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Recent Comments
Was the Auburn one he did last year that got him suspended accidental too?
Whuuuut? This is too funny. I think Garcia is still drunk and the the crackhead just hit the pipe before hitting record.
Add Darrel Williams to the list at RB.
"My cohorts in the media deemed him unworthy of starting for Bama when all the other QBs didn’t have to deal with that." There are other black quarterbacks included in this 'all the other QBs' so it seems that race wouldn't be the driving force behind your cohorts' opinions.I don't know how Smith could say this article is boring without the race aspect. Your articles are the most informative articles on the site. I'm not throwing any heat your way, just saying you are too good to sink to pulling the race card on this.This QB situation is sort of similar to LSU's. We have a QB who is the defacto starter because he has more time in the system and can manage it better. He also has a new comer nipping at his heals who fans believe has more potential up side(even though they have yet to see it) but he lacks the experience and time in the system to be given the reigns. The difference is, both of LSU's QBs are black. This is more evidence that the race card should not be played.
Then he needs to change the title: "Alabama Football: Sims, Coker and the disturbing underlying tone of the QB battle"the black and white cover photoand explain: "However, the underlying tone for Sims seems to go deeper than a football skill set.As it is in everyday life, virtually anything that doesn’t look like the norm tends to have to go above and beyond the call of duty to distinguish itself from the pack."It's really a shame, because Murph is a good enough analyst(best on SDS by far) that he doesn't need to resort to this to generate clicks.
Is only having 4 receivers catch passes supposed to be a measuring stick? I guess LSU's passing game was mediocre last year only utilizing 2 receivers all year. They had 250 passing yards on 18 attempts.
What's the disturbing underlying tone? Couldn't find it in the article. If you are talking about race, that is just silly. I doubt there are any Bama fans that would rather lose than have a black quarterback. We aren't in the 60's anymore. Are bama fans culturally different than LSU, AU, and MS State fans who all have black QBs and are in the south?It's really about a guy who's been there for 5 years vs. the shinny new toy that was hyped up. It'll play out on the field and it has nothing to do with the color of either's skin... to insinuate that it is, is insulting.
i thought the season started? we must still be in the dregs of summer with all this fluff.
I knew it was just a mistake. As far as Collins goes, I don't think we could go wrong putting any of our DBs in. It's really unfair, especially with the potential recruits coming in in 15' & 16'.
Wow SDS. It's about quality not quantity. Y'all are putting out to mutch BS to sift through on this website now. It's a chore to come here now.
I've read that the suspension isn't disciplinary, but that it is the compliance office holding him out because of an issue with payment during a summer job.
DB is my favorite position as well. One correction, its Dwayne Thomas in the second to last paragraph and he will be a pleasant surprise as well in the mustang package.
good luck handling LSU this year. You are 1-6 in last seven games. BAHAHAHAHA
7. Hear it every year, still win 10+ games, still win SEC championships.
Avery Petterson is virtually the same size as Dural
LOL at separation anxiety. Also, don't forget about Trey Quinn, who broke Dorial Green-Beckham's national receiving record last year. He should fill Landry's roll nicely.
Now all he needs is to learn what school he's playing for.
except for LSU. Auburn is 1-6 in last seven games...
LSU plays 5. We have Wisconsin on the schedule too.
too bad Saban doesn't know how to coach up CB's
Meh. I'd rather the top four were decided by the computers. Also, I believe I read that the selection committee will not let their ballots be known. Gonna be some politic'n in this one folks!
Quentin Thomas' injury isn't as bad a initially reported. He will be back to practice this week, if not today. Also, The next up at the DT rotation will be Frank Herron, not Gilmore. I wouldn't be surprised if Herron started over QT with what miles has been saying.
past performance does not insure future success. Also, no way in hell you were the deepest team in the SEC.
Great article and supporting information, exact what this site needed. Hope to see more from you Murf.
he aint no Patrick Peterson and Juice schooled him last yearhttp://l2.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/z0Zm1kWjMaTsDxUx29W6fA--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTUwMA--/http://l.yimg.com/os/publish-images/sports/2013-10-12/78971413-c364-43f6-b5d3-28bcd44173f3_LSU-Jarvis-Landry-1.gif
yes, but coming to camp is a test in it's own right. miles doesn't want to offer kids that have no interest in actually coming to LSU and that only want an LSU offer so they can garner more attention for themselves. Sims failed that test.