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I don’t see a lot here I interpreted as building Tennessee up seeing where the program is right now. The task is huge and will take time specially with the NCAA implications coming.
I don’t see a lot here I interpreted as building Tennessee up seeing where the program is right now. The task is huge and will take time specially with the NCAA implications coming
Bottom line ,, season starts in September,, and Georgia will have a very talented roster... I would love it if every year at the end of the season sports writers were held accountable for their predictions in for their banter because I can recall Jamie Newman being on the Heisman list same kid that didn’t even get drafted let’s pull up some of those sports writers and hold him accountable
Yeah we are all fans,, and love our programs.. No need for personal attacks and fowl speech aimed back and forth.. Enjoy the season and sportsmanship.... Respect
Yes ,, I am a Vol but grew up in Georgia and has always,,, even before Herschel great running backs and a strong tradition at UGA... I am sure they will rite the ship Saturday...
I saw that as well,,, Rest of the team standing,, for me it’s about our country,, I served,,, Dad-Vietnam,,,, grandfather WW2. And countless that have given so much,,, America still a great place to be and respect it!!!! I don’t mind the protest ,,, just not the place... Stanford what career stat sheet he has,,, and no team accomplishments at all.. Lions gotta be worst franchise in sports,, so I will give him that,,,
Exactly, most of us true Vol fans know when Pruitt came in ,, 0 wins in SEC play previous season we have a long ways to go.. Last year streak was slot of close wins against average teams... QB is so important now(Georgia) that you need a playmaker at the helm and G is far from that. The media always wants to project Tennessee as back... Next season is huge for Pruitt in reality
Elite Defense that got destroyed by Bama and Florida,,, no elite and neither is the in-game coaching by Kirby... Daniels gives Dawgs much more with his talent and arm strength moving forward... Not sure they beat Bama or Gators,,, but the up-grade is obvious with Daniels and putting the program in championship mode each season is always the goal of every program!!!
Since they have a chance,,, but just like the Bama beat down,,, the chance is hypothetical $!!!!
Long wait,,, all your mouth and now you gotta eat up!!!! Dawgs,, 3 straight recruiting championships,,,,, where’s the results on the field,,, or should I say Fields!!!!! Maybe next year
You might want to take another look SEC title,, Dawgs blowed out,, no lead late in the 4th qtr... I believe you might be referring to the Choke 2 yrs ago Bama,, Good offense clearly outweighs Dawgs defense,,,last year SEC title game and Bama 41 two weeks ago!!! Florida 41 Dawgs 16
Tennessee 33 Arkansas 13... we are a 2nd half season team under Pruitt!!! 6-4 with a bowl win
Bama scores 41 on the “best defense in the nation”..... Florida wins big Saturday... Dawgs are struggling with the walk-on QB and the nations best defense,,, well how many points did LSU put up in the SEC title game,,,,, Overated
My son played against him in high school,, very tough and a lotta heart!!! Good football player
I know you girls want badly to be relevant in the SEC,,, it ain’t happening,,,, no time soon.. LSU,,,, Auburn,,,, and of course will prevent that,, as they have since Aggies came in... Truth hurts
Legitimate National Championship aspirations,,,, with Fields running out in the field for the fake punt,,,, Clean it up how you may(injuries this week) the Dawgs have choked in their biggest games under Kirby... And his in game coaching is suspect.. Great recruiter,,, Solid Defensive coach,,,, Head Coach,, I don’t know...
Already making excuses?what it sounds like it!!!! Kirby will have them ready,,, should be a good one,,, Gators win big!!!!
Corch,,, you are alive!!!! Elite D didn’t do so well in Tuscaloosa!!!! 41 isn’t elite my friend!!! Just as we saw when LSU walked on it SEC title game last year... Do your talking now,,, Gators are coming
Exactly,, best Defense in the nation,, last 2 seasons,,,, except when they face top teams like LSU,,destroyed and Bama,,, 41... Elite Defense stop’s opponents,,, not an elite D... I’ll wait for the personal attacks from Dawg fans ,,, can’t have a conversation with them,, without the red neck coming out
I like that ,, Kirby came from Alabama coaching staff,,, 0-3 you tell us
Should be,, Georgia Defense is outstanding,, deep and discipline.. But to be a great defense,,, you stop great offenses... LSU destroyed the vaunted D last year,,, I see Bama putting up numbers as well!!!! That offense is the key for Dawgs chances Saturday night,, Bama will put up points... After watching Ole Miss last week I see a shootout!!!! 30 plus for each team
Everyone is tired of your routine,,, give it up and root for your team.. We all love that,,but you sound completely ful of hate...Even your fellow Dawgs fans are embarrassed of your lame comments...
I don’t know what you see in Vandy!!!!!! Sometimes you go with experience,, and JG is a veteran,, battle tested!!! Wasn’t surprised at all by LSU losing,,, the losses were far too many!!! Florida O very impressive!!!! Auburn with a big win!!!!
Exactly,, no consequence’s and people will bend and break rules repeatedly...I believe the Tigers have now lost so much from title squad,,, chances of repeat are 0.. Plenty of talent and Coach 0 ,,, in the ACC doable,,, SEC West is the reality though
My thoughts as well,, Hype from transfer was crazy,,, Now enter draft with name in headlines and get drafted off the hype.. 3 years from now let’s see where he is!!! Dawgs are fine without him I believe Daniels is the guy,, saw him against Notre Dame ( high school senior) starting as a Freshman for USC!!! And yes there is only 1
Agreed,, Newman never has or wil take a snap.. Time will tell on his abilities,,, but Kirby has talent in wait ... Freshman and R-Fr both talented and Daniels from USC (there’s only 1 ) ... I believe this will be outstanding season with a major underdog winning it all !!!!!
Game is far bigger for Bama,, Dawgs could lose still get a rematch,,,, Statement game early
Very true!! Something this website lacks in its proofreading of articles!!!! This season will be so unpredictable,, firsts with Corona outbreaks,, players out and also it’s football!!! I think the new schedule was definitely geared towards easier paths for some!!! The schedule doesn’t lie
I believe NCAA has and always will play the favoritisms of big time programs... I believe Ga had a TE from up north who’s grandfather was ill,,, something of that nature,, relatives ill and denied... Fields and transfer QB from Ohio State cases approved immediately,,, Vols waited till just before season started fir ruling on Solomon DT from Michigan... Flawed and scandalous,,, such as so many of America once great institutions and ways of life!!!