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Please leave our QB situation to our coaching staff. Maybe Shrader will respond positively to new coaching, to throw better and still be able to escape. Sometimes change is good.
Yeah, your talking about 1,000 of the 200,000,000 of our President's supporters. I'm sure you are excited about the shiz show going on on the demonic side. The burn you feel is the gas our President passes as runs laps around that imbecilic group flopping fish.
If we keep the ones we have. Which they should stay now that we have a genius instead of a proposed GURU.
Leach is such a solid hire, it looks as though he may be even better than cousin Eddie. Ticket sales are up like DT's stock markets. Coach please make MSU better than average again!
Please take him. He ruined our defense. Please Coach Pirateman let him go. He suc ked at UT and at MSU. He was the second worse hire at MSU right behind JOMO.
I'm pretty sure none of us care that you don't like the cowbell. We'll beat Kentucky again this year.
Moorhead runs a h3ll of an offense? It never happened at MSU.
All this time I thought it was to earn more cash and beat Lane's a$$.
They'll learn to hate each other especially after Ole Miss out bids our measly hand shakes with financial arrangements with local banks that are only offering advice. And then it gets leaked.