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You're absolutely right. That play may deserve a spot in the top 20 because of its importance, but it was not spectacular in any way. Many plays deserved to be higher than that one.
For you vol fans who are wondering where the catch is... I won't ruin it for you, but it's in the top 5.
I guess Tennessee isn't in the SEC any more...
Interesting thing to note- Tennessee's next four games include Florida (19), Georgia (12), Texas A&M (10), and Alabama (1). It should be a really interesting next few weeks around the SEC. Hopefully, everyone stays healthy. I hate seeing players hurt like Sutton and Del Rio. I hate even more that Del Rio is hurt on a late, dirty hit. Hope they heal quickly.
It's actually 112 miles. Don't know why they said 148 miles in the original article. There are 14 people running 2 legs of 4 each.
No, what you're hearing is that Vandy sucks less than South Carolina to start the season.
Never have I ever seen any fan so oblivious to Reality. You think Mizzou is going to win the East??? Really? First of all, Georgia and Arkansas are better teams overall. Your only logic in your prediction of those games is that they're home games, and you "don't see us losing." You mentioned that Georgia has a new coach, but so does Mizzou, and Georgia returns much more talent. Second, for the Tennessee game, you just say, "they'll be deflated" and you think they're overrated. So a team that went 9-4 last year, and returns most of their starters and 99% of their offense is overrated? You think Mizzou is a top 10 team??? Anyone who thinks Mizzou will win anywhere close to 10 or 11 games doesn't understand anything about how College football works.
Read the comment thoroughly, and think about what the comment says, then look at your comment, and then go sit in a corner for being an idiot.
Guys, he's a troll. If you look at his comments, they're almost all on Tennessee articles, and they all say stupid crap about rape or dumb stuff like that. He's either a Tennessee fan trying to make Kentucky fans look stupid (even though they do that themselves), a real Kentucky fan who's just being a troll to make people mad, or a 9 yo who is trying to attack Tennessee on every post because he knows that Kensucky is crap, so he brings Tennessee down.
I can't wait for that Oklahoma game this year in the rare 3 game series. Enlighten me on the details of that game again?
Jalen Hurd is faster than Fournette though, and 240 lbs too.
How do you put Evan Berry over Jalen Reeves-Maybin? Sure he's an amazing kick returner, but Berry didn't even start at his position while Reeves-Maybin was the leading tackler, and he's a total beast. I guess SDS talks so much about how great Berry is at returning and assumes he's super good at safety as well. They're putting an unproven player ahead of one of the best on the team, and one of the two leaders of the defense. Makes no sense.
And I didn't know LSU played Texas A&M. Come on SDS, you can do better than this.
What about the 100 yard interception return by Evan Berry? Does it not count because it's an interception? It should count if kick returns count.
Heyyo, writer dude. Kamara had 144 yards rushing. 2td.
She's obviously not a Tennessee fan, rather a Tim Tebow Fan.
this list is incomplete. I only looked for 1 min and i already found a few missing, specifically Reajon Neal from Tennessee- He plays at Green Bay.
Since when is Nashville to Knoxville 362 miles??!! I live in Knoxville, and the distance is 180, half what they said.