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He is also making a similar comment on almost each one
You certainly seem confused. You realize every team will get one of these articles, right? You realize individual awards on for each are not based on the team winning anything? You realize your original comment is not reflective of your second, supposedly clarifying, comment?
You seem confused. What do you think this article is about?
First, UGA won the SEC last season. They are the defending SEC champs. So your last point is null. Second, yes Alabama is young too. But they have way more depth than UGA. UGA has been recruiting at Alabama-esque levels for two years. Alabama has been doing it for 8+ years. They are stacked at every level. The gap is closing but Alabama still has a very strong lead. The senior leadership and experience they have all over the field and in the locker room goes a long way.
One of the youngest teams in the country. It'll take time to balance depth and experience and recruiting. It is a good problem to have right, all things considered.
Hopefully everyone bet against them
So far so good on this prediction. I might have even undervalued Florida
I only read the article and did not watch the video but I took it more as if remove Alabama then the East is better. And Alabama is the exception to all of CFB. They operate and perform on another level and skew averages. So from that perspective I get it. But at worst the gap between the two divisions has tightened substantially, though it still favors the West because Alabama is the difference maker.
Good chance USC does not make a bowl this year. If they can reschedule the Marshall game they might. Chattanooga is a lock. But vs Tennessee and then @ Ole Miss, @ Florida, and @ Clemson is a tough stretch for them.
Not sure I would go vegan for anything I might go vegetarian for a bit if it meant a natty but it would not be for a year. Few weeks or so But I am not getting paid $7.5 million either
Agree with how he handles the media. I find it entertaining
I am in the minority but I think Florida will be better overall than USC this season. Maybe not in the beginning, maybe they don't even beat USC. But I think Florida finishes second in the East.
Without a doubt the worst article I have ever read on this site. What an incredibly stupid, pointless, and asinine topic.
Maybe this is the year Auburn has back to back good seasons. But based on the last nearly 30 years you have to bet against them until they prove otherwise. Talented team but tough schedule
Anyone who has worked at CFA can tell you strips > nuggets. That brine the former gets results in a superior product compared to the latter.
I would be pretty surprised, barring major injuries, if they are not 12-0 They do lack depth at o-line as well
as a UGA fan, the trip to LSU is my number 1 worry on the schedule
I was pretty surprised that was not on the list
If I remember correctly the 2016 class that Alabama signed was not only #1 in the country but the highest rated class ever signed by Saban. Between the true freshman last year that contributed and that uber class from 2016 that is a lot of experienced talent. I think the only fans that need to be worried about the departing talent are fans of opposing teams
Not sure if it is that high but I am a fan of Morris and hope he does well
Sure he will be a contributor, and UGA would have loved to have him, but he should have proofread that before posting it. "Mad it happen" and "without further or due" made me chuckle
I don't know about $50 million but either almost every coach except Saban is drastically overpaid or Saban is drastically underpaid. Possibly some combination.
"Stetson Bennett is listed as the third quarterback" Didn't he transfer out?
Seems like deja vu. There was the entitlement under Urban and Muschamp had to weed that out (I think given a little more time Muschamp would have been solid at Florida) and now you have it again with Mullen having to fix the culture created by Mac
They have potential but they need to get over the Kentucky/A&M/UGA/Clemson slump they're on if they want to get to the next level. Add in wildcards for Florida and Tennessee, who knows how they'll look under new coaches, and USC could be anywhere from a 6 win team to a 10 win team. I am a huge fan of McClendon and believe he can turn their offense around. Looking forward to week 2