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MSU and Tulsa have some behavioral/discipline issues that is obvious. I guess what gets me is that ESPN is so appalled by the brawl but airs over and over.
Agreed. It looked bad. Especially the kick and run. However, there was plenty of blame to go around on both sides.
The game itself was a great game. Too bad the brawl happened and overshadowed such a competitive game. The brawl should not have happened, but ESPN did nothing to mitigate the damage. When the game was over ESPN made a conscious effort to go back to the brawl and catch the footage. I’m all for their right to do it but look at this drama now.
It’s definitely a shame that Army isn’t going bowling, but not Mississippi State’s fault. More of a conference contract deal.
I will say this for the State players. I feel they were playing hard. I'll take that any day. Hate to lose but at least there was effort. You can build off that.
Zach Arnett hasn’t coached a SEC game yet. But no Team scored more than 23 against San Diego St last year.
I’ve always wondered how much the players really control accepting/denying their contracts. Dak is a football player being represented by an agent. That’s money that that most people can’t comprehend. It’s a lot but who knows how much Dak actually gets.
Wow, imagine having to insult other schools to feel good about yourself.
I won't have the opportunity but I would gladly watch all of them. It's all relative. If it's your team you are probably interested.
so, does anyone know if the MSU players who were suspended throughout the year will be eligible for the bowl game?
This team finished strong. They won 3 of their last 4 games to become bowl eligible and never gave up on Coach Moorhead. When you factor all the suspensions and injuries the coaching staff actually did a pretty good job. Not perfect by any means, but the team never quit. To me if the team plays for a coach like they did in Egg Bowl then you can build off that.
I like the fact that State will have nearly all of its starters back including Gay and Murphy on defense. Also a couple of the O-line starters will be back. GO DAWGS AND HAIL STATE!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!
Players don't think like this. As a player even if no one else is giving you a chance you still play to win. At this level not many players will be afraid to play any team.
Alabama is obviously better than MSU and should win because they are more talented. However, I just don't see the MSU players playing scared. That's fan speak.
everyone is responsible for their own choices.
Coach Moorhead as the head coach is responsible for the W's & L's. However, this season I firmly plant blame on the players who cheated and were suspended. They are the ones who put themselves before the Team and are not playing. Coach Moorhead and staff are forced to play who they can...not a recipe for success in the SEC. So winning this game is important because it gives the team a reason to win the next......
Tough year and tough game, but the team definitely fought. The coaches are starting a lot of players that they probably didn't intend to start this year. No excuses, managing academic issues within the team is all part of the product on the field. So this year we are seeing no consistency from week to week. On the bright side young players are getting experience. Hail State!
Chances are really slim, but what happens if the team plays inspired ball against LSU and finds a way to win? Is it too late? I don't know. I remember when Coach Mullen first came in he wasn't winning championships either. State needs consistency and constant coaching changes are not good.
After the game Saturday in Knoxville, some fans were yelling insults at Moorhead. Expected I guess, but factor in that his daughter is right there with him crying really is disgusting. I hope he turns this around. Hail State
I guess a follow-up question would be: has Rutgers contacted your agent? I hope Coach Moorhead stays and is successful. MSU really needs some stability in coaching staff.
Great, more distractions for the Team/coaches to deal with. QB injuries, academic violations, now this.... hope all this passes they can start playing football again.
Totally disagree. It was a bad loss, but I think that would make things worse. It would create instability and would cause future recruits to leave. Patience is what is needed.
Not how a team wants to go into a bye week. However, if its any consolation losing by 1 still looks the same as losing by 33 in the w/l column. I'm not buying into the sky is falling movement. State was flat out beat by a much better Auburn team point blank. Still 7 games to go LSU, TN, TXAM, AL, ARK, and OM plenty of opportunities for redemption. Got to move on from this one. HAIL STATE
Starkville is not that far from Auburn he may have worked something out to see his former HS play. Who knows, but if Gay is not playing I still like Errol Thompson and company to fill the void.
Per Coach Moorhead, KT is nursing an upper body injury from pre-season camp.
MSU will have many new starters on offense. Can't really compare last year to this year. Also the game will be played at Auburn. Two factors that make this game very different. Auburn will load the box to prevent the run, but MSU is better equipped to throw this year with three capable receivers Guidry, Mitchell, and Zuber. Auburn should win this game but if Stevens/Shrader start completing passes who knows.
Stevens is simply an unknown. I feel like He will climb up on this list.