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I think USC beats UNC but UNC has the potential to be one of the more interesting teams. They are short on talent and coming off a 2 win season but Coach Mack made some great coordinator hires and they have overall an easy schedule, mostly the second half of the season. They could be bowl eligible by the end of the season. Would add to the SoS USC has this season, which is already one of the hardest.
Clemson certainly lost some talent on that DL but they are still stacked. At least on paper. Xavier Thomas and KJ Henry will be on their second year in the system and they were #3 and #13 overall ranked players in their class, respectively. They also have a handful of 4* guys, great coaching, and they play more guys than anyone so even the guys who don't start have a lot of game experience. Excited to watch Hurts at Alabama. Seems like a great guy. Watching him in that system could be fun. Same applies to Eason. Potential to be a great year at UGA but a lot of unknowns. New coordinators on both sides of the ball, WR production (though I am less worried about this one), some tough games on the schedule, health of Zamir, keeping Fromm healthy, and Kirby continuing to improve sideline coaching. Could be a huge season or could be another really good but not elite season. Will be worth the watch
D-Rob is the guy I really want to see play. No idea what happened last season. All the talent he has I would have expected more. Should be interesting this fall
You might be right about the perception. The other two programs have shiny new coaches, which goes a long way. The last 4 years the recruiting has been close rankings-wise but Florida has finished ahead every year and Tennessee 3 of the 4. I did not go back any further. But they appear to be close enough that there should not be a drastic level in talent, certainly enough to win. You're right about Tennessee but I feel like they are trending upwards. Can read through many of my recent comments on here. I certainly could be wrong, it is all just a guess. Like everyone else though I am ready for the games to start
Yeah, that is an unreal amount of injuries. Wonder how many could have been avoided with different S&C? I know UGA consistently had higher than average injuries when Richt did not have a full-time S&C staff. I do wonder if USCe missed with their window to win the East. UGA, Tennessee, and Florida were all down to different degrees over several years. UGA is rolling in the East and Florida and Tennessee appear to be trending upwards. It kinda feels like USCe is staying stagnant relative to them.
I forgot about him but will be interesting to watch. He had a bit of a weird public recruiting. See how he does now that he is settled on a spot.
I think A&M and Tennessee will be two of the most interesting teams to watch in the SEC this season. No idea where either ends up but will be worth watching.
I had a full response typed but this site won't accept it. Where do you see the three losses coming from?
They signed a killer o-line class, right? But it is a lot to ask much of them as true freshmen.
@Bill lets party second-year jump, improved recruiting, and bringing back a lot of production from last year
Not sure I see 9 regular season wins for that team with that schedule My $0.02 would be: probably win: UNC, Charleston Southern, App St should win but not an upset if they lose: Mizzu, Kentucky, Vandy 50-50: Tennessee and Florida would be an upset if they won: Alabama, UGA, A&M, Clemson I think 6 or 7 regular season wins is where they end up but 5 or 8 would not be a huge surprise. 9 or more wins would surprise me. I think they have a better chance vs Florida than Tennessee. I am higher on Tennessee than most this upcoming season and lower on Florida than most. Kentucky and Mizzu are huge question marks so no idea what to really expect.
UGA's last 10 games vs Vandy: 8-2 USCe: 6-4 Tennessee: 7-3 GaTech: 8-2 Florida: 5-5 Auburn: 7-3 All but two of those, USCe and Florida, would be considered dominating. And they do not have a losing record vs any rivals in that timeframe Tennessee the last 10 years vs UGA: 3-7 Vandy: 5-5 Alabama: 0-10 Florida: 1-9 Kentucky: 8-2 UGA has done pretty well this last decade vs their rivals. Dominated most of them. And when compared to Tennessee's record vs their rivals the last 10 years (I'll give you Alabama)
what's the retail value of a ring like that?
weak slate in week 3. hopefully there are some good games in the other conferences
I'll be at the game, hoping for a good one. I think A&M is probably the biggest question mark in the SEC. Jimbo is certainly a proven coach, big year 2 jumps are common, and A&M had a good talent foundation + the players Jimbo has brought in. We saw what has happened with other year 2 coaches and I don't think anyone would be surprised if A&M made it to double-digit regular season wins. But it is A&M and recently they seem to be stuck on 8ish wins. Should be an interesting and fun team to watch this season, if nothing else
"there was hope that the Gators could find a way to 3-peat in the West" Amazing. Just amazing
I don't see why everyone can't just ignore him? He posts constantly and then multiple people always jump in and respond to him. If no one ever responded he would eventually stop.
For me, there are reasons and there are excuses. Reasons are valid and based on outside or uncontrollable issues. Excuses are invalid and based on personal failures or shortcomings. UGA's performance in that game, and what some fans and media spout, is an excuse. Texas showed up and played to win. They deserve 100% credit and the whining from some UGA fans detracts from that and I find it cheap, inexcusable, and embarrassing.
You are correct, A&M also has a brutal schedule and some of the difference in perception is A&M is viewed as a better team I'm ready for the season to start
This is my feeling as well. If it was 2-3 years ago, maybe even just after the first, then maybe. But Clemson seems to be his home. He has a killer thing going there. And the recruiting is only getting better for them. He certainly makes enough money at Clemson.
They have, as much as we can say in the preseason, a brutal schedule. They could be a decent team and still miss or barely make a bowl game
I seem to be in the minority but I don't think Dabo is the next coach of Alabama. Time will tell though
and they already have that in 2028 and 2029, I believe