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51–19–2 and UGA has won 4 of the last 5. That was a big win for USC last year but let's not pretend like it's an annual occurrence
That Israel kid, I think that was his name, had like 3 interceptions didn't he? I would say he heavily contributed to USC winning. USC earned the win, UGA deserved the L in that game
of course. you even asked for my venmo and I posted in the comments when we made the bet. it was on USC winning 8 games this past season. loser
considering where both teams were when A&M joined the SEC it is a bit surprising that USC is 0-6 vs them
hey, remember that bet you made with me? you lost, are you going to pay up?
"Tide dynasty over?" no but I am thrilled with this hire. and I am sure Coach Saban will not struggled to find an elite S&C coach willing to make that kind of money so not sure how much it hurts Alabama
I would prefer he ended up in the West at Ole Miss or A&M. He has the ability to be an elite player and would rather UGA not play against him in the next few seasons or so.
dominates recruiting, OOC games, bowl games, NFL draft picks, NFL rosters, and all for 13+ years yet, some say the SEC is overrated or other conferences are as good or better
too obvious not to. how long until he does commercials with Aaron Rodgers? (Isn't Rodgers Stare Farm too?)
A quick google search yielded the following: "The Southeastern Conference has 339 total active players in the NFL right now. The next closest conference is the Big Ten who trails the SEC by 87 players." "This list only highlights players on active 53-man rosters, according to NFL team websites, as of Sept. 3."
I hope it is a great game that comes down tot he end. Don't want a blowout like last year, that is boring
don’t forget you owe me $10
maybe their best played game, overall, this season. good job. Baylor is a good team this year
with the two tackles sitting and the injuries to WR I am not confident in UGA winning this game. The defense will be fine but an offense that was ugly almost the entire season will be without some key pieces. Maybe Luke will have some influence on play calling that will yield positive results, maybe guys who got very little PT during the season will explode in the game, maybe the time off is enough to make a difference. But I am not overly optimistic right now. I would love to be wrong.
First I have heard of this. Seems weird.
He is one I was really hoping would return.
@Geaux Long ok? no one made that argument. no one is hung up on anything to get over. are you confused? outside of your random all caps, taking the opinion of tv announcers as fact, and arguing a point no one has made do you have anything else to contribute?
For sure But the person writing the question ignored all of UGA's injuries for the LSU game while mentioning UF's injuries, ignored the H2H, and UGA has 3 wins over the current top 15 teams. There are a lot of variables and they can be weighed differently. But UGA, nor any other team, should be punished too much for playing in a 13th game when another team is sitting at home that weekend 11-1 vs 10-2, H2H win, and the three highly ranked wins. It is close, and if UF wins their bowl while UGA loses then UF will be ahead. But for this week having UGA ahead makes more sense, imo