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I hope it is a great game that comes down tot he end. Don't want a blowout like last year, that is boring
don’t forget you owe me $10
maybe their best played game, overall, this season. good job. Baylor is a good team this year
with the two tackles sitting and the injuries to WR I am not confident in UGA winning this game. The defense will be fine but an offense that was ugly almost the entire season will be without some key pieces. Maybe Luke will have some influence on play calling that will yield positive results, maybe guys who got very little PT during the season will explode in the game, maybe the time off is enough to make a difference. But I am not overly optimistic right now. I would love to be wrong.
First I have heard of this. Seems weird.
He is one I was really hoping would return.
@Geaux Long ok? no one made that argument. no one is hung up on anything to get over. are you confused? outside of your random all caps, taking the opinion of tv announcers as fact, and arguing a point no one has made do you have anything else to contribute?
For sure But the person writing the question ignored all of UGA's injuries for the LSU game while mentioning UF's injuries, ignored the H2H, and UGA has 3 wins over the current top 15 teams. There are a lot of variables and they can be weighed differently. But UGA, nor any other team, should be punished too much for playing in a 13th game when another team is sitting at home that weekend 11-1 vs 10-2, H2H win, and the three highly ranked wins. It is close, and if UF wins their bowl while UGA loses then UF will be ahead. But for this week having UGA ahead makes more sense, imo
What I was thinking too. But Lane will be fun and entertaining and that is what CFB is about
Who is Hudson Mason? Oh, you meant Hutson Mason but there is no QA on this site
Losing Pittman was tough, I think Ark made a great hire This was best case scenario after losing Pittman
Great hire, he will improve the program. hurts UGA. I would love for him to bring Coley along though.
Saw this on another site: "Georgia enters the bowl season ranks 60th nationally in offensive yardage, down from 18th last season, and 44th in yards per play, down from seventh last year. And Georgia is 50th in scoring, down from 14th."
accuracy is not big on this site "As it stands, the 3 losses to Clemson, Auburn, and Alabama – all of them coming in College Station" They played Clemson at Clemson. I know, I was at that game
It'd be a surprse of Florida did anything but roll FSU
I remember when Kirby came to UGA and Bryan McClendon left. I was really hoping UGA would retain him. His recruiting was great, he was the interim coach for the bowl game that year. Maybe Kirby saw something that Muschamp did not. Maybe McClendon just isn't ready or capable to be an OC. He'll land a job somewhere. Best of luck to him
well, in his career that is not when it mattered most. Oklahoma mattered more, for example And he can't be perfect. No kicker ever has been. But he certainly has not choked. He has made long kicks in several big games. The entire UGA team was terrible vs USC. A lot of blame to go around. And credit to USC, as well.
to me, there is a difference between an excuse and a valid reason and it mostly comes down to controllable vs uncontrollable injuries = uncontrollable = valid reason uga losing to USC = controllable = excuse when blaming anything other than UGA blowing it (bye week, for example) many disagree with me but that is my $0.02
Isn't Alabama suffering from a half dozen injuries on the defensive side? Maybe more? If everyone is healthy next year I think Alabama will be back to being Alabama. And some credit shoud go to the teams that have stepped, both with talent and coaching, to catch-up to Alabama. I think it is as much that as Alabama "regressing"
I would think they would not want him because every school gets better when he leaves, not because he came from Dabo's coaching tree.