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Jackie Sherrill and Billy Brewer was at each other throats all the time.
It appears we made two good basketball hires in a week. Time will tell.
It's been this way for 40 years. It ain't stopping anytime soon.
He is gone by Wednesday. Green shortly after that. You heard it here first.
When you have an unlimited budget to try to buy players, this is what happens. Ole Miss has always had money to get them.
Who are you going to get to replace him? All coaches do whatever it takes to be like him. There's no lines any of them wouldn't cross to be him. What a stupid post whether or not you are a bama fan.
He was pandering to his players. Just like he did when he did the BLM march. He's no dummy. He does what he does to make him the best of all time. He gives his team what they need to be his team.
We don't a former buzzard on our team anyway.
Remember when you had your band outfit as your profile picture?
He dropped so many passes this year. His position was probably up for grabs. He probably dropped his phone 5 times while making this this.
But wait, some of these MSU crybabies, girls and past band members want Coach Leach gone.
Shut up little girl who knows nothing about football but sure knows how to blow.... A horn.
Says the girl that played in the band. Find a new team. We were down 16 players. Knucklehead.
I own that book and read it to my kids and now grandkids. He totally screwed it up.