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You must have been born in 2014.
Muschump will either do really well or really horribly. There is no middle ground with him... This is a good thing for USC. I wish he would stop acting like he is a killer though, compose yourself and stop acting like you could take these kids in a scrap, these athletes would snuff you quickly if they wished to.
Just another exsample Of the thug nation "culture" at USC.
Sounds like A&M has the same "culture" as UT.
We have depth now. We have an excellent offense and a killer ground game. Coach need to get better about making the right game time decisions... Defense is improving, especially in the trenches... Where is matters
I just get excited the Vols are finally getting some respect. The projection is based on the talent CBJ has brought to Knox the past 3 years. A few signature wins and a better record each year. The next step of the trend continues would be 10 or 11 wins. With UGA down and FL realing set the Vols up to fill the vaccum in the East. Remember too, we almost stole one in bama last year leading with 3 minutes to go. How are we all going to wait 6 months for the games to begin?!?!?
Okay Bill. I take it back. Maybe I just read the banter between you and Chippy the other night. I respect your posts here. Sorry I said to get a life. Actually my only true enemy on here is Larry Munson.... Haha. Jk Larry. #mckenzie troll!!!
Projected AP Top 25 Preseason Poll 1. Clemson 2. Oklahoma 3. LSU 4. Tennessee 5. Baylor 6. Ohio State 7. Alabama 8. Houston 9. Florida State 10. Michigan 11. Stanford 12. Michigan State 13. Iowa 14. TCU 15. Oklahoma State 16. Notre Dame 17. Florida 18. Oregon 19. USC 20. Arkansas 21. UCLA 22. Wisconsin 23. Ole Miss 24. Georgia 25. Nebraska
Bill - Your immature comments ruin this website for everyone. You need to get a life. Funny how you follow the Vols so much. Grow up man.
Never mind. I think I'll just have a stroke instead.
Sh*t!!! What I mean is I'm not trying to be a as* to anyone on this site... All in good fun... Long live the SEC!!!!
Thank you. Week 1 win in the dome vs Louisville is a good win. Others played cupcakes. Good litmus test
That's for you south fork!! All in good fun. I know you'll get me later the season... Maybe :)
Also --- the super G can go with the soldier boy your players dance to on the field. Youuuuu super man that hoe!!! #UGAclass
Please google "power T" and see your results. Please google "super or power G" and find nothing... Sorry man. You have to give the G back to the cheese heads... Stick with "super G" since UGa is UT's little brother. It's okay though cause at least AU is known to be your cousin. Not totally down on the Peking order...
I saw him riding a delivery truck but didn't even think it was shotgun! Even better!!!!!! Good call hahahahhaa!!!!!
Or maybe Pig... (Hope OU knows Jennings is a QB playing WR...) shhhhh
Watch for the half back pass from Dobbs to Jennings to Pearson for the win.. Calling it now. Mark the tape!!!
Agreed. A win in week 1 vs. Louisville in the dome is a good win ranked or not.
Thank you for making me laugh tonight with the dumb and dumber reference! Classic!!
Sometimes I feel like SDS trolls their own threads for activity. Is this an inside job? Notice how the cowards have no affiliation.
Identify your team then and I'll have plenty of jokes for you baby Godzilla. #coward
Owns? Haha. He owns a BMW and gels his hair. That's what you expect from a mid western man sandle though... Catch a tornado or speake with respect like folks do in the south. #howwereyouraised
Surprised you would even comment on this site with your username. What a joke.