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Yep, never stopped fighting and won a moral victory. With another W, the Tide learned a few things as well. RTR
Hostile environment...pfft. Bryce is one cool customer, he'll be totally unfazed by the swamp.
Good question, I looked found this. Fallica and Herbstreit were enjoying a multifaceted breakfast when Corso happened upon the scene after his morning walk. “We like to sample a lot of different things, so our table was probably pretty full of food that morning,” Fallica recalled with a chuckle. “Coach pauses and looks and circles back to me and says, ‘Look at you, Fallica, you’re just like a big bear. All you do is eat, sleep …’” Fallica was like, yeah, whatever. But Bear stuck, and he gradually embraced it.
Dang Tim, if you're counting on the Tide to play tight, scared, or hesitant then you need a new plan.
@ southavol Vols, of course, that's who I meant! Auburn is just a family dispute at Thanksgiving.
Has been nice lately. Then again, our biggest rival has had few winning streaks of their own - not so nice.
Mystery solved. Good deal! SDS can now put this nonsense story to bed.
Good question. Thinking the 60s tie-dye was cool or something. Not then, not now, it's hideous.
Think again, boy. There'll be no one left to cover your government check.
Yeah well, being of the era and you, I understand. Still, things change. Nico was rightfully penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Taking indirect responsibility for drunk college kids seems like a really bad idea.
@ MooseToner Your dumbass almost finished reading the article. "Hunter Yurachek said the revenue shortfall this fiscal year could reach $30 million." So yes, presently operating at a deficit.
Yeah, Brent, we'll just have to see how that works out for ya.
Well, I think that's simplistic... so much so I won't bother to elaborate.
Don't care, just leave the Tide staff alone for a change.
FU fuzzball. I just prefer my news thoroughly and professionally reported. Can't help you with your perceptions/fantasies.
I'll ignore all your childish BS and just spoon-feed ya the article I read. The first article returned in my google search was this: talkbusiness.net/2021/02/razorback-athletics-nearly-breaks-even-in-fy-2020/
@ LSU Maybe indirectly. The coach's contract is with the school, the buyout is the obligation of the school and the school cuts the check to fulfill that obligation. How much more Arkansas made off the win vs. a loss should be zero dollars. In terms of elevating the status/profile of their program, it is incalculable.
Most likely too excited that he was not flagged for interference.
Follow up: I found a tweet from CJ Spillman -"Crazy how I wake up from Sleep to find out my former teammate Parys Haralson passed away in his." If true, I see no excuse for those circumstances not to be reported. Tell me he passed away in his sleep and I won't ask the cause of death...of course, that can wait for for an autopsy.
I suppose every once in a while that could be the case.
Okay. I'm going with family who does not want the cause of a 37-year-old's death reported. Which always leaves me skeptical. Same for the death of the 19-year-old girl reported a few hours ago.