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Thanks,,, big victory for morale and the team is working hard!!!! BAMA
I thought they fired Mark Richt!!!!! Lmoa,,,,, Eat em and smile Dawgies!!!!!
QB play is hurting us,,, but I do like Pruitt’s staff ...Recruiting is crucial and I think we will get better as the season progresses
2007,,,,,, Stanford,,,, Knowshown!!!!! Anything is possible,,,,,,, except this!!!!! Dawgs are stout in all facets!!! Tip the cap
Very poor,,, Enos public comments were not helpful to the young QB in my opinion,,, hence we don’t see this happen often... The O-line performance was a major problem I thought,,,, where it goes from here will be interesting... And a side note,,, did Spurrier really mention Heisman candidate and Felipe Franks in the same sentence!!!!!
And lost!!!! 13 SEC championships,,,, Mizzou has owned us since joining SEC,, and S Carolina is on the rise overall since Holtz days to now... But still no titles.
Really impressive Fromm has been!!! He has an excellent opportunity this season to put Dawgs on top!!!!!! Great character on and off the field!!!
Zeier,,, one of my favorites,,, Greene,,,, Murray,,,, Stafford... He has been very good,,, Chance to finish the mission this year,,, but can’t blame his performances in big games,,, he’s been solid,,, more than
Agreed,,, Clemson was handcuffed with him,,, as passing performance vs Bama in the playoffs,,, great talent at Clemson around him... Mizzou is a good fit for him ,,, but I don’t see all the acolades either,,,, 13 TD’s
Nice look,,, I think so as well,,, Guarantano has talent and was very serviceable last year behind really bad at times,,,,,,,, O-line play.. Returning talent at skill positions and Chaney’s influences will benefit greatly!!! Still have big questions on the O-line so time will truly tell
Montana,,, record and clutch performance’s speak for themselves!!! West Coast O
All-pro Qb’s,,,,Legends no doubt,,,, Hall of gamers!!!!Marino threw a beautiful spiral way back I the day!!!! No static at all
I have always wondered about the Bluebood status, but the Neyland era was stout way back 30’s,,40’s early 50’s... good teams scattered as evidenced by 13 SEC titles!!! 90’s were stout with Fulmer but since2000 ,, it has been a struggle... Must say S Carolina lineage is ,,,,, well,,,, you know .... We will continue to back our Vols and good luck this year
Quarterback,,, Guarantano is going to be much better in year 2 as full time starter!!!! State situation isn’t as clear!!! Game in Knoxville,, should be a battle with the Vols in Neyland paying big dividends!!!!!
Yes sir!!!!! Nice angle and a lot of truth there!!!!! I don’t really know how well he will fair with Mizzou,,, he was definitely overwhelmed against Bama year before in playoffs
Exactly,, he chose to leave!!! Accept the ramifications on move on!!!! This transfer portal is opening up a lot of gray areas,, not to mention depleted depth charts!?!! Leaving for legitimate reasons is totally justified,,, but players are leaving for lack of playing time,,etc is hurting how you build a roster and also unexpected injuries!!!!!
Growing up in Georgia,,, being from Tennessee,, die hard Vols fan... I am stunned the Dawgs are in the top 3,, much less 10. High school during the Herschel years an really have always had good too great college backs,,,, not to mention right now I’m the NFL,,,,, Gurley,, Chubbs and Michel
Wonder what position Paul played in his day,,, how bout cheerleader,,, the one he plays now!!!!!! His infatuation with Bama is so obvious. Speculation about winner of rematch is just that,,,, speculation
I was impressed with growth of Guarantano last year,, only 3 picks,, I know one against Gators he was drilled while releasing the ball,, not his fault... O line was really bad at times and he took a lot of punishment,, game after game and clearly he was very healthy during the last 2 games... I expect more maturity this year and he has a really strong arm...
Yeah my sentiments as well,,, QB transfer from Ohio State to Miami as well,,,, the process is flawed and is making a lot of roster headaches,,, guys don’t when a starting job and immediately want to transfer...
Exactly,,,, look at playoff game he started 2 seasons ago against Bama,,,, vs Lawrence as a Freshman last year!!! No contest,,, beneficiary of a great team around him... Has a chance to really prove his value this year
West is stronger top to bottom over the years easily,,, but I think East is closing the gap fast.... Florida ,,, Mizzou,,, SC vs Auburn,,, A&M,,, LSU.... gap is closing especially with Georgia’s
Exactly,, I think he improved,, but the Georgia game for instance,,, flea-flicker 1st play WR 10+ yards behind nearest defenders,, overthrew him by 15yards,, horrible pick... Think he could better this year, but
Swift is dynamic,, He is my number 1 this year,,, think the Dawgs will feed him well behind a talented and deep O-line
My sentiments exactly,,, couple of freshmen,,, sometimes I do wander about these writers and their commitment to looking at the facts!!! Behind the Hogs they have ,, he will do damage this year,,,,, again
I like that!!!! Pruitt is going to turn it around,,,, the O-line play is the key to the season I believe
Let's really look at the talent to work with as well..Players do make coaches better,,alot has to do with what you have to work with...Stoops at Kentucky,,,tremendous job considering the turnaround at the program...Franklin at Vandy,,,that's what i value is building from ground up.Jimbo at Florida State,,, you inherit a loaded program,,,alot different circumstances.... Another,, Shaw at Stanford is also very strong..
Exactly!!!!! Overrated and dilusional!!!! Nice run and a serious threat this year,,,, but can’t finish!!!!!
No sir,, but he will probably still be running his mouth!!!!!
Disagree there,, think Kiffin is a little to loose and his overall demeanor just doesn’t fit at Bama... I see Nikki going 5 more years.... Huge year coming up as Clemson and Dani have all the momentum,,,, not to mention Georgia is right on there heels!!!