you didn’t play or make a tackle,,, and have no business thinking you are a spokesman for Georgia football… Bigger question is how do the BullDawg’s respond.. Leave the personal attacks out,, as I believe mist fans do,, but Corch and Neegan are why a lot of people fire back at the Dawgs fan.. I believe Georgia Georgia will rebound well against Michigan and set up for a much better performance if they get a shot in the title game.. Still a great team ,, just ran into one the best QB performances I have seen.. Good luck to Bama and the Dawgs
Poor ole Corch,,, good to see you with a complimentary post,,, Read my post on the article before, I took the underdog Saban is a massive upset,, lol but I think Georgia can and will the National Championship…
Best wishes to you my friend!!! Glad you shared that.. glad you are well
While I expect a close game game,,, reading the commentary from fan bases is almost funny,, one even said enjoy the game from your couch,,exactly what we as all fans will do,,, Corch with the personal attacks ,,, show some class and remember win or lose ,, you haven’t had any impact on the game,,, Stetson will show today how much growth he has made I believe,,, either for good or bad he will not have the luxury of game management..Saban and the Tide as underdogs,,, I will take them in a massive upset,,, only to have Georgia win the national championship in early 2022!!!! You heard it here first!!!!
Class comment NC.. Appreciate folks who keep it positive,,, Very proud of the effort and results 7-5 is a great turnaround from 3-7 and the downward direction ending the 2020 season… Good luck to both Bama and the Dawgs in the title game,,, I expect a war
Saban and Bama as the underdog,,, I think it sets up perfectly as well… Bennett will have to make plays for Georgia Georgia to win ,,, We shall see .. Bama does have weaknesses,,, but the underdog role is beyond underestimating.. Georgia clearly is the better team I believe,,, but the game has to be played
7-5 after the turbulent off-season,, 3-7 last season and a lot of our best players transfer portal!!! I am very satisfied!!! Let’s go bowling!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all enjoy the back-and-forth on Saturday down south I hope everyone will look at keep in the comments on the up and up it’s nice to see everyone wishing everyone well while we love college football it’s a game we love our teams but the personal attacks and chopping down of each other as individuals is so unnecessary enjoy the game joy the camaraderie but most of all enjoy people
My take as well,,,, With the disaster of Pruitt’s exit looming NCAA sanctions mass exit is in the transfer portal he has done an outstanding job. Lea Kiffin at Ole Miss,,, Pittman and Arkansas and Beamer turning things around at South Carolina Mike Leach at Mississippi State a lot of outstanding jobs done this season…Kirby Has built a powerhouse a Georgia and of course Saban and Alabama but I would say both of those teams have far more talent than anyone they step on the field with week in and week out!!!! Stoopes at Kentucky Over the years building them into what they are now hats off!!!! Underachievers this year of course Mullen and Coach O,,, and Auburn is really struggling…Jimbo and Texas A&M is a B so far by seeings since he arrived,, some highs and some lows…
Congratulations Mizzou!!! Eli hats off!!! That’s B***S!!!!! Poor Ole Gators!!!!!!!
Some of things I have said as well!!! Stoops job done at Kentucky is so overlooked,,, Kiffin at Ole Miss,,, as a 70’s Raider fan and Vol fan I once despised Kiffin,, then smokin Cigars with the Bama boys,,,,, I have much respect years later for him and the job he is doing!!! Heupel has done an outstanding job with the Vols amidst an absolute dumpster fire ,, … That is coaching 101,,, everyone doesn’t get equal opportunities,, Riley at Oklahoma,, Kirby at Georgia where you step into a job where the settings are much easier to turn around!!! Then their is Mullen at Florida,,, Muschump as well at Florida.. Arkansas is by far the best turnaround/ coaching is the most surprising to me… Whoever gets the LSU job will be under different scrutiny as well,,,, Nuff bout that,,, I like Saban and the underdog Tide to upset the unbeatable Dawgs in the SEC title game!!!! And I want my cut from the parlay players,, you heard it here 1st!!!!!
Very well said,, Dobbs had a much better cast around him the situation this year was beyond dire coming into season. Heupel schemes are very good,, I believe clock management will always be huge with his style,,, They are just times in the game where you have to kill clock,, and when slid rollin Before halftime maybe end of the game and even the rest your defense couldn’t be more impressed with the job done with this cast he inherited everyone’s playing hard so many players have gotten so much better.s BBB Yes were not on the level of Georgia Bama and that will take time and there’s no guarantees but I do feel good about Heiple and the moral of the team !!!!
I get on the site to comment,, not personally attack the integrity of other people,, it ain’t that serious dude.. Show some class and solid analysis,,, leave the personal fir whatever kinda life your living.. I enjoy football,, watching and interacting with other people..How many TD’s you scored this year??? Trying living of your own merits,, not what the team you root fir does,,, you haven’t done a thing
Huepel has to be in conversation for Coach of the year,,, with departures,, new coaching schemes on Offense and D,,, razor thin roster and looming NCAA sanctions,,, we have a chance to go 7-5,,, Outstanding job!!!! Lane Kiffin as well!!!! Mark Stoops turning Kentucky program around!!! These are the coaching jobs that deserve a lot more credit than they get!!!