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For me, there are reasons and there are excuses. Reasons are valid and based on outside or uncontrollable issues. Excuses are invalid and based on personal failures or shortcomings. UGA's performance in that game, and what some fans and media spout, is an excuse. Texas showed up and played to win. They deserve 100% credit and the whining from some UGA fans detracts from that and I find it cheap, inexcusable, and embarrassing.
You are correct, A&M also has a brutal schedule and some of the difference in perception is A&M is viewed as a better team I'm ready for the season to start
This is my feeling as well. If it was 2-3 years ago, maybe even just after the first, then maybe. But Clemson seems to be his home. He has a killer thing going there. And the recruiting is only getting better for them. He certainly makes enough money at Clemson.
They have, as much as we can say in the preseason, a brutal schedule. They could be a decent team and still miss or barely make a bowl game
I seem to be in the minority but I don't think Dabo is the next coach of Alabama. Time will tell though
and they already have that in 2028 and 2029, I believe
Still never answered why Lock deserves better?
why is an SEC football site writing about a non-football celebrity's outfit? I don't think TMZ writes stats-based football articles.
More talented and proven players at that position have not been drafted in the 1st, he has a history of injuries, and he tends to have his worst games when he plays top-25 defenses. I hope your favorite NFL team takes him in the first but certainly don't want my team to draft him
I don't know if UGA's new OC will be an improvement. But I was happy when he left. See how Tennessee fans feel in 3-4 years
This makes the second big transfer Tennessee picked up this off-season. That guy from Michigan, who UGA also wanted, was a nice one for them. Still early but I think Tennessee bungling their way into Pruitt is going to work in their favor
"What makes the record-breaking season truly impressive for Chubb is the fact that in Cleveland’s first six games he totaled only 15 games." That is truly impressive Did any of the "journalists" on this site graduate high school?
And they got the 5* transfer Aubrey Solomon. I can tell you UGA really wanted him.
They're also offering a course on relationship and marital advice that Zach Smith is teaching
Correct. And Jay Johnson has also been an OC at the P5 level. SDS authors tend to be incorrect on their reporting quite regularly.
Enos is who Kirby wanted when he first came to Georgia but, if I remember correctly, the contract at Ark had a non-compete for the same position at other SEC schools.
Depending on what is guaranteed vs incentives, and add in the drastic workload increase as HC vs D , then the per hour rate could be lower at Temple vs A&M
Great post When a team like Alabama consistently recruits the best HS players year over year you'll have transfers. That is not a negative. The guys get pushed HARD and some will start. The rest can be absolute studs but still be better off somewhere else. Imagine being a QB behind Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Mahomes, etc. You could be great but no one would know. I think many of these guys who sign with perennial top 5 teams know it is a tryout. If they don't contribute they still have options at top 10, top 20, etc teams to shine
Going off memory, and I am too lazy to look it up, I believe Alabama's #1 class from 2 years ago was Saban's highest rated class ever. And depending how a few recruits go this one has a chance to be just as good or better. So a decade plus in and Alabama is only getting more talented. Goodness
Tom, I assume the award you won as a journalist was from one of your kids? You have UGA's regular season record wrong, you have a tweet from a random PSU fan talking about Nolan going to PSU, and you claim to be an award-winning journalist?
the only bowl game that matters is the one that determines the national champ. the rest of them mean the same. it hurts absolutely no one to have extra bowl games
lower half? not a single bowl actually matters except the one that crowns the national champ. the lower tier bowls to many 6-6 teams means just as much to them as many of the upper tier bowl games: a chance to get better