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Oh now do their offensive rankings if you remove the UGA game And you're right, they haven't played anyone. The question is will they play anyone at all during the regular season?
true, anything else? because most of us live in the season we are playing.
the game was not over. should always be trying to score and always playing defense
Todd Exotic rolls off the tongue. But I think there is a 1% chance that Grantham is back
I know some of it is trolling but UGA fans have been telling Florida fans that Mullen is not the answer. I think a lot of Florida fans are starting to agree. The highlight of his time at Florida is two close losses to Alabama, in which they never had a lead, and one win vs UGA.
That was a fun game to watch. Of course, I enjoyed the ending but even that aside it was an entertaining game.
Pulling for Ark in this one. Three losses in a row would really hurt the momentum for Pittman and the team too
That's an interesting stat. Small sample size; of course with other variables (are those teams just bad? Were they playing teams they would lose to no matter when they played?) But you might be on to something. I'm very interested in this game. I think it'll determine whether Tennessee is a threat to UGA this year or if they feasted on a couple of bad teams. It should be a fun game.
@SatOnThePlains? Really? Not saying you're wrong, just that I haven't heard that. Trying to understand why UGA would decline back to back home games
And isn't that because of the back to back home games vs UGA when the conference expanded? And Auburn could have played back to back @ UGA to get back to having at least one major home game every November?
Auburn's request. It was too much to play UGA and Alabama so close together.
Yeah, it sucks. But UGA has no chance with Stetson starting
You're right. I'll try to refrain from making excuses after this abysmal performance
absolutely fair. but it was also tied for the 3rd biggest shutout loss in SEC history. it is not like 62-0 happens regularly in conference games
Expected Ark to be tough but after Texas, and how they are handling A&M, going to be much tougher than expected
I think my math is right. UGA has outscored Vandy 178-33 over the last 4 games.
it might be fair to say UGA is currently playing better than Alabama. That does not mean UGA is better than Alabama; won't know that until they play each other. If they play each other. I do think UGA fans should be feeling pretty good at this point in the season. And any regular-season opponent of UGA is probably feeling a bit less confident.
maybe they'll have a running clock in the second half Vandy deserves to be in the SEC for other sports but not for football
who has 10? and now up to 35 in the first 12 minutes
Happy to see DRob doing well. I don't know why it never panned out for him at UGA but he seems like a good dude
Ark and Auburn should be tough games for UGA too