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I thought buyer's remorse was when you regret purchasing something. I see you gave your own definition to an already established phrase but why? Just say who's going to miss their transfer out the most. This is click baity stuff
Michigan state and Ohio state are in the same conference and they didn't split the championship.
Jadon Hasslewood is modt likely going to OU
From what ive been able to gather from multiple sites he has not communicated to the coaching staff he wants to transfer. Supposedly he or his family have been talking to other programs about possiblely transferring. A definite decision has not been made and they were trying to do it secretly until after the bowl game. Dont know if the reason for that is nefarious or they didnt want to distract the teams prep for game. It looks like someone maliciously leaked it right before the dead period to cause as much recruiting chaos as possible. This is all unverified but it paints a convincing picture when its a pieced together
Are those really the only options he had? Why is he black listed? He was a good coach, just couldnt beat Alabama. UNC, Louisville and FSU last year should have snagged him
Trey Hill has played pretty dang well and was a major part of UGA puttung 330 yards rushing on UK. Yes he had two very costly mistakes but hes going to be an outstanding center. Do you guys even watch the games or just make assessments off highlight clips?
I didnt take anatomy in school but im pretty sure the quad is above the knee
That might even top mark sanchez's butt fumble
Same thing was said last year at this time and UGA still had a pretty good recruiting class
Proguy28, Georgia is ranked higher than florida in total total offense per game, passing per game, rushing per game and points per game. Florida is only ahead of georgia in pass attempts and incompletions. Dont throw rocks in glass houses
He secretly put money on florida. All hes hearing is the cash register going cha-ching
This epitomizes the difference between Mark Richt and Kirby Smart. Richt would have frowned deeply.
Yeah he definitely didnt learn to pass in high school. Still running the wishbone option left or right every play
I went to the same high school as him, only about a decade and a half before him. We didnt win a single game for about 3 - 4 years in a row and he turned that program around too. Dude is just a baller, hope is ankle is better and he makes it to the league. Never thought that high school would ever produce a D1 athlete
I Just moved away from Destin. Miss that radio show so much. Scott Moore is ususally spot on with his bama insider info
Me too. So glad his charges were dropped. Im hoping he can sign with one of the new alliance of football teams. Kid deserves a shot, hes got some talent
You guys should do a little more research. Stetson Bennett announced he is transfering to a JUCO. If your going to roast that kentucky reporter for his Jacob Eason question at the media days you shouldnt be guilty of the same thing