Mizzou fan living in Tennessee. 2 kids graduated from UT including one from law school but still love my Tigers.

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Who are you and what have you done with Mike5675? That was actually a well thought out post. As bad as Mizzou played, the other team ALWAYS has a say.
I just read Daniels committed to WVU. The real concern is why we keep losing transfer QB prospects to other schools. What are they seeing that causes them to shy away from Mizzou?
Being able to throw to the vastly improved Mizzou receiving corps should definitely have JT thinking about his stats relative to his draft stock; especially having the opportunity to toss some TDs to Luther Burden. As far as Macon and Cook and the transfer implications, Neither one showed enough growth or talent to unseat a clearly limited quarterback who was so hobbled he could barely move and who showed very poor judgement throughout the year. Just my two cents.
The announcer should learn how to pronounce the names of his subjects. That aside, TB is indeed a gamer.
Daniels as a mentor to Sam Horn is a very exciting prospect. Not sure it happens but it kind of reminds me of Alex Smith/Mahomes situation in PM’s rookie year. Think of what Horn could learn. The downside though is you are going all in on a kid that could be playing MLB and the other roster QBs bail through the portal. Be interesting to see what happens.
Sadly I have to agree with everyone on the lack of quality coaching from drink. At times he reminds me of a spoiled child who refuses to share his toys and must have his own way regardless of the needs of others. Obviously the kids love him as evidenced by his recruiting prowess but for God’s sake, get an OC that can utilize the talent he brings in. Otherwise they play one maybe two years and hit the portal before reaching their potential.
I see Mizzou in Memphis playing WV. Easy travel destination. Old BIG XII v new. Might be a draw.
This can’t be good for recruiting out of the KC area. Kind of hoping he would be promoted to OC at Mizzou. Good luck.
I absolutely agree. I don’t believe he can effectively run the offense AND the program. He needs to find some money in his budget to get a quality OC.
Who the hell is Brady Cooper? Don’t you guys edit? Second point; hats off to Kentucky. I’ve been to Lexington twice in the last 8 years to see UK/MU games and the fans there have been nothing but gracious. Most MIZZOU fans currently admire the growth of your program. At the present, we are below UK. I like Drink but he needs a competent OC to compete for the upper tier of SEC East. He seems to be spreading himself too thin.
The plays were called because that’s all the protection the line could provide with an immobile quarterback. If CB can’t move in the pocket this week, it’s going to be a long day. He doesn’t even need to be much of a run threat, just have the ability to scramble and buy time for the plays to develop. I’m not privy to practice so I have to believe that the staff believes a statue of CB has a better chance of success that young, mobile quarterbacks who may not have he accuracy but my mind can’t help going back to Macon consistently picking up positive yards against a freakishly good defense. Guess that’s why Drink makes the big bucks.
Let the battle for underachieving mediocrity begin.
Yes Booches. From what I’ve seen this kid has much more character than DGB.
I was in Lexington and the Wildcats thumped the Tigers. I bleed black and gold but not all Mizzou fans are delusional. We were outplayed and out coached. I was impressed by the graciousness of the fans at Kroger field (although had we won I’m not sure it would have been quite as tame). Let’s not get in to a pissing contest with each other. You guys are having a banner year and we suck this year. Let’s keep it civil, not like the ridiculous antics of the crazed Bama/Auburn fans I used to hear on the Finebaum radio show when I lived in Birmingham on my daily commute.
Wow. One SDS writer has Mizzou losing to Vanderbilt and this one has us in the Gator bowl vs Miami. The utter lack of editorial consistency makes me wonder if y’all don’t just throw darts when making prognostications.
I’ve been a life-long Tiger who now lives in east Tn. 9/11 will be my second road trip to Lexington to see Mizzou v UK. Last time we got stomped when Maty Mauk had all his off-season distractions. Both teams will be laser focused as this game sets them tone for the entire season for both teams. Both have been historically underrated and are fighting for SEC relevance. It may not be this year but both want to make statements. Unfortunately neither have the horsepower to unseat UGA in the East yet but Darth Mullen and Co are ripe for the picking. My heart says Mizzou wins but my head and experience sees a toss-up. It’s why they play the games. My prediction is a very good game that comes down to the 4th quarter if not the last possession.
Says the guy from the school who just had Les Miles. “You can’t spell sucks without KU”.
“little of Mizzou boosters and or business owners who could offer him a sweet deal”…Puleese. Not so fast my friend. Ever heard of Anheuseir-Busch of St. Louis, Missouri? They’ve been known for sports marketing in the past and if you’ve ever been to a game, you’d have noticed a HUGE tailgating presence with ultra-luxury RVs flying Bud and Mizzou flags. I remember games as a kid when they used to bring the Clydesdales to perform. The only caveat would be if there’s a clause in NIL that prevents sponsorship by adult beverage companies. We shall see
I like it. The block M was always to similar to Michigan.
Interesting to see the views from the rest of the league. Judging by Mizzou media/fan boards it seems to me that Evans generated much more buzz than Alldredge. I completely agree with Cooper though. Kid is a speed demon.
Thinking the exact same thing. Exciting for Whiteside but how could they leave out Jeffcoat???
2 a days might have been a helluva lot more fun if he was my high school coach.
My reply was to Easy BTW