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If I'm a Tennessee fan I wonder if vacating the wins, losing the scholarships, dealing with the recruiting restrictions, and the reputation hit is worth $4 million. To me $4 million is a lot but to these athletic programs it is not a bunch of money.
Playing 8 is a disservice to fans. 9 conference games, at least 1 P5, max 1 G5 and 1 FCS. FCS doesn't count towards bowl eligibility. Get rid of conference championship game. Simple
she was about to throw a spinning back fist, probably
100% agreed. That's what makes the most sense I also don't think the SEC should use the word "permanent" but instead say "fixed". The Athletic brought it up but I like the idea of reviewing and being open to changing one of the fixed opponents every so often. Don't have to change, and don't have to change everyone. But leave the option there.
not at all surprising. Monken is an NFL guy, who wanted to be back in the NFL.
Bobo Going to miss Monken, he did an amazing job.
"Texas and Oklahoma may look all shiny and pretty to university presidents and television executives. But they may as well be Texas A&M and Florida of late when talking wins and losses." Hahahahaha
"We’re talking about someone with 12 consecutive years of double-digit victories compared to a South Carolina program with 4 such seasons ever" Wow, that's something I didn't know. Makes anytime you lose to USCe that much worse
Good question. I would say no but that's partially because I think a dynasty requires a team to be the one dominant team. You can have rivals, you don't have to win every game, but you need to be the standard. During Clemson's run they were working towards beating Alabama, to become the standard. But it was still Alabama. If Clemson had maintained then maybe. But they have regressed since Trevor left. Heck, maybe if Trevor won a second title it would be different. Right now, Alabama is still the standard. That's who you get compared to. But maybe, in the future, we'll look back on this time differently. It all depends on what UGA and Alabama do the next several seasons. UGA just played for their 3rd title in six years. It's certainly an amazing foundation. But 2/3 of that was trying to get out of Alabama's shadow. Last night was the first time the light was truly shining on UGA. And even with that there was a lot of chatter about Alabama being in the playoffs and not TCU. Alabama, not USCw. Alabama, not Tennessee. Let's see if one day people say the same about UGA.
being drafted would be another feather in his cap! Amazing, even your darkest wishes include incredible successes for UGA.
Well, we could keep the same energy and hope for something bad happens to you, your kids, your family, etc. But that is a lo$er mindset. Only absolute tra$h humans make comments like Ainge, like those three guys on Ainge article, and like yours. So I hope you have a great day and that you can show some growth as a human being.
Reading articles, comment sections, and forums recently there are three common themes regarding UGA: 1) UGA does not have an elite WR/they spread the ball around a lot 2) UGA's offense and Stet don't get a lot of respect/it is managing the game, winning in-spite of and not because of the offense 3) UGA has won some games only because the opposing team lost their elite WR I believe those are all related, and a fault with tOSU and Alabama while being a strength of UGA. Those teams are so reliant on a playmaker or two and without them, they struggle. UGA has lost several players to injury but they spread the ball around so much that they can continue on. But because we don't see the QB1 to WR1 highlights and videogame numbers as we see at Alabama, tOSU, and Tennesee the perception is UGA can't do it. But I believe it is intentional; UGA wants 6-10 guys who can make a play vs 1 elite playmaker. Lose one of the 6-10 and you are left with 5-9 while losing your 1 elite guy and you stop being able to score (Alabama last year in the national championship, tOSU in the semi-final) It was a lot of fun to watch Bryce last year, to watch Stroud this year. And if they don't lose their elite playmakers at WR maybe they do win. But injuries happen in football and a team should be built to overcome those as much as possible. Just my $0.02 and I could be wrong.
disagree. if everyone has players opting out then it is the same. still have bragging rights. depth, recruiting, etc
That was a darn good win for Tennessee. With the injury and opt outs I didn't think they would win, let alone dominate. The Tennessee defense is what really stood out. The blowout to USC is an ugly wart but overall the season was a major success. I'm a Tennessee hater but it'll be interesting to see how they build on it next year.
the rumor is there was no motorcycle accident. Petrino was beaten up and beaten up pretty badly. The neck brace was a show for sympathy.
Yup, he also had several more inside the 4. And he had 17 TDs in his five games vs ranked opponents.
Knowing is half the battle. Now, let's see if you can combine context with critical thinking skills and finish it off. I believe in you
Nick Saban is the greatest CFB coach ever. Alabama might be the greatest football program in CFB history. But no, this year's Alabama team is not one of the top 4 teams in the country. Granted, it seems like no one wants to be the 4th best team this season so it appears wide open. This assumes Michigan ends up winning. I think Alabam should be above Tennessee. That blowout loss to USC kills them. But Alabama still almost lost to Texas, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss. And close wins are ok, it happens to everyone. But looking at the full season picture I think Alabama deserves to be on the outside looking in.
Extremely impressed with him. Several of those passes were elite.
Agree on every point. It does help him that there is no other stand out candidate this season
I bet Stetson to win the Heisman at +8000 so I would love to see it But I am sure he would be happy with an SEC title and a second national title
LSU and BK look like they have a bright future. Those guys played hard, never gave up, and made some serious plays. Congrats. Go dawgs, let's see you finish and end the season 15-0
I was trying to be polite but I can be honest instead. Tennessee is an overrated sack of baby diapers. They barely beat the weakest Alabama team in 12+ years. Believe Alabama will get that back next season. They have the single most embarrassing loss in the history of CFB. Seriously, losing to USC is ok but losing like that? They can't play when it is raining, when the grass is high, or away from home. They just had their best season since the current players were in elementary school (or has it been longer?) and they still won't even be a footnote in the 2022 CFB season. They run a gimmick offense that requires everything to line up perfectly and next season they will absolutely regress to their mean of the last couple of decades.