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I wish we could put commentors on ignore. Negan is annoying and always has this massive wall of text to scroll through
Very impressive. Shout-out to A&M too. That's a strong start for them.
@ bama time I bet he does considering he has spoken publicly about it multiple times
You are right. He tore his ACL because he squirted someone with a water bottle.
Ah, ok. I was confused since your post was a direct reply to an LSU fan's post. My mistake. At least you are on topic and relevant.
Weird response to an LSU fan. Did anyone say anything about Alabama here? I don't believe anyone is confused about Alabama's run of success.
I mean, compared to this time last year that really isn't saying much. Let's see how they look when it matters.
This I think most UGA fans, and CFB fans in general, are excited about their team's chances int he fall. They look at all the potential positives and imagine every single one going the right way for them. But unless you are Alabama or Clemson, and more so the former, you probably should not enter the season expecting a title as a given or that the season is a failure without one. I think will see a lot more of title or bust for UGA come from the media and other fanbases. So if UGA does not win it all they can point back at the hype. Yes, UGA appears to be in a better position this year than any in recent memory. But it is a long season. There are other elite teams. Injuries, guys who come out of no where to dominate, etc.
I'll take the bet that UGA wins this year vs Florida. Whatever the line is at kickoff. $20 to charity?
Florida won last year, they get to talk all the trash and make all the jokes they want. What happens when you win.
I am in no rush to miss spring and summer on the lake and enjoying life but I am certainly looking forward to Sept 4th. Regardless of what happens it should be a fun game and season
Notre Dame, for all the criticism they receive, seem to always play a schedule with a bunch of big name teams. And it seems like they are scheduling more and more.
1980 doesn't bother me one bit. Even your fellow bama fan called you out. You completely missed the post, you mindlessly post 1980, and you think you accomplished something. Re-read what you commented 1980 to originally. We're here to help explain it if you need assistance.
On one hand it has been pretty cool to be a football, both college and NFL, during my time. I got to see most of Favre's career, all of Peyton's and Brady's, the NE dynasty, some of the greatest CFB games ever ('05 title game and most of the recent title games), and watch the greatest CFB coach ever. Saban is so good there is no close second, one of the few indisputable greats. I can live another 60 years and I don't think we'll ever see a CFB coach that is worthy of comparison to him. On the other hand, he has cost UGA at least one and probably two national titles! And he has created unrealistic pressure and standards for other schools to perform at his level. That just is not realistic. If Saban had just won a couple of titles at Alabama and then remained an above average coach for the rest of his tenure the CFB landscape would look drastically difference. I think the most impressive/depressing part is he is only getting better. Saban and Alabama have not hit their ceiling yet. They are coming off their best team during this run and the best recruiting class of all time. It is scary to think he can only get better.
UGA wante dhim, kid seems like he will be great. and he was bumped to 5* on 247 though not the composite. Good get for y'all
nothing I said involved arrogance. Do you know what that word means?
Yeah, Alabama and Saban are really envious of the offenses at Tennessee. No doubt Heupel will run Alabama off the field
you are, without a doubt, my favorite Vol fan of all-time thanks to this beautiful comment.