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Spring gone will affect everyone,, that said ,Dawgs are replacing a lot on the O,, new QB ... Defense is very talented and that is huge!!! I would pick LSU as team to slide more so,,, lost a lot plus Burrow was phenomenal last season... Tough schedule,, I am very much looking forward to Dawgs in Tuscaloosa
Exactly and well put,,, the media for whatever reason seems to really emphasize the Vol fans and our passion for the program to be very lacking intellectually and overboard with “”” Were back”””.. Lifelong fan and generally everyone I know over the years laugh at the way they pretray us Vol fans.. Freshman QB with 3 QB’s with experience ahead of him on the depth chart... We improved last year,, and hope to improve this year,,,, but please drop the narrative...Every fan base loves their team,, we do as well... Into a frenzy?? Sounds a lot like FAKE news network in action..
I agree as does the recruiting world... living in Georgia as a Tennessee fan we know how important this State is to recruit not only us but the entire south Georgia high school football per Population has to be number one in the nation
Gators last SEC title??? A couple of East division,, only to get destroyed and embarrassed in SEC title game,,, I recall as if late.. Words of advice,, leave Kirby alone as well,,, 3 straight....Mullen will continue to lose the big games,,, his coaching record is solid against Top 25 teams
Media controversies is exactly right,,, 40 TD passes and 1 pick last year,,, Wow beyond good... As a Vol fan I am glad he is at Ohio State,, just saying...
Well said,,, Kirby is a hell of a recruiter... And hasGeorgia positioned to be a Force year in,, and year out... BUT,,, the 2nd half collapses against Bama 2 years in a row sting... Setting up a huge matchup next year on Bama’s turf,,, I don’t see this hire being anything to be bringing collapsed dynasty talk into the picture,,,, at all... Early Prediction from the KID,,, Bama in a blowout!!!!!
Agreed,,, very talented,,, very motivated and a leader... Al Wilson 98 season was incredible though , can we ever forget his play in the huge Florida win!!!! I really like how the players respond and respect Coach Pruitt!!!
My thoughts as well!!! Hopefully he can and be prepared to be a student-athlete and work hard for the team... Whichever he chooses,,, I think Ole Miss will eventually get him
Maybe they were watching LSU run up and down the field on that D!!!!! Awww yeah!!!
Exactly,, believe he said compete for,,, but that window is closing fast!!! Hence the blowout in SEC title game,, was not competitive...
Keeping it real!!!! 100%,,, that was funny... I think he signs with S C ..
Incredible ball skills and a physical hammer at the safety spot,, pick 6 on Tebow as a freshman!!! A Vol legend and a tremendous person!!!
Great assessment,, and there are always sleepers,, and games that will determine favorites and build resumes!! Clemson/Notre Dame.... Georgia/Bama in week 3 is huge for Dawgs I believe,, LSU I believe is losing way to much.. Vols will have opportunity to improve,, really have enjoyed 2 seasons watching Pruitt grow in the Head Coach role.. His defensive knowledge and leadership thus season was solid,,, horrendous start followed by nothing but adversity and growth by team
Auburn?? Just saying they are always on the egde because if they’re 2 biggest rivals are in the mix.. Of programs that have been a factor in recent years they are capable!! LSU is losing a lot ,,, not just Burrow .. Ohio State and Clemson will definitely be major players next year as well!! PAC-12 really struggling in ovearall big picture with Oklahoma always a factor out of Bug 12.. Long off-season ... Really looking forward bro Bama vs Georgia week 3 I believe 2020.. Clemson at Notre Dame as well..
They also proclaimed Tua the greatest after merely a championship game heroics (2nd half against Dawgs) and 1st season as a starter.. Is puzzling though SEC isn’t exactly QB driven and produces few great NFL QB’s..During Bama great run run with Saban ,, how many of Bama QB’s actually playing,, LSU for years QB issues.Even when Spurrier was running strong through the SEC ,, no production in NFL.. Cam but I believe only 1 yr at Auburn after transfers.. So many players in league but few QB’s
Exactly!!!! Article is about Dawgs,,, no one else..About as impressive as your performance in the SEC title game
I apologize for the comments about Munson,, out of line... I see folks chopping each other up,, didn’t mean to offend on that level... I sincerely didn’t mean to upset folks that bad.
