Mizzou fan living in Tennessee. 2 kids graduated from UT including one from law school but still love my Tigers.

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Glaringly omitted: Conner Bazelak. Drink will open him up this year; especially with the addition of Cooper and Lovett.
New car, caviar four star dream Think I’ll buy me a football team…
Vanderbilt does nothing for the SEC in this developing reality. The Nashville market has many more Tennessee fans, more Auburn, Alabama, Florida, and Ole Miss fans, and even more Middle Tennessee State fans than Vanderbilt fans…… I went to a Mizzou/Vandy game 5-6 years ago and the ratio of fans was at least 4:1 Missouri to Vandy. Almost felt bad for the Vandy athletes
The officiating in the SEC has been horrendous the last few years when it comes to Missouri games. I can’t honestly comment on the games around the rest of the league but HOLY FVCK, can they please get their shjt together and not be so blatantly anti-Mizzou!
Conner seemed to imply that Mizzou losing Walters was a bad thing. Really?
Assuming the NCAA goes to a 12 team format for the National Championship, there would be no reason for Drink to go elsewhere unless the NFL is his ultimate destination.
“And l also have to comment on the how cordial the people posting on here have been“. As a lifelong Mizzou fan that has been living n SEC country for the last 15 years (Atlanta, Birmingham, and East Tennessee) I enjoy coverage of teams outside traditional SEC powers and YES, the comments were definitely insightful and appreciated. When I lived in Birmingham, I listened to Finebaum on the local sports talk radio and it was nothing more that Baja and AU callers bashing each other’s team with the most asinine comments and circular logic. This forum,on the other hand, has been a civil discussion even though conclusions at this stage are obviously conjecture. Thank you fellow posters.
Good post. I wondered if Bazelak would get a mention anywhere.
Still a lot of recruiting to go for everyone. Let’s see what happens if we can snag Burden or Coleman. I would think having Horn in the pocket would entice one of those guys…
I sense some bitternesss from STL Rams fans over Linehan. I believe his biggest value will be as another NFL connection to show 4 star recruits, “Hey, you can get to the NFL via CoMo”. I may be wrong but talented kids want to go where they feel they can a) get exposure and b) be mentored by someone with a lengthy NFL resume. I’m sure he also has a wealth of experience and can often see things from a perspective that someone without his years in football can’t. Mizzou now has two former NFL head coaches on both sides of the ball. How cool is that? BTW, I appreciate everyone’s comments. It’s enlightening to hear from others that may have a different perspective. Even though I live in Tennessee, I grew up going to Mizzou games from the early 60s until I moved away in 2007. I am so grateful Mizzou joined the SEC so I can follow them in Vol country. This is the most excited I’ve been pre-season since after the 2013 SEC East title season. MIZ…