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There's lots of stupid comments on this section, but yours is the worst. But it does appear that Lame has found the bag man.
Yeah it was. Not a good look at all. You're probably right tho, bro
And we are not fondle? of your pig ole lady.
Lol, he is currently committed, sure but all it will take is a school with a better chance to make it to the playoffs. Doc, Tubs said the only way he would leave is in a pine box..... he left 3 days later in Auburn 1
So? He Tubby was at Ole Miss 3 years. That's as long as Lame will be there.
Lame will pull a Tubby on Ole Miss if he is successful and doesn't get caught. Merry Cashiskingmas.
You obviously don't know our school President. Heads will roll.
Exactly. He kicked him on his shoulder pads. Was more of a tap than a kick.
Aren't you the knucklehead that believes Coach O is the best thing since spliced bread?
Are you going to ever admit that Coach O is an idiot? Heart? Was anybody in the program showing any heart during all the abusing young women on campus. How about your boy? Where's his moral compass?
The staff failed to mention that even though it is still 2020, if Gus takes a loss in Starkvegas it will be his last while being the head coach at Auburn. Over the years, I've seen this happen with several coaches.
Maybe the Air Raid can work in the SEC with the right players and Coach.
Actually it's due to the fact that his son is sick and he doesn't want to put him at risk.
O hasn't changed. Same ole loser he's always been, just minus two great assistants
Missy, you're going to get time out for post like that.
Your point is invalid. We don't have the players, currently, to make improvements weekly. You just don't understand that.
It's tough to see a win anywhere as long as our coach won't budge on his offense. He's determined to implement it regardless of the personal he has. We probably would have had a couple more wins if he compromised his strategy somewhat earlier on.
And he gets L stamped on his forehead by us. He did some great pregame planning and mid-game adjusting against us.
We had about a 6% chance in 1980 and we won.
And you are the biggest dumbass to ever post.
It was because we played like $hit. Do you not understand that? It wasn't because Arkansas was good it's because we $ucked a$$. Numbnutts.
You are correct. Unlimited cash for recruitment will bring players just like before.