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Good question! Not that it matters, Stewart is a dead-man -walking. The arrest is just protective custody...temporarily.
Seems that would be a portal to nowhere. I mean, a 4* who can't hold the job at Jackson State...what team would be desperate enough to sign him?
I wouldn't be surprised either but I don't think anyone in that range is in the market for a QB. I don't know. I don't follow the draft really, just keeping up with Mac.
Yep, there's that .... and what Mountain Dog said: "FPI is complicated as hell"
Why the hype? Mike way overachieved at Texas Tech and Washington State, whereas the likes of Gus Malzahn would've crashed and burned. I suspect Mike will overachieve at State too. Just don't expect any SEC Championships... State really doesn't.
Or maybe...just maybe Bill O'Brien, at age 51, signed on as Nick Saban's hand-picked successor. Not propagating any rumors or anything...:)
Remember that "hot mic" video? "I mean the 3rd string quarterback can move the team right down the field throwing the ball" Nick was referring to Mac Jones. :)
Those questions are ignorant of two stats: 1) Of the top five QBs in the draft, Mac has the best QBR vs. the blitz 2) the best QBR when pressured. i.e. His processing, movement in the pocket, and deadly accuracy make him a better, more efficient, more productive QB than the other 4 who have more "athleticism." And of course, Mac had a record-setting Total QBR in 2020. Kyle Shanahan and Bill Belichick know that. If the 49ers don't take him at #3, the Pats will at #15.
4 losses are reasonable. Just saying 2-3 is plausible and maybe the reason FPI has 'em ranked 8th. It's pre-season so who knows...
True. Probably just a little tough-love up-front. Hope so.
@JTF. Yes, exactly. In 2020, after Waddle went down, the RB's role changed to be more heavily involved in the passing game. That meant almost all Najee. 2019 was a bit more typical as Najee, the starter, had 209 rushing attempts with 159 additional attempts split between 3 guys. I have to add that 2015 was an outlier as well. Henry had almost all the attempts with the game still in question. (That's understandable for obvious reasons) Generally, though, Saban likes to run 1 starter and rotate 1-2 or 3 others to keep everybody fresh.
I can see that. They were both great backs. Holyfield was one of my favs as well.
Keyword there is career. Now check Chubbs best season to Najee's best season.
Total yards no doubt. Probably due to offensive styles and the number of carries. I can't recall an Alabama offense that relied that heavily on one running back.
I thought about saying 20 years just to have Shaun Alexander included. Decided against it, the point is pretty self-evident either way.
Fair enough. I was just kidding anyway :) Monikers like QBU, RBU, DBU don't mean much but I hate to see players buy into it as if it *does* mean something about them. Best of luck in the East. RTR.
Ah, okay. I'm totally convinced. Pitts is the best tight end to ever come out of a draft! But obviously, you have a lot of others to convince.