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I always like watching the videos where walk ons are awarded a scholarship
If they want to make a bowl they really need to win this weekend. Probably the next two weekends.
I think it is ridiculous that coaches can't speak freely without being fined.
One thing about this Florida team is they have shown grit and mental toughness. They haven't quit. I was high on Tennessee coming into the season but I think I was wrong.
great slate of games next week and Auburn v A&M is def. one I can't wait to watch
very coolthing by Tennessee, top to bottom. I don't care how much it benefits them.
agreed. that is a bar bet I would have lost
It was annoying. One of them was a USC alum too. Neither are sports fans at all so they did not even think about it
I was at a wedding in Columbia that day and we were following it on some LG phone and the really simple ESPN app that VZW had at the time
absolutely. their DL vs UGA's OL will be something awesome to watch
week 4 looks so much better than week 3
Florida was going to win this game anyway but it is now a lot less interesting with Wilson out. Sure, Sawyer could be a huge surprise but probably not. Tough for Kentucky fans.
I feel like Auburn's odds are a bit high and A&M's odds a bit low
well most Florida fans don't think they will lose to Auburn, LSU, and UGA. so you are an exception. and most don't think Kentucky is a toss-up game.
They get UGA and Florida you know, the teams that beat Auburn and UGA last year, respectively
yeah, that will be an interesting decision for him.
I think they can win both of those games. 3-2 isn't the start USC fans expected but that seems to be the basement to still make a bowl game this season.
Hate to see that. Hopefully he bounces back soon
Some Florida fans got upset when I said their schedule was manegable due to Miami amd FSU not being very good. Some agreed with me. Well, Miami and FSU are not very good.
Be interesting to see how he does the rest of the season. Still a very tough stretch of games but just having some spark and momentum goes a long way
gotta love this delusion and they do have a schedule of cupcakes. USC is on their schedule, for example
thought about that too. I would love to have him for another season.
So ready to watch this game. The line makes no sense to me, all things considered