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I will be at the Auburn v Clemson game, though I would rather be at the UGA v ND game
nice to wake up to some god news
Exactly, would assume "writers" for an SEC football site would know that. Too much to ask, I guess.
In regards to your Florida post: "On the bright side for Florida, if it wins this one, it might set up an Outdoor Cocktail Party for the East title."Win or lose vs Michigan, it has zero bearing on the outcome of the East. Non-conference games won't impact conference standings
yeah, I am a bit of a Clemson fan, g/f is alum and we have season tickets and I'll be at the game, but I think Auburn wins this one
They bolster academic rankings too much. Plus, baseball.
"this time on the biggest stage in college basketball." umm wouldn't the biggest stage be the national title game?“You can be a champion without winning a championship,” who said it better: Martin or Butch Jones?Incredible run by USC. Fans should be happy about the direction of the program. Those two parts of article just stood out to me. I live here in Cola and the town has been basketball-centric lately; a very excited fanbase
Almost comical at this point with Alabama ha. Saban is so damn impressive
Williams will probably stay committed to USC. I would love to see him flip, and I could be wrong, but I don't think he does. USC will be getting a great player in him
I don't want to be hard on him. He took a huge step up in competition, won the job (what does that say about guys behind him), and played his hardest each week. Just was not talented enough to be on this level
I decided to look up what you posted FSU - won a national title very recently so counting them Miami - average 18.25. also hired new coach last year Texas - class averaged 12th last 4 years. and just fired their coach A&M - class averaged 10.75. coach on hot seat
Dude, pretty sure 1) it is about INCOMING recruits. So UGA had 1 incoming QB 2) The article clearly states using 247 and Fromm is a 4* there.
Certainly possible. I think USCw is losing a few studs on defense so that is why I said Washington. But at this point both would be a good pick
Yeah, I see what you are saying. But for most players going to top schools they are going to compete. Be it Alabama or LSU there is probably already someone on the roster with a higher rating, more experience, or both. Of course, QB is different but I am glad he chose UGA
A lot will change but Alabama/FSU/Washington/tOSU is a good bet for final four or to be in contention late in the year for a spot
Great point. Not like they flew it at Williams-Brice or something
No offense but that is a stupid post and you seem to be missing the point entirely. Win all your division games and you should win your division is my point.
what game last year did Alabama beat Watson "handily"?