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Why would I be scared? I'm not getting on the field. I enjoy watching CFB, more big games are better. I just don't like the idea of a massive 16 team conference. Hope you have a great day
I hope it does not happen. 14 is arguably too many teams, 16 certainly would be Though I guess with a 12 team playoff having four major conferences would be negligible. Who knows
37 have transferred out in the last year. Most of any team. Number two is Kansas with 27. Auburn and Miss St are the highest in the SEC at 22, Vandy with 21. That's a start difference. Even with schools that experienced a coaching change.
You are right, Volas fans do not care. And nor should they. But what about all the Vol players that have transferred out? Should Vol fans care about that?
Darth that could have been a 4th option if he didn't slip in the insult of bad research. The poster was basing it completely off places he has actually been and included the disclosure he hasn't been to Columbia Missouri. So no, that is not a possible 4th option in this case. Hard to think actually reading the post before lashing out emotionally is an option though
"I’ve been to every Sec city except Columbia Mo" "So you’ve either got Athens way too high or have done very bad research." A third option might be that you did not read his post before you jumped in and responded?
Which defenses do you think will be worse that has been projected as better?
For a kid coming out of Hammond it's a massive drop, academically. Compared to the average Hammond graduate he would have been better off not playing ball and just going to college
I don't care about baseball on any level but good luck to them
Vast majority of the "preseason champ" narrative hear comes from the media and other fanbases. Then after they season use it as an insult, exactly as you are saying. I see way more of that from other fanbases than UGA fans. And this season hearing maybe more than ever, especially along the lines of "now or never" or "this is the year, have to get it done" but last I looked at the betting odds 1) four teams have better odds than UGA 2) Alabama is one of those teams. The other three (Clemson, Oklahoma, and tOSU) can all make the playoffs without going through Alabama. UGA certainly needs to get over the Alabama hump. But whether or not it is this season or in the future it is still one season at a time.
I'd take the over on 47 points being scored I recently finished The Sisters Brothers. Short but pretty good. Currently on book two of the Teddy Roosevelt trilogy by Edmund Morris. Highly recommend
JFC Please either ban this guy or allow us to block people. His incessant wall of text on nearly every article is terrible. I understand trolls. Plenty on here. I don't get this guy.
Clemson certainly can lose week 1 and still make the playoffs. But at that point they no longer control their own destiny. It would not be surprising for Clemson to go 12-0 after losing to UGA and for the PAC 12 and B12 champ to have multiple losses
All great questions. It is not a guarantee at all yet.
" I ultimately prefer “All signs point to” or “Without catastrophe, UGA is primed for Atlanta.”" 100% agreed.
Fair post but there are other elite teams out there; few have better odds than UGA. tOSU, Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma come to mind. I don't buy into the "if not now then when" mindset. Just put yourself in position year after year. UGA is at least doing that.
Better than not having a shot at all; like so many teams.
It'll be interesting. It is still high on potential until there are actual results. The schedule is certainly as favorable as can ask for. Hopefully JT continues to progress, but that is no guarantee. And hopefully Monken/Kirby are less predictable with the playcalling. At least there is potential, which not every team has. See what actually happens. Still a lot of really good teams out there so nothing is promised.
A long time to go; hopefully he sticks with UGA. But A&M has a strong chance here it feels like
I agree that when (if?) Saban retires it'll just happen. Maybe reports start leaking out that day, give or take, but I certainly don't see a season-long farewell. I do wonder how much heads up notice Saban will give Alabama, how much influence (if he events wants any) he will have on the new hire, and will they have a coach waiting to replace him or if it will be a legit search. Unfortunately for non-Alabama fans it might be years and years before we know the answers to any of that.
Excluding the NCAA violation, a lot of the stuff Mullen did could be filed in quirky. He is a quirky guy, nothing wrong with that. Spurrier was a different type of guy too. Dabo is a weird guy. The real difference is perception and that is based on winning. Mullen wins the East again, wins the East consistently, and gets bigger wins then he will be a quirky winner and it won't be an issue. Assuming he does not leave for the NFL we will know a lot the next three seasons or so. Either this contract extension won't really matter or he will be getting a big raise.
Umm ok. Obviously a troll. Have a great day
It'd be interesting to see numbers on that. Say the number of players who transfer in and out for each top 25 team. Break it down by year over the last 5-7 years, differentiate by underclassmen and grad transfers.
Of all the people to respond to mine is a bit of a weird one. Yes, a lot of UF articles have UGA fans commenting. The inverse is also true. I tend to ignore the trolls and just have a regular conversation. Anything in my post you want to actually address or is this the extent of your contribution?
Florida had to do this recruiting. Does not make it a bad decision. But my biggest takeaway from this is that once-preposterous Jimbo Fisher contract is already looking reasonable and looks like it'll be a bargain in a few years. I think this drops him to the 4th highest paid coach in the SEC.
What about the last 6 years? What's Dabo's record vs the SEC? Maybe, just maybe, he improved from year 1 vs year 6 as coach