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Exactly,,,, look at playoff game he started 2 seasons ago against Bama,,,, vs Lawrence as a Freshman last year!!! No contest,,, beneficiary of a great team around him... Has a chance to really prove his value this year
West is stronger top to bottom over the years easily,,, but I think East is closing the gap fast.... Florida ,,, Mizzou,,, SC vs Auburn,,, A&M,,, LSU.... gap is closing especially with Georgia’s
Exactly,, I think he improved,, but the Georgia game for instance,,, flea-flicker 1st play WR 10+ yards behind nearest defenders,, overthrew him by 15yards,, horrible pick... Think he could better this year, but
Swift is dynamic,, He is my number 1 this year,,, think the Dawgs will feed him well behind a talented and deep O-line
My sentiments exactly,,, couple of freshmen,,, sometimes I do wander about these writers and their commitment to looking at the facts!!! Behind the Hogs they have ,, he will do damage this year,,,,, again
I like that!!!! Pruitt is going to turn it around,,,, the O-line play is the key to the season I believe
Let's really look at the talent to work with as well..Players do make coaches better,,alot has to do with what you have to work with...Stoops at Kentucky,,,tremendous job considering the turnaround at the program...Franklin at Vandy,,,that's what i value is building from ground up.Jimbo at Florida State,,, you inherit a loaded program,,,alot different circumstances.... Another,, Shaw at Stanford is also very strong..
Exactly!!!!! Overrated and dilusional!!!! Nice run and a serious threat this year,,,, but can’t finish!!!!!
No sir,, but he will probably still be running his mouth!!!!!
Disagree there,, think Kiffin is a little to loose and his overall demeanor just doesn’t fit at Bama... I see Nikki going 5 more years.... Huge year coming up as Clemson and Dani have all the momentum,,,, not to mention Georgia is right on there heels!!!
Well said and true believer in 2nd chances... Had no right hitting the female and seems he has worked hard to a good person...
I know right,,, all 3 excellent backs.... Falcons run is looking like it is way over!!!!! Maybe Swift
Well said,,,, let the hate go my friend!!!! And pray you guys don’t face Clemson again anytime soon!!! Lmoa
Not in agreement with talent level at all.. offensive line young and very inexperienced last yr,, met with 2 starters lost more most of the season. 1 4 star running back and decent talent on D... Pruitt is straight forward and solid person first off,, and calls it like it is... Prigress was made and overall I see things getting better... Not to mention Guarantano really 1st year starter last year
Well said,,, really solid kid with a great leadership mentality,,,, I think his play has been vastly underrated and even as a freshman never seemed to be intimidated,,, great competor and leader
Refs again play a huge role in a tainted final few seconds!!!?? Double dribble,, last few seconds,, why isn’t that reviewed... Great season and congratulations,,, Pearl is a coach!!!!
Very well said,,, Vern Fleming and Terry Fair from SWMacon !! Biggest surprise by far,,, Dominique with the Hawks
Yes they were on fire,,,, Great game and thankful to advance!!!!!
Agreed,, but it’s really lookin like a business move from the NCAA... Hardship is really looking weak if other kids don’t get the same treatment... Fields and this kid don’t have hardship,,, they couldn’t win the starting job!!!!! Free agency next
Nice try,,,, 7 point lead with 3 to go,,, and choked!!!!!
Yes on On the offensive line play,,, way too many totally blown assignments and hard hits on the QB.,,, constantly playing behind the chains... Most of O-line was raw and 1 year later should play better.. In the middle I actually think we can be solid,,, Both tackle positions are the big picture!!!!
Big Orange and Kentucky both have tough games before,,, but circle Feb 16th in Rupp ,,, Should be an outstanding game!!!!!
I totally agree,, also the o-line strength has to be considered in the stats as well,,, As Tennessee o-line is improving,, nowhere close to level of play for say Bama and Georgia,,, very good o-lines which make QB better of course.
My sentiments exactly,,, while I do enjoy this site,,, usually solid information,,, they are consistent errors of facts all the time... Proofread before you publish,,, thought was the norm for journalists,,, not so much here
Exactly,,,, sadly couple of days after Foster’s latest incident the Redskins claimed him off waivers!!!! Greg Hardy,,etc etc
17-1,,,,, we aight!!!!! We will see your Tigers soon!!!
Watch the replay,,, clearly pivot foot moved and 4 steps,,, Pretty simple!!!!! Big Orange