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We remember DuBose. We remember Price. And Shula. Do you? Enjoy the Saban heyday. Because it never lasts. And since you probably couldn't find Tuscaloosa on a map, and have had less than zero to do with any of their successes or failures, don't be so hard on yourself when the next string of crappy coaches start arriving post-Saban. You will surely want to forget those days. But we won't. Roll Tide Roll, right down the toilet bowl.
He certainly does win a lot against the gators. The program is 8-3 against your boys in the last 11 games. So I understand why you're so salty. Especially after the "shoe" game. What an epic meltdown! But we both know it shouldn't have been that close. You guys should have destroyed LSU. Maybe "Ogreloon" is in Dan's head? He sure is in yours.
Tangible proof that LSU played better from mid season on? They played the majority of their quality opponents in the back end (AU, Bama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson, (to a lesser extent Texas A&M), and with the exception of AU, beat them all convincingly. LSU scored as much as they needed to in order to put teams away. If Florida scores late, Burrow marches right back down the field and sticks another dagger in the Gators. How do we know this? It's what he did, week in and week out. Florida was a quality opponent this year, but ultimately just not quite on the same level as LSU.
Seems too high to you? Ok. Let me help you understand the reasoning: He just won a national championship. That about sums it up. He just dumped a $2.5M salary with Aranda's departure. He can pay the new DC far less, and still get a quality coach. His pay after winning the NC should be reflective of the average annual pay coaches at his level are getting. Many think get closer the Dabo and Saban money. I'm glad you weren't negotiating on behalf of Coach O.