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I would agree and say it is brutal at times. But judging by the big "G" on your logo a have to say it also must be brutal for the coach making those comments to beat your team two years straight while making those comments.
Yeah this whole prediction is just to make it look to be more of a challenging championship for bama. They just wanna be optimistic for the gators. We all know bama will not play the media's games and they will crush Florida. Florida has a good D, but Appleby stands no chance. Floridas cherry picked schedule is now gonna get them a taste of why Alabama is who they are. So please media personnel, let's be real here. Bama 35-10
It will be short lived I promise. Enjoy it while you can!
And last time I check Eason threw a longer ball than Dobbs, so which was a hail marry again? Eason had no clue where that ball was going his receiver had gave up, he just happened to lay eyes on it before TN backfield to have the advantage.
With all do respect to all fans of Florida because they are a good team no doubt. But Tennessee is missing 9 starters, not including the 5 that went down since then. You take Quincy Wilson and Teez Tabor out with injuries we all know Florida wouldn't even be a threat to the high school league. So Quincy Wilson can "troll" all he wants but last I checked, no matter how it was done that duck pulled that truck without Sutton, Maybin, and Kirkland jr. And we all know Florida won't win out. So keep trolling Quincy because you still lost to the vols. Do whatever makes you feel confident.