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honestly, this site is the absolute worst for talking or going back and forth. They should disable comments or migrate to a format more advanced than 1998. it makes any reasonable discourse impossible
I don't think any were generational. I thought it was heavily implied but you do not seem to be able to grasp that. And I used KB to help prove my point to the original person I responded to. By the definition of generational I don't think 1) they can be in college only a year apart 2) not even win the Heisman A generational player is also not a 4* player and not a #1 pick. He is a good player, a great player, heck an elite player. He is not generational. As I said, if someone wants to argue Lawrence is there is a smidge more ground to stand on. But, and I hope this sticks with you this time, I do not think either is generational. This goes back to how all this started and the USC fan saying Dabo can only win with a generational QB He won 10+ games for 4 years in a row without Watson or Lawrence, he made the playoffs without Watson or Lawrence, and neither Watson or Lawrence or generational players.
You made a claim that I didn't. That's the start. And me saying Trevor > Watson is not arguing either is generational. Quit moving the goalposts and making false claims. Or stick with arguing the other trolls that'll indulge you and your stupidity
@eking "Are you really arguing he was not a generational starting quarterback, but Lawrence was? " I have no idea what you're saying. I said Watson wasn't. And you could argue Lawrence was. That's a far cry from me arguing that Lawrence was. And stats aside, Lawrence was the man freshman year. #1 HS player to #1 draft pick. They weren't exactly the same, even if a few stats are similar
wordplay? I just went by the word he used. And you are right, UGA cannot develop a QB. Kind of like USCe, which can't develop at any position.
Correct Watson was not a generational QB. You can argue Trevor was. But Keely B was not even close to generational and he made the playoffs with him. He did not have a generational QB 2011-2014, four years of 10+ wins. So yes, your take was factually incorrect
This is a false take Clemson has been at 10+ wins for a decade+ now. 2010 was the last time Clemson won fewer than 10 games. Six consecutive playoff appearances One of those was with Kelly Bryant as the starting QB, losing to Alabama in the playoffs. Alabama won the title that season. Two national titles, with two different QBs
This article won't be complete until this time next year, at the earliest, but overall this seems like a really high hit rate for the 2019 5* classes
The topic was not rivalry or who dominates who. You said OOC P5 opponents and that it was only Oregon. Quit moving the goalposts. I am not making a point; I just pointed out you were wrong on the point you made.
"Oregon is the only OOC team from another Power 5 conference." Georgia Tech. I know they aren't very good but the they are a P5 OOC opponent
"But you all are gurus of the game." Saban has a lot of dry humor that cracks me up
someone makes a joke about Chaney, you chastise them. someone compliments Chaney, you chastise them You are pathetic
Mediocrity would be an improvement for UGA basketball
"They were a sure playoff team bet preseason." That is not true. Off the top of my head, I know Clemson, Alabama, tOSU, UGA, and Oklahoma were ahead of A&M. There might have been more, I am not saying A&M was 6th. I just know for a fact those 5 teams made up the top 5 in Vegas. I was in Vegas and I know UGA was 5th and I put a few dollars on them. So tw0 of the top 5 are in the same conference, one in the same division. A&M was far from a sure playoff team bet preseason
I think it's fine existing but I would just put a time frame on it. Between X month and Y month, for example
Though free agency existed in the NFL it didn't really take off and become a regular thing until Reggie White went to the Packers
I knew Tennessee's offense improved YoY but I didn't realize it was by that much. Wow
I assume there is some joke I missed about that. Hopefully someone will fill us in
UGA has had the lead at the half the last three games and lost. Sure, let's swap this time.
UGA hasn’t played a single good team this year and certainly nothing that resembles a decent offense. It’s been nothing but garbage. This week is their first legit test. No doubt Alabama will expose UGA’s D.
You're probably right. I just want the easiest matchup lol. The Chael Sonnen philosophy
Ideally: UGA wins, Oklahoma St wins, Cincinnati wins, and Michigan wins. That's your top 4 Probably have Cincinnati at 4 v UGA at 1. Rematch last year's bowl
This made me curious so I looked at the play by play game log and you're right, he did fumble. 6:14 left in the 1st.
What is your address? I'm going to send you this month's therapy bill
agree with this Alabama team being fighters. You can say all those close wins are because they are not as good but that also builds confidence, it builds experience of coming back when down, builds a fighting mentality.
I swear UGA posters are the dumb.est on here. Can the sarcasm be any heavier? I am just repeating the same thing the pundits say each week: "this is the first real test" and then UGA rolls and repeat next week I assumed by week 12 you would pick up on that.
Alabama is going to roll Auburn. This is not one of those good Auburn teams.
We have seen a lot of teams over the years, from the BCS to the playoffs, where all they have to do is win vs teams they should and they are in. I hope Cincy makes it, and I hope UGA gets them in the first round, but we will see.
UGA hasn’t played a single good team this year and certainly nothing that resembles a decent offense. It’s been nothing but garbage. This week is their first legit test. No doubt Georgia Tech will expose UGA’s D.