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using context, I am reading the article as Winston won the national title and Heisman as a sophomore. Tebow did not win the national title his sophomore year
Significant is a strong word. But given how he recruited at USC and how many games he won there it is not hard to imagine he would have done significantly better at LSU than he did at USC. And maybe better than Miles did. I certainly would like to see "what if?"
Will Alabama sign another #1 class? More than likely Will they sign multiple? Odds are pretty dang good Will they sign another 7 in a row? Probably not That is not a knock, just odds. I would imagine their next 7 classes, on average, are as good as any team's next 7 in the country
I don't think it would surprise anyone if Auburn went 8-4 or 12-0. I can say I am glad the game is in Athens this year.
I certainly think Alabama has a much better shot at beating UGA than they would have Oklahoma I also think UGA would have better odds vs Clemson than they do Alabama
I like Pruitt. His time at UGA was a success and arguably one reason, of many, that UGA is where they are now. I hope him and Tennessee have great seasons ahead as long as they finish #2 in the East and UGA finishes 1st Oh, and that UF finishes last :-)
I could be wrong but pretty sure Fields is not playing
personally, I think it is a mistake for USC to not retain him great recruiter, one of the best, was an asset during his time at UGA, players love him, etc I am sure it won't happen, as he deserves an OC role or something larger than what UGA could offer, but would love to have him back at UGA
it is a good time to be a UGA fan, it seems
except UGA has never recruited at the level they are right now and this makes the second year Smart is recruiting at this level.
You mentioned Alabama winning 7 of the last 9 vs Auburn. But UGA has won 9 of the last 11. And don't forget LSU won 7 of the last 10 Auburn has struggled with their three biggest rivals for a decade now. They have the Cam year and Gene's first year as only exceptions. And they won those games they played to beat Alabama and UGA in 2013 they were not high percentage plays. They have lost 3 of their last 4 bowl games. Gene has not exceeded 8 wins since his first season. They already have two losses this year with chance at 2-4 more, counting bowl I imagine most Auburn fans want him gone
"They have not met sense." Since, you mean
I was going to post my opinion but I would actually rather see this data before I do, as it would add more information Great suggestion and would love to see the results. I know off the top of my head there was one USC-Surrier lead season where they were 5-0 in division games (before expansion) but 0-2 in crossover games and did not win their division. UGA, I believe, won that year.
I'll be at the Auburn v Clemson game Going to DVR the UGA v ND game
well, predicting the future is hard. why no one does it consistently also, there is a good reason to pick the big 3, as you called it. because like 3 times in last 15+ years has someone else won it
I will be at the Auburn v Clemson game, though I would rather be at the UGA v ND game
nice to wake up to some god news
Exactly, would assume "writers" for an SEC football site would know that. Too much to ask, I guess.
In regards to your Florida post: "On the bright side for Florida, if it wins this one, it might set up an Outdoor Cocktail Party for the East title." Win or lose vs Michigan, it has zero bearing on the outcome of the East. Non-conference games won't impact conference standings
yeah, I am a bit of a Clemson fan, g/f is alum and we have season tickets and I'll be at the game, but I think Auburn wins this one