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Like in 2015, we are going to kick some cajun a$$ in two weeks. Enjoy it. Amite?
We'll be 'necking' it all the way back to Starkvegas after we give dem tigahs an L in Baton Rouge. All dem bouts is gone and the rest is jumpin ship like de rats dey bees.
And LSU will be primed for that upset. It's a trap game for y'all. Kylin will get 25 touches, 17 in the air and 8 on the ground. LSU's depleted defense will not know what hit them.
It's kinda ironic that there has been a 50+ year war in Mississippi over the Flag that ended by a tweet by a 21 year old black man.
His Uncle(is an a$$ on our boards too) is saying he deserves more than $35 mil for 5 years. Please he's good but not a guaranteed a 135 mil good.
Another person that didn't read the article. If you're going to comment on the article at least read.
AJ was labeled as a game manger not a great QB. That's why he didn't receive much love.
Wasn't Cheeseneck the guy who won a natty one year and got fired the next?
I believe that there's more people immune due to herding. So many people think they had it in December and January.
At this point, he should take what he can get. What is the difference in 35 mil and 40 mil?
Dak should have taken the 35m a year ago. Too many people in his ear.
Gaytor, there will be a day when you hate Cousin Eddie. It will probably happen during the first 5 weeks of the season. Remember you heard it here. You're welcome.
He'll be getting his bell rung several times during those games. The boy may can catch but this statement makes seem like he has no common sense at all.
Dude, are you drunk? KT is no Joe. Playing the race card is not cool either.
Okay. There's needs to be an over/under on everybody on each team. What a great bet. You look into (Daks) your fav's habits and let it rip. And then there's coaches. Alex, give me two bills on the over on Mike Leach for 4 games. Jackpot.
Dartha$$, my daughter it one of those the makes $2.13 plus tips at a high end restaurant in Dallas.Dak has been in her place several times. He is always generous. She and her BF are now drawing $975/week plus food stamps and Trump's 2700. Pretty dang good. The dude is in touch with reality.
Dak has lacked common sense since the day he was punched out at spring break.