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And with all those guys gone next year will be the year Alabama takes a step back, right? Right? Wait, they're favored to win it all again?
If they did something wrong they can be punished. If not, then no uh oh I'd be surprised if it is anything major.
Regarding #2: weren't all Heisman votes due back in December?
Tennessee stole Chaney from UGA. Major coup for them. They deserve to have him for years to come.
Darn, that seems like a really good hire.
"The Gamecocks will have a chance to snap their 6-game losing streak and reach win No. 3 on the season" Nice
I, regrettably, was really impressed with Florida yesterday. Might have been their best game under Mullen. Alabama tends to demoralize teams, wear them down, and teams rarely do better in the second half vs them. Florida did.
In a season where we don't have four teams deserving a playoff spot it is hard to take serious yells for an 8 team playoff. Maybe the worst timing possible for that.
No one really deserves that 3rd and 4th spot but someone has to get it. I certainly wouldn't put Ohio State in if I had a vote. I would put Cincinnati in, seems like a good year for that. But there are stronger arguments against everyone else than there are for them. Just the way this weird season worked out. At least we had a season
Maybe. Gus had 8 years and Tommy had 10 years. That's two of their last three. 4 years isn't a trend or average for them.
I don't think ND beats Clemson but it is certainly a realistic possibility. I HATE the idea of tOSU on the playoffs having played so few games. I am not sure A&M deserves a playoff spot just because of how badly they lost to Alabama. The issue is, imo, there are valid reasons why those teams do not deserve a playoff spot but someone has to get those spots and not sure anyone else deserves one either. What a weird season. But, at least we got a season.
Personally, I think it is a great hire for Auburn and I fully support it. I also love USC's HC hire and I support Tennessee giving Pruitt more time to build his program.
This is a good article that really seems to discuss something different than the title implies, or at least diverges into something different. It is interesting that CFB recruiting mimicked real life in that rich got richer during the quarantine/shutdowns
Your reading comprehension is absolutely amazing. I bet you have a degree from USC
Hate it, would love to have him back. Hopefully he does well wherever he ends up. His dad, per some tweets, is really unhappy with UGA
Ouch, behind Vandy in recruiting? I do think they'll finish in the top 50 by February though, and possibly a lot higher
I am not sure if any of us will ever know who their top choices actually were, who they were turned down by, etc. But I gotta imagine Shane B was not number one. He is, I believe, the lowest paid HC in the SEC. With how cash-strapped things are it feels like he was selected partially because he was who they could afford. Of course I am just guessing so maybe I am way off. If he cements USC as the #3 team, with an upset of UGA or UF every other season, then he will be a steal.
Good point. You should never be happy when your rival loses.
Florida didn’t beat Georgia. Georgia beat Georgia, right?
I love this idea. The entire coaching staff, top to bottom, should be females too.
"Smart was promoted as the “next coming of Jesus”" Incorrect, at least no more than any new coach is celebrated by a fan base. As far as the rest of your post, let's check back after signing day. They are currently 5th and the only team in the top 10 with fewer than 20 commits. I think their national relevance will continue for at least another year.
I kinda feel bad for Vandy this weekend. Florida is going to roll in a big way