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jeez, calm down everybody. The article clearly says "Again, it’s unclear if Texas said anything at all about the shirts or requested BYU to address the situation..."
Yep. As in bubbatime is a troll, flamer, fake Bama fan...whatever ya want to call him, he doesn't weare Crimson on Saturdays
I don't like it but until Greg Byrne says it, it ain't true.
Yes! I might even switch back to watching Game Day.
Give it a break, homer. FSU sucked without Travis... and the CFP Committee executed their directive precisely by seeding the BEST-4 teams. Your whining and crying have degenerated to the point of being pathetic.
Uh...NO! :) That’s a hail of a lot of teams that obviously weren’t Best-2…
Do you believe that a Travis-Less FSU is one of the Best-4?
Thank you, Cory. Your contribution to the program will be missed. Still, you'll always be an Iron Bowl legend. Roll Tide and best wishes to you.
No bammers were on the committee. It's easy for anyone to rationalize after reading the guidelines. Conversely, how can anyone rationalize a Travis-less FSU as one of the Best-4?
NCAA Basketball has a committee to select the 66 teams for the tournament, ya know.
For how long have you held that belief? Just saying, it might be a bit premature. RTR
I guess Bama needed to blow out Auburn in Jordan-Hare more like #1 Georgia did. smh "Black-eye" is a whole lot of football ignorance.
Hey man, thanks...I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.
i.e. Not a criterion but rather a tiebreaker. Yeah, semantics, I know. RTR
Uh, no, uh, yeah, mentioned but.... "winning conference championships, strength of schedule and head‐to‐head competition when comparing teams with similar records and pedigree (treat final determination like a tie‐breaker; apply specific guidelines)."
@ engine "head trumps all the other data points if the records are the same." No sir, that is incorrect. Head-to-head is only one of several considerations, none of which are weighted.
Cincinnati and TCU were prime examples of the "most deserving."