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That's funny. Bama has won in every era, not just games, championships. You name it: segregated, integrated, before scholarships, unlimited scholarships, limited scholarships, prebowl era, BCS, and well, you know. The idea that they won't succeed is just as stupid as thinking that Bama alum base is not that wealthy. You sound like you're 10 so you might not remember when everyone in the country blasted the entire state because Alabama's alumni were so stupid to give Saban (omg!) $4 million to coach. of course no one ever admitted they were wrong, they just jumped on another stupid bandwagon, like yours.
No, I didn't guess counterfeit vax cards because that is only a thing in the stupid trump world. Nobody requires vax cards. this is as stupid as storming the capital
the hypocrisy is yours. why should gop make health political? they shouldn't. its a terrible political strategy, trump lost, and a terrible health decision. the obvious answer to your question is because young healthy people who get it, can and will if they are not isolating, pass it to the vulnerable. that might not be so dangerous if the vulnerable were VACCINATED. but your boy trump and your politics don't want them to get it, to own the libs.
you shouldn't get your medical advice from a cable channel
it's funny, your analysis almost sounded logical right up to the moment where you made it political and thus suspect. disease is not political, trump made it so. blind loyalty to him on this issue exacerbated the disease. that decision backfired. he lost the election because of it, yet his followers cling to it by attacking the vax, masks and Fauci. it failed, he lost. the vax works no matter what he says about it. you don't have to take the vax, you do have to live with the results: death, disease, disqualification. we, the vaxxed, are going to do everything we can to prohibit your bad decisions from making others sick.
absolutely nothing. even though you are trying to read something into it.
tell India it's over. wishing it away won't make it go away. trump is no longer the president. his stupid policy of ignoring the virus because he thought it made him look bad is no longer necessary. you can't own the libs by dying from the virus. stop trying
this idiocy, your post, is why NC State was eliminated. You people politicized a health issue because a narcist president thought the virus made him look bad. That's your right, knock yourself out, just don't whine about the consequences.
just like a trashy trumper to throw in a liberal taunt, you're classeless and I'm a Bama alum liberal so suck on that.
this is so stupid but I love it. keep worshipping trump, he lost the house, the senate, and the presidency. he's single-handedly destroying the gop but you're too stupid to see it. send him all of your money so he can give it to his kids and buy more golden toilets.
keep your stupid political crap to yourself fascist. oh and scoreboard. Biden 1 - trump zip
they aren't better, there are more of them simply because of population. There are more players in the nfl per capita from Alabama and Mississippi than Texas
drives me nuts when people cite the first amendment but no nothing about it at all. The 1st amendment only protects speech from suppression of the government. Coach mullet was not arrested for his t shirt. He can say stupid things and wear stupid shirts and he did. And his player can say things in reaction to it. Its not a 1st amendment issue.