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Hilarious! Just mention the Crimson Tide and the wannabe Dawgs come ruining. smh
That's your decision and I understand it. Still, I hope you will reconsider...maybe before spring practices. RTR
Dykes makes himself a clown act by talking about schedules... as if there was some sort of parity with the SEC.
I take exception. And I suspect Coach Saban does too. I mean he hired 'em and in Golding's case has extended the contract w/ a raise.
I'd say you're on to something there. :)
@JTF Yeah, that too. But get this. He put forth the argument to me that Sankey arranged for the PAC12 officiating crew to gift Bama the Texas Game just to keep "Unicorn" Saban relevant in terms of the playoff. He never said when I asked, so I must assume that Bama needed to overcome their record 15 flags just to make it less obvious. :)
Laugh out loud! Alabama's 2020 undefeated national championship was 'a small comeback with an asterisk' You haters are a trip! :)
Man, you're off the rails on a crazy train... especially with that Sankey thing of yours.
Just a little hyperbole there Matt. A 2-point conversion for an overtime victory as a 'KO.' smh. But hey, have your fun with it while ya can. Roll Tide
Now, yeah, sure. But at the time of Stephen A's remarks, well all know it was a mixed bag. For what it's worth, I thought LSU's hiring of Kelly was a homerun. Glad it's working out. RTR
I did, answered your question. And it ain't that hard to understand.
Kirby was no better than Golding, he had more than his fair share of torchings too... remember Brian Johnson of the Mountain West Utah Utes? Made a fool of Kirby in the Sugar Bowl. Then, of course, there were the likes of Johnny Football, Bo Wallace, and Chad Kelly. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Ezekiel Elliott in the CFP. But the ultimate humiliation was delivered by Cam Newton. But here's the thing about Golding: The game has changed! He faces a Johnny football sort of QB almost every week in the SEC. Might want to cut him some slack. Coach Saban does, he understands.
Uh no. Just saying, with a little help from the Tide, LSU has a path to represent the West in the SECCG and possibly the CFP. We're just talking football, maybe you need to calm down. It really ain't about the Dawgs.
Yakity, yak. Yeah, we know Bama lost...two games... and we know how they lost. You're just trying to make something out of it's not. But do carry on. I guess everybody is entitled to gloat but ROLL Tide!
Odd. I don't remember you from Al.com. Must have had your dumbass muted.
Pawl, Pawl, Pawl! That's been said a few times in the past. It'll be over when Coach Saban says it's over and he'll know long before you do. RTR
I guess I could take as a compliment in the context that everybody hates a dynasty and loves Cinderella. :) RTR
Yeah, who was that guy playing QB for Bama...and what did he do with Bryce Young?
Point of order: 2 loss Auburn, after beating #1 Georgia and #1 Alabama was IN at #4...until they lost the rematch with Georga in the SECCG. A two-loss SEC Champion LSU is IN. JMO
All that's funny, everybody is just happy Bama is eliminated. I'll just say congrats to LSU for a great win. Best of luck to 'em going forward. Roll Tide.
good advice for a Bama fan... problem is, bubbatime is a fraud. :(
Oh, stop it with the Saban BS. This is all about Danny White and Tennessee... the game-stopping 20-minute Kiffin riot last season and the celebrated storming of the field this season. And I won't even get into the last Vol baseball season. White & Tennessee are out of control.
Geez, Greg surely you know that's not true. Neyland Security made no attempt to prevent the Vol fans from storming the field. And AD Danny White condoned the 'celebration/violation'