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Yep, too much baggage, and it ain't written down anywhere that Greg Sanky would sign-off on him being hired. Hasn't been that long ago that he vetoed Saban hiring Freeze as an off-the-field analyst.
In 5 seasons at Ole Miss he was 29-25 overall, 6-21 in the conference.
They could do worse than Steele. Be it him or someone else, the administration must accept the "shambles" and with full support keep the expectations reasonable.
Yep. With the allegations of Pruitt's attorney, UT probably lacks the credibility to make a big-time hire. They just need a decent coach to stabilize the program at a reasonable level, then, in 4-5 years, go for the home run.
"Orchestrated effort to renege on contractual promises" - Sure seems that way. If it can be proven, it'll cost UT more than $13M
That might work. Herman is accustomed to unrealistic expectations... and the heat of a dumpster fire.
Okay, I looked again. Ole Miss had 33 wins vacated by the NCAA. Freeze ended up with 12 wins in 4 seasons. Oh, and I don't have a clue what Big Kat knew... and neither do you.
One of those thumpings was vacated. So, no. I had the last laugh.
What good is winning when half of 'em get vacated by the NCAA?
Deserves got nuttin to do with it. Obviously, Freeze was not any good at the prime directive of his job - institutional control. Since is UT already struggling with violations, hiring Freeze just seems like a bone-headed move to me. But hey, just my 2 cents, don't have a hound in this hunt.
Where is he going? I mean, Fulmer's replacement needs to unpack his bags first.
Wait a minute. Pruit is fired amidst an investigation into recruiting violations and Vol fans want to hire Hugh Freeze? - the same Hugh Freeze who the NCAA cited for 15 level 1 recruiting & academic violations with a loss of institutional control. I swear you couldn't make that up to more absurd.
True, and as a Trojan-American, I find Southern Cal. repugnantly offensive.
Probably more, that's just an estimate. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this past season! RTR.
I'll go with #2...which is a mental illness of sorts. I mean, it's common horse-sense that resisting arrest, threatening an LEO is a pretty sure-fire way of getting hurt/killed.
And woulda-shoulda-coulda? There's a good reason for the victory formation. One of those three snaps "coulda" been a pick-6 or scoop 'n score. It's not like LSU was being compassionate. smh.
Huh? Of course, we had the opportunity to execute an onside kick giving Tua the ball about mid-field with 1:21 on the clock. Unsuccessful opportunity but the opportunity *was* there.
Yes indeed. Dealing with liberals, progressives, and racists of color usually require a great deal of effort.
That's a good list... all of 'em are in the top 25 of my top 100. Roll Tide!
Thank you Carl for your contributions...and the kind words. Best of luck to ya. Roll Tide.
Not exactly, Bama had the ball with a chance to win with 1:21 on the clock.