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He won it that night. Call it what you want.
Oops, your statement lasted about as long as your undefeated season.
The Lane Train will be pulling into Baton Rouge tomorrow afternoon.
Word around Fondren is that the Ole Miss crowd is pushing for Prime once Lane's new gig is announced on Monday.
Lane will be gone after the Sugar Bowl so it really doesn't matter.
Lane's year to jump to a better program is now. He'll never get a Natty at UM. They have sucked for the last 60 years.... never even made it to the SEC Championship Game. Even though they can pay him whatever he wants, he'll never win it all there. Too many better options.
There's been people at State wanting to fire Leach since he started. Morehead got only 2 years. It like that everywhere.
He sat Dak for 2 and a half years. Everybody on campus knew Dak was a mule when he got on campus.
Ole Miss has never been the the SEC Championship Game. We have.
Coozie, you have always brought nothing. Please quit posting. Your band affiliation turns you into a it/them status. Where are you?
What's yours. 1960s.. lol. You couldn't pour piss out of a boot without the instructions on the heel.
Why are y'all writing stuff in CAPS? Numbnutts?
What's yours. 1960s.. lol. You couldn't pour piss out of a boot without the instructions on the heel.
Both are about the same. Except y'all may be more frat drug dealers than hillbillies. But really are both the same.
Knucklehead, you thought Coach O was the best thing since sliced bread two years ago. He is a total idiot for screwing up LSU and his life over poontang. You need to change screen names tonight. You one butt girlmann
Lame is not going to Miami. LSU cut a deal with Lane 2 weeks ago. No pine box but he's GONE. I love it. You hillbillies lost your lame to LSU, your perceived rival. LMAO. Even though you could pay him whatever he wants, he dumped you for a Natty. He'll never win one in Oxford unless he's coaching girls golf. Enjoy this post and your welcome.
If he talks to them, it’s a money grab by S e x ton. He’s in year 2 of his contract. New contract = millions more. Kinda like when Saban was reported talking to Texas.
The man that while he was a kid helped break-up a fight between his little sister and an older woman, had his career almost ended by jealous Ole Miss fans. Mullet and the MSU staff helped him get out of the perceived problem to go on the be one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.