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Ole Miss continues their 35 year run of buying the best players they can get.
Knucklehead, duh, you are correct. It's not sustainable to anyone long term. Many of my friends at UM are kicking in money. Big buck people. Stay in your lane.
Joey Freshwater knows a thing or two about munch town street
These Kentucky fans seem to be scared to death of what might happen and seem to be covering all the bases to justify whatever happens.
How long will OM's boosters continue to fund Lane's purchases? Y'all certainly aren't blue bloods.
Roll tide???? Who says that is not a Alabama fan???? Not many but what the hay? Roll tide roll, around the bowl and down the hole, roll tide roll.
I heard Akry fans want him gone. Is that not true?
Or wink, wink, she didn't get caught cheating.
That will never happen. Kim needs to be gone too. She didn't know when the National Anthem was being played? I'm calling bs on that.
Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.
Great win for Bama and the SEC. You're right they would have won by 20 or more if he had 21 steals.
At least we lost to a Hall of Fame coach. And Kentucky lost to who?
Did you watch the game or even read the article? Nobody out muscled anyone. They out shot us.
There probably tens of thousands of Auburn fans within a 2.5 hour drive from Nashville. Getting a few thousand there to watch a SEC being won should be easy.
It appears that we have two great basketball coaches. At least we got that going for us.
Cousin Eddie strikes again. He doesn't have enough brains to pour pi ss out of a boot even with the instructions on the heel.
I'm trying to figure out if these little girls posting on this site or a bunch of teenage boys.
I hope you are helping the collective. If not, you should not be cunntin'withthegirls.