Besides al the BS,,, We had a great finis to the season,,, and overall it is good to be above .500... Ghat said,, next year is next year,,, time will tell..Georgia is top tier right now and I respect that... But your performance in SEC title shows your not close to being champions,,, Dawgs choked against Bama 2 years running,,, choked!!!!! That’s facts my friend,,, and got embarrassed by LSU this year,,, Nice run and still very talented,,, pull out the tapes of Herschel,,, and the redneck Larry Munson and reminisce,,,!it is about all you got really!!!!!!!
Desperation to win,,, wtf ,,, he doesn’t practice ( limited contact) week of the games... Probably wants to continue to progress with his training/rehab/ and overall routine during the season is my thinking... Let’s face it,,, NFL has to involved thoroughly to be able to play and first year he came back,,, his situation worsened.. He is an outstanding player,, and he chose what is best for his situation right now!!!! Look forward to him playing next year...
Exactly,, Kirby has a stacked roster,, which is why shaky ground is not the case... Fromm leaving,, shocker to me,,, is bigger because no experienced QB on roster.. Transfer portal? And 3 SEC title games,, playoffs.. Clearly helps us other East teams try and close the talent gap...We are excited to have him..
Wow,, just seeing all of this... Gut says this is very fowl looking on many fronts.Huge slap in the face when he signed w/Ga.. Father,, legacy.. And Lil brother coming Vols next season???? He is transferring/ lawsuit over accident (Over a folding chair he pinched a finger part off)... Just saying
Being Consistent is sign of progress,,so time will still tel in the long run.. Progress this season can’t be denied... But still nice gap I believe between us and the top tier teams I the league.. After the start of season,, until improbable comeback against Indiana,,, the team itself,, leadership and resolve is obvious.. Proud of my Vols... Now the long off-season!!!! LSU Clemson should be a battle for it all,, I say 50/50 dead even match , either team can win it all!!! Bring it home LSU, SEC nation is backing you
Great win, great comeback!!!! And in reality for the way we started,, versus the progress and heart of this team,,,, Great season.. Good to see everyone on site supporting us and the rest of the best conference in football!!!!
Exactly,,,way too much criticism and a lot of BS between fans of Ga and Florida... Remember,,, at the end of the day,,, we r in the stands,,or TV watching... Results have absolutely nothing to do with us as fans,,,,, except the noise levels on Gameday... Mullen has done a great job first 2 seasons,, very impressed... Kirby has put Georgia in the SEC championship game 3 straight yrs..Add in his recruiting prowess and He has been outstanding as well!!! Fromm returning next year is the biggest key of course for the season ..But Dawgs are contenders for National Championship 3 straight as well,, again very impressive...
Exactly,, these type articles are weak!!!! Looks as if just have create fans going back and forth... Backing LSU to win it all!!!!!
SEC teams have favorable matchups I believe across the board,,, but with NFL draft,,,among other distractions the regular bowls aren’t as Fiercely contested as they once were!! My Vols and Indiana not at all,, expect both teams all out...Bama,,Dawgs,,, Auburn and Florida will win big is my prediction,,,LSU over Sooners....
A lot of solid points,,Fromm has his strong points,,, character,,, leadership,,, but O really was hard to pinpoint why they didn’t do more against there stronger opponents....If Fromm returns,,, huge possibilities for redemption for him somewhat and returning talent should be much better,,, and yes they have RB’s waiting to get on the field...Still a major player for SEC East,,, SEC title and Playoffs next year,,, if Fromm returns with a chip on his shoulder,,, overall talent is outstanding
Quietly had an outstanding season,, played well against Vols,, after Franks went down,,, thought backup QB,, reports of backup most of high school I believe,,, and he got better all season...Personally would rather face Franks led team than him,, great awareness and always looked comfortable!!!
Very pleased with Vols late season progress,,, to call November meaningless is about as meaningless as most of writers points,,,,As bad as it was after blowing BYU,,, meaningless is far from the truth
Thank you sir!!!! Amazing turnaround to the season!!!! Pruitt has the team focused and playing hard every week!!!!! Vandy next