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Pawl? Seems fair enough. No conference champ game, no bye.
Yes, agreed. I don't understand why a G5 Best-4 playoff has not been seriously discussed. Seems that'd be better for them than this 12-team thing.
Dang, that might be a new word but I don't think so :) s/b Commitment
Need a new word. Commitmittment in this context has lost its meaning.
SMH If you know that, which you don't, Mike Vrabel would have known that and there'd be no reason for him to do any due diligence whatsoever. Just make the deal no questions asked of anyone. Fess-up, Nick Saban respect really bugs you.
Yeah, I think he's exaggerating... suspect he's always said something similar to "if we can handle business, we have an opportunity to play for a national championship,” And that's truthful... for a lot of teams.
Yeah, I think he always the reputation as a great recruiter while at Bama. Turns out it wasn't just the Tide Brand. He hit the ground running at UGA.
Good one! :) He can add that to his pitch but he hasn't needed it before...Dawg recruiting classes have perennially been right near the top.
Oh, you said the Falcons, the team. Jeez, that'd be like asking a used-car salesman how the car drives. The Falcons were trying to make a deal!
I missed the part indicating they didn't ask the former Falcon's coach. Nick Saban respect really bugs you, huh?
idk, I hope he's right but it sounds like he's campaigning. I would think a 12 team play-off dilutes the SOS criterion. Nick, Kirby, and few others may now be on the wrong end of their scheduling. Then again, the committee's directive and ranking criteria may change for the 12 team deal. We'll see.
@ CToolidge. That's a fresh take and encouraging...until the last sentence.... "and for a new way to funnel money to recruits" We'll all have to wait to see how it changes the sport, if at all. I just can't help being skeptical.
And maybe, more importantly, explain it to the misguided student-athletes who have been told their university is tantamount to a plantation.
Somebody needs to explain that to the Supreme Court Justices and all the DA politicians like Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy.
Who is it that's making all those "millions in profit"? I hear that all the time yet, most recently, only 21 FBS athletic departments had P&L's in the black.
Well, that's profound but I'm not suggesting an apocalypse. I just don't like professional sports and College Football is transitioning from amateur to professional.
I'm confused by that. How will teams 5 thru through 12 be any different than ND, Okie & Ore?
Has making the Best-4 playoff opened up recruiting for Notre Dame?
You're counter my "odds" with a "maybe" and call that flawed logic. smh:)
So you are convinced an uncompetitive 12 team playoff will create a semblance of parity through recruiting resulting in a much more competitive 12 team playoff. Presumably, a playoff in which #1 is frequently upset by #9. Ain't buying it. Successful recruiting is hard work by coaches who are good at it. For a recruit, the allure of playing on a 10th ranked playoff team is not going to change the recruiting rankings. Now, NIL money is another story. That can turn the rankings upside down. aTm looks to be sitting pretty. So do the SMU Mustangs - this time, rather than the death penalty, they make a 12 team playoff and are celebrated. No thanks, not interested in Professional College Football.
Obviously, you have no idea why I said that. I don't think that recruiting argument and competitive 12 team playoff has any merit but we'll never know. The seismic change in recruiting brought by NIL will obscure any effects of an expanded playoff. All these changes are inevitable. No point in me arguing against it. Just don't like it.
I prefer dumber than a brick. But I am smart enough to know that. And you? :)
Sure, the dumb and dumber. "So You're Telling Me There's A Chance!"
Just more players and teams humiliated in the playoffs too. Not to mention injured. Odds are still "Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama" will be crowned champion. When it's all said and done, how is that a good thing?