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to me, there is a difference between an excuse and a valid reason and it mostly comes down to controllable vs uncontrollable injuries = uncontrollable = valid reason uga losing to USC = controllable = excuse when blaming anything other than UGA blowing it (bye week, for example) many disagree with me but that is my $0.02
Isn't Alabama suffering from a half dozen injuries on the defensive side? Maybe more? If everyone is healthy next year I think Alabama will be back to being Alabama. And some credit shoud go to the teams that have stepped, both with talent and coaching, to catch-up to Alabama. I think it is as much that as Alabama "regressing"
I would think they would not want him because every school gets better when he leaves, not because he came from Dabo's coaching tree.
Of course I am biased and prefer they beat UGA but I would guess Auburn fans agree only because UGA can still lose in the SECCG (or to Texas A&M) and still be out. There is a secondary to back up Auburn. There is no such scenario for Alabama
"the South Carolina Gamecocks (4-6)" aren't they 3-6? Charleston Southern, Kentucky, and UGA. right?
by my rough count UGA has 30 p5 OOC games scheduled between 2020 and 2033, a 14 year period only 2021 does not have at least two P5 OOC teams
lookup the non-conference for 2028, 2029, 2030, and 2031
it is so 2017 - Maurice Smith, as you mentioned 2019 - Cager and Wolfe, as you mentioned Jay Hayes transferred from Notre Dame. While he was never an elite player for UGA he added rotational depth but was the least impactful. Cam Nizialek was a grad transfer and was a huge weapon for UGA as a punter. Field position is crucial and he was a weapon and missed when he was gone. We are only dealing with 4 seasons but that is five players that improved the program to varying degrees.
that bowl game should happen. that Ga State loss is still bad but if Tennessee can finish with 7 or even 8 wins it will be forgotten
One thing Coach Smart has excelled at is nailing incoming transfers. Every season has had impact transfers I believe.
Before the line came out I would have thought Florida would be favored. They have played better teams recently they've been playing better recently, and seem to have all the momentum.
I consider 4 and 6 years both still early in their coaching careers, especially considering how young they are and how many more years they have ahead as head coaches
I'd have no problem swapping UGA with Florida. A few that are tough to rank (USC, for example) but each week it will be come clearer
Great points I would like to see them do more to the outside. I know Fromm is no Rodgers but watch their game yesterday. The passes to the outside, the way they run the ball at all kinds of angles, it was beautiful. I know that performance can't be replicated but the UGA offense is not watchable at this point. From just a play-calling perspective I bet there are people who ply Madden that would get more from this team than Coley is currently. Not retaining Chaney, especially at that price, was a good move. But that does not mean going to Coley was the right move either.
Like everyone else, except UGA opponents, I am disappointed in the offense this season. I am sure the blame belongs at the feet of many but I think vast majority of it is on Kirby and Coley. Philosophy, stubbornness, inability to to adapt to personal, whatever. It must change or else this is a 9-3 team, at best. I do love the defense this year and imagine they will have a good game when it comes. Florida is playing much better than I expected. I did not think they would drop to 6 wins or anything but they have exceeded expectations, especially with how they looked vs Miami. Their defense is good, the offense is good, and they seem to be playing with a lot of confidence, playing loose. Not sure can say the same about UGA right now. I don't think it is a career defining game for either coach, both are still young in their coaching careers. But it is a momentum changer for this season and will push the narrative one way or the other for awhile.
the posters above me have said the important stuff wonder if doctors are treating this as a catch-22 situation. if you need help, ask. but those who need help won't know to ask.
fun team to watch, crazy talented, a lot of momentum, seem to be having fun. this is a dangerous team to play.