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Don't know the kids history, but on face it seems like a pretty minor issue to send a kid home for.
First of all this isn't a case of PC run amok. That word is not just offensive it's hurtful to those who have special needs and their loved ones and advocates. I admit I used it back in the day but I was ignorant to the pain words can cause. He had a chance to apologize and half assed it. Got what was coming to him.
What the Dawgs did to Spurrier while coaching at South Carolina is of no significance to me.
Haha, you guys are hillarious. There were tons of blown calls against the Gators, but ya'll sstay real quiet about those.
I am beginning to think that I'm the olny fan who hopes this black uniform never happens. I like our current color schemes, why do we have to mess with it every year.
We probably won't agree on most things, but when you're right, you're right.
I'm wondering if some of those who are always so willing to give it up, ( it always seems to be a pendulum issue for both sides) have ever actually been there to soak it all in?
This program can't get out of it's own way. I'll always be a fan, but I'm getting tired of of these headlines.
They got beat by your scout team defense but yet they continue...
Are you sure you want to call someone uneducated with the loose grasp of the English language you just displayed?
You can choke someone by the shoulder pads?.. More SDS clickbait.
I agree. When I first heard about it I didn't know it was basically for a bad beer commercial.
Maybe not scared, but y'all definitely got our ass.
Ok SDS how long did you wait after mocking the guy for running into the outfield wall, before you penning this feel good piece?
We get Del Rio back and LSU will get Fournette back. Let's get real who really comes out ahead by waiting? Del Rio is a good qb but damn.
It was one hell of a win, but when does the focus turn to Georgia. We are living proof of what getting cocky will get you.
An "unbiased" Georgia fan who goes on to use the term Gaytors...Nice try.
No it seemed to me you guys had our cadence down pat and getting great jumps at the snap, living in our backfield the entire 2nd half. And our D was too busy reading their newspaper clippings
Man glad y'all are enjoying it. I talked no trash and have been getting blown up just for being a Gator fan.. Thanks Jalen
He deserves every troll he gets. Ego is a mofo, it'll get you in trouble every time.
But not all of them have those Ole Miss women. A different caliber all together.
No love for the World Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party?
Same dirtbag who took out SMU's starter last week.
Looking at the video it does appear to be that, but why take the risk in the first place. Does he expect the refs to be fluent in sign language? Many of them can barely recognize holding.
C'mon leave the math questions for Vandy, they need to feel like their contributing.