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Here's how I see it. Bama will play like their hair is on fire. They've had to listen to how great UGA is all year. They are great. UGA's defense is going to play Bama about like auburn. They will dominate the run game and sack the QB but not any more than auburn. Yes, UGA is better than aubarn but awbujrn played out of their minds in a rivalry game and Bama made a lot of self-inflicted mistakes. If the mistakes aren't cleaned up. UGA wins. Bama's D will control UGA's offense, stop the run and sack the QB. If either QB goes down and both could, UGA wins because there really is no Bama back-up. If both QBs stay in, advantage Bama. History does matter. Not so much Bama v UGA history, but Bama's legacy. These are the kinds of games Bama wins because of their legacy. The kickers decide this game. Bama wins 24-22. UGA wins the rematch if there is one. Nobody can beat this team twice
Can't be a fan of aubarn unless you want Alabama to lose worse than you want aubarn to win and you have to always blame the refs
wow. can't believe I'm agreeing with an aubie but you're exactly right. it's not Saban, it's not Bama, it's Saban at Bama.
only 25? you can't read? or use you tube?
2 loss Bama is in if they win the SEC. The winner of the SEC is in regardless of the number of wins. how do they let uga in and not the champ if uga loses?
the winner of the SEC ship gets in, doesn't matter how many losses they have. If Bama loses another along the way but beats uga, they're in. no way uga gets in with a loss but the sec champ does not
Saban does not and will not hold anything back for any opponent. He plays his starters later in the game than most are comfortable with because he does not hold players back in fear of injury. That's also why he plays starters on special teams. He plays the best player and lets the chips fall where they may. If a player gets hurt, it's next man up.
so funny that some dumbass cajun is trolling another southern state for being inbred. your whole culture is literally inbred
man, that's the worst moral victory I've ever heard and over the last 15 years, I've heard a bunch of them. congrats, you got our coach to coach.
If you think da coach O's off-field issues were a problem, you don't want anything to do with Joey Freshwater.
so wrong. Alabama has won in every era. won before Saban and will win after Saban is gone
dude? nobody read that except you and maybe your mother. Obviously, Bama is living rent-free in your little peanut
screw him, dumb al davis took years off of Snake's career letting him languish on the bench behind Lamonica.
yeah, and if only trump had any dignity at all, he would've resigned but he doesn't and didn't. so we need to raise the bar that was dropped for him.
must be rough viewing everything in the world through the prism of politics, especially when your side is getting womped at every level, house, senate, and president
scoreboard, he crushed your boy and he can't stop whining about it. more whining in 3..2..
and apparently, he's living rent free in your empty dome
but it's a good sickening, like eating too much chocolate.
"Saban is going to destroy us?" If by us, you mean y'all, then yeah. But, he's already destroying y'all.
That's funny. Bama has won in every era, not just games, championships. You name it: segregated, integrated, before scholarships, unlimited scholarships, limited scholarships, prebowl era, BCS, and well, you know. The idea that they won't succeed is just as stupid as thinking that Bama alum base is not that wealthy. You sound like you're 10 so you might not remember when everyone in the country blasted the entire state because Alabama's alumni were so stupid to give Saban (omg!) $4 million to coach. of course no one ever admitted they were wrong, they just jumped on another stupid bandwagon, like yours.
No, I didn't guess counterfeit vax cards because that is only a thing in the stupid trump world. Nobody requires vax cards. this is as stupid as storming the capital
the hypocrisy is yours. why should gop make health political? they shouldn't. its a terrible political strategy, trump lost, and a terrible health decision. the obvious answer to your question is because young healthy people who get it, can and will if they are not isolating, pass it to the vulnerable. that might not be so dangerous if the vulnerable were VACCINATED. but your boy trump and your politics don't want them to get it, to own the libs.